Something Old, Something New…


Something Old... Our wedding ceremony venue was the third floor above Red Velvet, my boutique. We fell in love with the space at first sight, but the logistics of holding an event in the space were a little crazy. The room was originally a recreation room with a small basketball court and set up for films to show on a large wall (seen above). There is currently no heat, air conditioning or electricity of any kind on this floor so we had to hold our wedding on day with nice weather and in the middle of the day so that the lighting would be perfect. That said, it's one of the prettiest rooms I've ever seen with peeling wallpaper, exposed ceilings and huge windows. I'm so glad that we chose to host our wedding ceremony there for both sentimental and aesthetic reasons. We loved that no one had ever been married in this exact spot before. 



Something New… I wore a dress from Orla Kiely's spring collection on my wedding day. She's my favorite designer of all time, so it seemed like a good fit. I loved the daisy trim detail around the neckline. I will definitely cherish the dress forever and ever. 


Something Borrowed... This pretty vintage bird tree was borrowed from my blog pal Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst. It became an inspiration piece for a lot of the decor for our wedding. Birds and feathers were a theme….



Something Blue
… My maid of honor and flower girl both dyed their hair blue for the wedding day! Emma's hair was planned to be minty blue, but it just didn't happen that way and it turned out to be super bold. She looked gorgeous. Hope is a Coraline fan, so her color was perfect on her too! It was so cute that they decided to do that. It made me really happy and is such a cute memory! 

Photo Credits: photo 1/Kinsey Mhire, photo 2-6/Arrow & Apple.

  • She looks so beautiful and adorable in that wedding dress, her red boots are so so gorgeous. And the tattoo on her arm is simply pretty!

  • This is very nice..with beautiful pictures…good to know that they chose to host wedding ceremony there for both sentimental and aesthetic reasons…

  • Something Old is meant to represent the link with the bride’s own family and the past particularly mother or grandmother or even most distant relations.

  • I just loved the new concept of blue coloured hairs.And the hair accessories used were awesome.The whole thing was just completely unconventional and perfect!!!!!

  • Birds and feathers is a theme really nice and different …i too would prefer it.The pictures above looks so beautiful.This post is really fantastic one.Emma’s hair was planned to be minty blue ..this is nice.

  • well, it was all so dam beautiful and cute! very cute post!

  • Awesome post… The feather theme was one of those little quirks I loved! It added color and personality! The Orla Kiely dress was certainly a perfect fit, though I was surprised at first!..Thanks

  • the best blog ever.
    i like the uppermost layout and the design is really impeccable!
    thanks for sharing.

  • Well something new….It’s one of the prettiest rooms I’ve ever seen with peeling wallpaper, exposed ceilings and huge windows…Thanks

  • Wow! This is quite exciting. I’m sure you gals will do great — your work is always so inspiring. 😀

  • I love the ‘something blue’ aspect of your wedding! I hope for my wedding (sometime far, far in the future) my sister would be willing to dye her hair blue!

    *New blog! Watch as a culinarily challenged girl learns to cook! First official blog post scheduled for Wednesday, July 6, at 7pm EDT. Be there!

  • You look absolutely gorrrgeous Elsie !!
    a very special day that will be cherished for ever ! i am so happy for you and those pics are so cool !! love them !!

  • That is such a lovely room!! And by the look if the pictures, the weather worked out perfectly for it!

    Your dress is lovely! I am really liking short wedding dresses lately! <3

    I love all these wedding posts so much! Thank you for sharing them!

  • Ha! I didn’t realize that was why they had blue hair! So sweet and clever and awesome!


  • All the pictures are so gorgeous! My favorite is the something blue.

  • Just stumbled across the blog. Amazing. I hate weddings and people in love in general but this is a great wedding because it is humble, special and unique. The colors are fabulous.

  • both you and your sister have such spunk and personality…you both inspire me to let my colors shine! lovely, lovely, lovely. 🙂

  • wow such amazing and different details. must have been such a special day! good luck <3

  • I didn’t twig about the blue hair when I first saw it – I was too busy thinking my sister would have FREAKED if I’d dyed mine blue right before her wedding. It all makes sense now… (and looked amazing).

  • Stunning & so inspiring 🙂 You, of course, looked gorgeous but had an extra special glow! I adored your venue as well 🙂 The whole thing is so heartwarming.

  • I go through your stuff its really so interesting and I like very much your old and new collection and expressing way of old moments..

  • i really love love that you found such beauty in the 3rd floor of your shop! its truly gorgeous! and emmas hair!!! love it!!!

  • I love your wedding dress and Emma and Hope’s awesome blue hair! Oh and the venue, that is seriously gorgeous.

  • That space is so dreamy! And what dear friends, I truly love both shades of blue hair.

    You’re a lucky gal. 🙂

  • I love the bird in Emma’s hair! I love that their hair was your something blue, very unique!

  • can I just say that the place is breathtaking!! i love the originality of it! it is such a hidden beauty! &emma’s hair is such a lovely shade of blue!! I love! 🙂

  • ah! What an amazing ceremony. I LOVE the aesthetic- unique, beautiful and colorful

  • ah, i love the blue hair! looks so ethereal, like some editorial out of Lula mag or something!

