Spring Bed Garland D.I.Y. Project


I made a fun garland for the top of my bed frame this weekend and I wanted to share this quick & easy project for DIY Monday. Hope you enjoy… 


Step 1: I purchased some pretty flower light from Michael's (Martha Stewart brand). You can use any sort of twinkle lights for this project. 


Step 2: Wrap the lights around your bedframe (or hang them in another area of your home. Secure them with hidden pieces of duck tape. 

Step 3: Wrap yarn around the area.. it adds a little extra security and color! 

Step 4: Make pom-poms and tie them to your garland. So cute. If you've never made pom-poms before, here's how to make them with a pom-pom maker! 

Pom pom maker

*making pom-poms is easy as pie. simply wrap both sides of the plastic pieces with yarn, cut the yarn around the shape and tie them together with a piece of embroidery floss in a matching color (i prefer to use embroidery floss over yarn because it's easier to get a super tight knot!). trim the stray pieces and ta-da!  


hooray. it's simple and sweet. i'm happy to have a little extra color and a cute handmade night-light. 🙂


suki loves them too! XXOO. elsie

  • Oh I’m gonna try this to our iron beds! It looks lovely. My hubby hand forged our bed frame and I painted it black, so white garlands will be the perfect. Thanks! ♥

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  • Great idea! I have a bag full of pom poms that I made over the holidays and haven’t figured out what to use them for yet.

  • haha! Suki is too cute next to this gorgeous wall colour!

    Well done!

    Talia Christine

  • Adorable project. Even more adorable picture at the end of your puppy! Great composition, totally a framer.

  • now i need a pom pom maker!!!

    by the way, my pugs (Yuka and Yoda) think Suki is adorable!

  • That’s so pretty. I LOVE lights like that, and those little Chinese lanterns, but the plugs are situated in weird places in my apartment, so I can never have them turned on without a big honkin ugly extension cord attached. These are really nice, though, maybe I can make someone else do this and live vicariously through them.

  • Oooh – cute DIY! 🙂 and how adorable is your little Suki?? he he. Too cute!

  • I’ve never known there’s such a thing as pom pom maker o_O
    Always used two round pieces of cardboard with a hole in the middle. How interesting someone’s made a real tool for that!

    And I love that garland.

  • I have NEVER heard about a pom-pom maker. I learned how to make them with regular household items! like cardboard. I could totally make a cute DYI with it! I know a lot of ppl don’t have a pom-pom maker.

  • seriously loving your bed.
    We are about to move. I can’t wait to redecorate.

  • Ok, so I was loving the post, and then I got to the last picture, THATS the cutest.

  • Love it!!!

    I love your pug as well. We use to have one. I miss her! She was sweet. Her name was Twiggy.

    Have a great week!




  • Awwww!! I love your room, the garland is so cute, the MrLarson cushion is adorable and that pup is to die for! Im having a cute-overload moment!

  • Pom-pom makers exist??? I had no idea. I need to get one!

    Those pillows and Suki are adorable! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • saw this & thought of you!


  • Must be cute to gaze at pom-poms before falling asleep. 😀 I’m going to try this as soon as my clutzy hands figure it out… (the pompom thing)

  • Super cute!! Looks like Suki is loving the new house 🙂


  • i like the mr. larson pillow, its super cute. the lights are cute to

  • The lighting in your house is so nice, I’m totally jealous.

    It makes all of the colors in these photos pop a little extra.

  • very pretty! I’m sure my cats would enjoying figuring out how to take it down.

  • cute elsie! i love your wall color – what brand and color is it?

  • aw, sukie makes a great model!!!

    cute lights and a great idea! tfs

    xo, patty 🙂

  • So cute! I love the combo of fluffy flowers and pom-poms.

  • is Suki keeping you cosy while Jeremy is away? I love snuggling with my Elvis x

  • That dog is SO ridiculously CUTE! You must love him like crazy!

  • love it….I am defintitely gonna try it..:)

    suki is so adorable..makes me smile..:)





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