Southwestern Breakfast

Easy southwestern breakfast recipeThis is one of my favorite breakfasts. It's kind of a spin on a dish my (soon to be) sister-in-law often makes when we go camping. She's a fancy camper. I like her. Sometimes I call it fiesta fried eggs, today I'm calling it southwestern breakfast. And look what I did guys, I made the egg a heart! 

I bet your reaction was either: A.) Awwwwwwe! or B.) Lame. Grump, grump, grump.

I guess Valentine's Day is sort of polarizing, or maybe it's just me.Tips for making heart shaped fried eggsHere's the secret to making heart shaped fried eggs: a heart shaped cookie cutter thingy with a handle (I'm pretty specific huh?). You could also use a regular heart shaped cookie cutter (sans the handle) just be careful as you remove it because the metal will be hot. Duh.Valentine's day fried egg breakfast. too cute!Here's the anatomy of this southwestern breakfast (but you can customize it as much as you like):

-Fried corn tortilla or a few crushed tortilla chips
-Cooked, seasonsed black beans (I usually season with: cumin, garlic salt, and a little hot sauce.)
-Optional: lightly satueed vegegables like chopped onion and bell pepper (or salsa)
-One slice of pepper jack or cheddar cheese
-Fried or poached egg
-Fresh avocado and cilantro

Easy to throw together and absolutely delicious—not to mention a pretty healthy breakfast too. xo. Emma

  • Thanks for the great idea! I tried this recipe with poached eggs and it was SO GOOD. Seriously. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

  • Oh my Gosh!!! I thought that te fried tortilla was a hotcake! Jajaja!!! It look delicious bone appetite!!! XO! ♥

  • Yum! The only thing you’re missing is some red or green chile to make it truly southwestern!

  • I make a similar breakfast. And cutting the egg in the shape of a heart is a cute idea.

  • Aaaawwwwwe! So cute 🙂 I would say it’s a healthy option, and one that keeps you going for many hours. Thanks protein and fat.

  • Just made it this morning as we are stuck inside from the east coast blizzard. Best egg breakfast ever!!! thank you.

  • Mmmm. Avocado, eggs and black beans?! Pretty much my favourite combo of food. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have all of them in my kitchen right now. Guess I just decided what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow, thanks Emma!

  • i make this all the time only instead of putting it on a corn tortilla i put it over a bowl of white rice and usually add in some meat like boneless chicken sauteed in lime juice and Cajun seasoning. or just sprinkle some bacon bits if i don’t have any chicken.

  • Longing for the next morning – to have this tasty breakfast * it looks very delicious!

  • That looks simple enough for someone who cannot cook. My husband the basketmaker does all the cooking in this house. But I will have to try this. Thank you!
    Lynne a.k.a.,

  • If this is breakfast, then heaven isn’t too far away. I LOVE a savoury brekkie, avocado, tomato, pepper the salt companion.. plus cheese and eggs, yum. Thanks for sharing I am truly inspired. To. Eat. This. Now.

  • I know i will be trying this this weekend………..Thank you for a fabby little recipe….yet again…as always xxx

  • mmmm… yummy!!


    Gelolas Vintage store (

  • This looks great for dinner or breakfast. P.S. I don’t know why I never thought of the heart-shaped cookie cutter/egg thing. Brilliant.

  • yum! this looks so good! love the heart shaped eggs idea. so it done on pinterest in the shape of flowers too which is sooo cute as well. really want to try this for a sunday snowed in breakfast this week. thanks! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Yum…totally going to do this on the weekend… the combos.


  • Avocados and eggs are the best combo for breakfast (or second breakfast, lunch, second lunch, etc.) I think I might whip up some heart shaped eggs for the BF this upcoming Thursday 🙂 🙂

  • Oh god! I’m so hungry now!
    The breakfast in Portugal is milk and bread with something.
    In my case, coffee + Butter bread + Yogurt

    I want eggs!!

  • What a cute light weighted breakfast. I love this one. I’m not good with cooking so I love simple recipes like this!

  • I just came across your blog, and was so impressed about the fact that you are passionate about homemade things in life, just like me!

    Cheers to us girls! :-*

    P.S – your heart-shaped egg can’t get any cuter 😉

  • Breakfast is my absolute favourtie meal, n i m always trying on new fancier dishes.. Thanks for sharing, this one looks fun!

