Some peeks at what I’ve been working on….

i thought it might be fun to share some peeks of some RVA website updates we've been working on…. these will be going up later this week as our web developers are hard at work!
This is for the 'Friends of RVA' page… each photo will be a link. it was fun to pick out cute photos of everyone! 

PALS-ORIGINAL(aren't our friends B E A U T I F U L? :)) 

and this is for the 'About Us' section…. 
I'm really excited about this Summer because it's the first time since my shop opened that I don't have lots of other commitments going on (ie. Italy, Craft Weekend, Online class… ect). Don't get me wrong, I love to be overbooked (ha! clearly.) but it's really nice to be here in Springfield with a season ahead of me to devote my energy to making our store more beautiful & adding tons new goods to the website. It's exciting! 
People ask me all the time, "How is your store doing?"…. It's a complex question considering that it's
a. probably the scariest economic climate to open a small business in (at least in my lifetime…). 
b. the first year… and everything that goes along with that (getting every little detail set up initially is a ton of work… every single thing takes more time that i expect.) 
c. my vision & the most challenging and fulfilling thing i've ever done. i am completely in love with this dream to the point where it feels like almost nothing could change that. it works for my personality so well because i really like to be challenged, change creative tasks often and to feel a little bit 'in over my head' every once in a while. :) 
Of course, when people ask "How's the store doing?" I usually just say "Good!". ha! 
Be back soon. <3 you. elsie  
  • I love your handwriting. It is so pretty. I promise that on payday this week I will help support you guys and order some stuff. Good luck!

  • Can’t wait to see the additions to the website. I wish I lived nearby so I could actually come to the store and get to know all of you. I’ve been a fan for a while now and I think ya’ll have done a fabulous job with the store.

  • i’m so so so glad i stumbled upon your blog (and the other blogs of the RVA girls)! i’m always checking up on things, and absolutely love everything! you rock! <3

  • Just Awesome, It has been a few years since I have been to Springfield, but hopefully I am headed there in a few months, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i just wanted to tell you how incredibly impressed with you i am. you are so darling and everything you create is so wonderful- it makes me so so inspired.

    i’m so glad i happened upon your blog while frolicking through blog land.

    love love love.

  • u know it’s so funny, because i mean you must hear how inspiring you are ALL THE TIME, but you really are. and it’s not just your talent, etc. it’s your honesty and how you put things. it is really amazing.
    since the second i heard about your store i have felt SO proud of you. like, as if you were one of my closest friends. when you posted about the store the first time i called my mom to tell her because i was so happy for you! i guess being an artist you just know how it feels to have a goal, and to have it achieved…so when i see it happen for someone, well, i get awestruck. so anyway, congrats again and the economy will (has to) turn around and i plan to buy enough this weekend when i come to the store to pay the rent for like a year probably! 🙂

    congrats again, and yes you have good and fun looking friends!!

    i can’t wait to meet you! party on!

  • Look at all of those gorgeous people! <3

    Isn't it funny how the most challenging things seem to be the most rewarding too.

    <3 B

  • i’m sooo very proud of you for every thing you do! you have such an amazing support system and that is all because of what a beautiful person you are! thank you so much for all your inspiration!

    i love you!


  • I think we’re all really excited and proud of you for making your dream come true! I know it’s definitely an inspiration for me because I see that this is something that CAN work out as long as you work hard and are honest with yourself.

    Thanks so much, Elsie…for inspiring us all 🙂

  • I know everyone is so proud of you and rooting for you and your dream store. It’s amazing to watch your journey. Here’s to many years of successful cuteness!


  • You give me hope to open a shop one day! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

    I LOVE the pictures you chose, i can’t wait to see them on the RVA page! 🙂


  • oh my gosh you just rock and all your friends are amazing, soo nice to have a bunch of crafty friends, wish I lived closer to come and see it

  • Elsie, you are a fabulous role model…even for old 30-something’s like me! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents! I can honestly say that I have never been more inspired in my life. 🙂

  • I love how refreshing, simple, and beautiful everything is. I hope to visit the RVA store one day. Maybe I’ll make a six hour road trip and buy everything.

  • yay! now i know the RVA story!!
    ps you should make “home made sidewalk chalk paint” its easy!!
    equal parts corn starch water ,then add food coloring ,then go outside,find a sidewalk and make it pretty!!
    adrienne K.

  • It’s incredible that you’re doing such an awesome, adventurous thing at such a young age (I think we’re the same age?). I WISH your store were here and I could walk in to see it for myself! It’s adorable.

    I love the handmade feel of your graphics for the site. Amazing work!

  • That is so magnificent! I wish I could be a part of the RVA team. Maybe someday I’ll have my own store!

  • Well, I know how it feels Elsie, I feel the exact same way about Lune – and ppl ask me that same question all the time. The answer? Am I rich? No. Am I happy? Definitely. It’s worth it.

  • i think its amazing that you and rachel’s dream is becoming true.

    i remember hearing about red velvet back in college (i went to obu with rachel) and thinking she was just so cool! wonderful to follow you both now!


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