Southwestern Breakfast

Easy southwestern breakfast recipeThis is one of my favorite breakfasts. It's kind of a spin on a dish my (soon to be) sister-in-law often makes when we go camping. She's a fancy camper. I like her. Sometimes I call it fiesta fried eggs, today I'm calling it southwestern breakfast. And look what I did guys, I made the egg a heart! 

I bet your reaction was either: A.) Awwwwwwe! or B.) Lame. Grump, grump, grump.

I guess Valentine's Day is sort of polarizing, or maybe it's just me.Tips for making heart shaped fried eggsHere's the secret to making heart shaped fried eggs: a heart shaped cookie cutter thingy with a handle (I'm pretty specific huh?). You could also use a regular heart shaped cookie cutter (sans the handle) just be careful as you remove it because the metal will be hot. Duh.Valentine's day fried egg breakfast. too cute!Here's the anatomy of this southwestern breakfast (but you can customize it as much as you like):

-Fried corn tortilla or a few crushed tortilla chips
-Cooked, seasonsed black beans (I usually season with: cumin, garlic salt, and a little hot sauce.)
-Optional: lightly satueed vegegables like chopped onion and bell pepper (or salsa)
-One slice of pepper jack or cheddar cheese
-Fried or poached egg
-Fresh avocado and cilantro

Easy to throw together and absolutely delicious—not to mention a pretty healthy breakfast too. xo. Emma

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