  • I can’t even handle the cuteness of this blog! I have seen 99% of your DIYs on pinterest and everything is perfect! <3

  • That looks magical! Although the cheesehound in me would sprinkle some feta over that bad boy…

    Kelly 🙂

  • Being Latina, eggs + beans + avocado + tortilla = the most natural combination to me, but I’m glad others can appreciate its deliciousness, too! Try this with fried plantain + crema (the Latin version of sour cream), and you’ll be in heeeeeaaaaven! 😀 #bestbreakfastEVER #NOTahyperbole 🙂

  • i LOOOVE sunny-side-up eggs! and this looks really yummy, i might make my own versions:)

  • Looks pretty & mouth watering. The heart seems super appropriate because who doesn’t love eggs, cheese, fried things and avocado?!

  • Looks delicious! And that heart egg is adorable 🙂


  • I love the greeeeeen! Avocado makes everything delicious.

  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE the heart shaped egg! You are sooooooooo creative!
    This looks very yummy:)

  • I love the heart egg! Perfect for the upcoming holiday.

  • Holy crap… I could actually make this! And my roommates would have to stop complaining that I can’t cook for at least a month!

  • it’s very mexican-ish. xD loooooooooooove these kinds of breakfasts. probably a good thing since i’m married to a mexican! ah! 🙂

    love, x

  • I’ve been making this for breakfast pretty much every day lately, except I’ve been putting salsa and roasted tomatillo salsa with mashed beans on top and it tastes delicious!

  • This is very huevos rancehroish! Love it! That’s one of my favorite breakfast items.

  • This looks great and the photos are lovely!

  • I was in the grump side too. But its mostly because I’m not really into the Valentine’s thing, BUT! I do like shapes, and I thought the heart was a cute shape for eggs!

    I’ve done my fair share of oddly shaped eggs and pancakes with cookie cutters, so far, the mustache pancakes and pirate ship eggs are my favorite so far!


  • looks delish! eggs, black beans & avocado are three of my favorite foods – combined is even better!

  • L.O.V.E.L.Y breakfast!!!!!!

  • This is exactly the breakfast I get at my favorite brunch place (except for the heart-shaped eggs – brunch place and I aren’t that close).

  • I love eggs + avocados + beans! And that heart-shaped cutter is adorable!

  • I love this breakfast! I totally make egg in the nest and use my heart cookie cutter to cut a little heart out of my bread. Darling!


    PS: Head over to my blog if you like cat prints, vintage dresses, thrifting, DIYs and floral crowns! I just did a blogpost on my latest outfit – vintage high waist leather shorts!

  • Love the heart shaped fried egg! This looks so yummy.


  • My Reaction was AWWWWWWW to the heart-shaped eggs!

  • Looks like such a yummy breakfast!

    xo Jennifer

  • This looks divine! YUM!!

    Thanks for sharing Emma!:)

    Lulu xx

  • That really does look like the most delicious breakfast ever.

  • I eat eggs and avocado toast every day for breakfast, and I think adding black beans and a tortilla instead of the bread would be a great switch up! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  • Yum! I could add avocado and black beans to almost anything. Looks like a great way to spice up breakfast!

  • Heart shaped egg!? So cute! This looks waaaay too delicious! Such an interesting flavor combo!

    Juliette Laura

  • YUM-MY! We love cilantro, black beans and avocado on lots of things around our house, but I never think to pair them with eggs. This sounds so good.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I used to work at a public market, and when I did the opening shift I would get a similar dish to this for breakfast from the Mexican food stall. I loved it because it kept me so full for so long (way more than a muffin or something similar would!).

  • That looks so cute and perfect for Valentine’s day. I do it too. Have a nice day.

  • That looks and sounds amazing! And pretty simple, too. We are big egg eaters at my house, so new recipes are always welcome.

    And I will admit, I was the grump choice with the heart! Tehe. Even though I’m married, I think Valentine’s is silly. I try to put a little effort into it though because I know hubby likes it. And he usually helps my feelings for it by surprising me on a random day before Valentine’s. Win win.

  • Sounds wonderful! I’m a breakfast lover, and am always on the look out for new combinations!

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