    Katie x
    {glass of fashion}

  • I love this colorful wedding!! congratulations, you look fantastic and there are lot of creative ideas.

  • There are so many unique touches to your wedding. The whole thing was just completely unconventional and perfect! I loved the venue especially. Who would’ve thunk?

  • What a thoughtful and well planned idea with this blogpost and the weddingplace and all!

  • I think hope is just so cute! BTW I recently purchased your dream job course and I’m loving every word in it, a lot to learn!

  • I stumbled upon your blog through a link on Google Reader. It was of your wedding,it blew me away! I ventured to the blog and was completely inspired, I had been thinking of setting up a blog for a while, but its crunch time now! I invested in your e course and feel ready to brave the blogging world! The aim of my post is to say thank you! Inspiration was needed and A beautiful Mess answered the call!
    P.S I love the paper decorations behind ‘your altar’ if you have time please could you guide me in the right direction of these,
    Thanks again,
    Lucie x

  • the blue hair is the most unique something blue I’ve ever heard of! I also love the coraline reference. so sweet.

  • I love that you’re using this blog as a wedding scrapbook and sharing your memories with us! Thank you for inviting us into your life…

  • Congrats on the big day! These pictures are stunning. I’m loving the room you used and the blue hair is stunning. – Katy

  • OMG!!!! Dying their hair blue – that is AWESOME!!!! They both look so beautiful… it’s tempting…

  • I love the pictures so much! I’m so excited to see more. Your dress is really perfection.

  • wow these pictures are amazing! such a unique and beautiful wedding space! so so so inspiring, you pretty, creative girl!

    -Heather from

  • love that emma and hope’s hair was your something blue. such beautiful ladies!

  • it didn’t even dawn on me what the purpose of the blue hair was. what a unique way to represent that tradition.

    everything was just perfectly lovely!

  • Beautiful! Every time I see your wedding venue I’m overcome. It’s rustic and lovely. It’s so deconstructed, but fresh at the same time. The feather theme was one of those little quirks I loved! It added color and personality! The Orla Kiely dress was certainly a perfect fit, though I was surprised at first! The neckline is so pretty! Lastly, the blue hair is perfect! Emma rocked it and this act certainly made for an interesting take on the ‘something blue’ rule!

    Beautiful post!


  • Wow, what a beautiful and unique wedding. One that both you and your guests will remember for a lifetime!

  • That room is so perfect, as are the beautiful blue-haired ladies & your dress. 🙂

  • My favorites are the something blue. I think Emma looks absolutely beautiful with her hair like that.
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • Elsie, you had the most original wedding ever! Your photographer was soooo lucky! 😀

  • this is the cutest thing! i am a big coraline fan too! i love that they did that for you. its perfect!
    xx rebekkah

  • EMMA LOOKS SO CUTE WITH HER BLUE HAIR, so that the little girl <3

  • Oh my Gosh! Beautiful! I’m planning a vintage inspired wedding myself at the moment, and this is so beautiful. It gives me hope that what I see in my mind and heart for our wedding will be just as I imagine..

    Congratulations! Beautiful Wedding!

  • so pretty and so special – I love the venue you chose and that blue hair is to die for!!

  • Everything about this wedding has your signature in it and it looks wonderful, love it!

  • That’s the most creative something blue I’ve ever seen, sucha good job.

  • Everything is stunning- love the old room, the bird on the tree are magnificent and the blue hair idea is just so unique and precious!


  • I loved everything! The dress, the location, the hair… it was all so perfect! And you looked positively gorgeous (you still do) !

  • Amazing venue…such a picture perfect statement to an all too unique and personable ceremony…you looked naturally so beautiful…can’t wait to see more! That theme is fantastic, so creative!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • What a fabulous memory and day! It is amazing that you were able to be the first to be married in such a unique spot!

    Love the blue hair. Love that they could carry it off with such finesse!


  • Every time I see pics of the big day I die. It is all so completely completely gorgeously perfect.

  • ohh i love it all! your dress is gorgeous, gotta love Orla Kiely!

  • your dress is so beautiful on you and that venue is so perfect! and of course emma is totally rocking her blue hair! love it all! 🙂

  • I’m sure it was a beautiful day , it looked magical and i have to say i love Emma’s and Hope’s blue hair… Awesome !!!
    Again Congratulations & Greetings from France

  • Your choice of spaces was a winner! How lovely to be surrounded by a representation of time and history in the peeling walls and exposed ceiling. A fresh new chapter started in a place lost in time. Very pretty, Elsie. I also really really love Emma and Hope’s blue hair. Gorgeous!

  • It really was the perfect space! The pictures came out fantastic!

    Love Emma and Hope’s hair, so cute. ♥

  • Love this post! Your dress was absolutely gorgeous, and I loved their blue hair. Your wedding is so inspiring!! XO.

  • I’m such a dunce, I totally didn’t make the conenction that Emma was your “something blue!”

  • I loved the blue hair! The wedding looks like it was a wonderful day and Congratulations!

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