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Today I wore this sheer maxi dress courtesy of ModCloth layered over my favorite American Apparel stripe skirt and graphic t (turned tank top). Layered over the dress is a leather bow belt, gifted from Darlingtonia, a vintage bangle and a straw hat from Forever 21. The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell and the necklace is handmade by me. ♥ I was wearing a similar outfit last summer, minus the sheer dress. I can't wait to style this maxi dress with other layers. How would you wear it? 

XO, elsie 

  • i love what you did with it but i’d probably go underneath the clothes instead of on top. i just like having underlayers hanging out. you are far too cute. loved your levis post.

  • Your hat is adorable. I have NO idea how I’d wear a sheer maxi dress…. you pulled it off though! I’m impressed!

    And They Lived Happily Ever After…

  • I’d wear it over super cute, booty hugging jeans:)…think it would look fun that way, too:)…

    you look lovely:)



  • i’d wear it with a colorful slip underneath and an oversized cropped sweater over it. And definitely heels!

  • So, for the LONGEST time i have been trying to figure out WHERE i have heard your fiance’s name. Turns out, I HAVE HIS ALBUM and it totally didn’t even hit me until RIGHT NOW.

    So i’m really excited now.

  • I think it would look cute with a bright coloured skirt overtop of the maxi dress and use it to show off your legs. I’d like to see it just the way you have it but with the American Apparel stripe skirt on top of it. I bet that would look good too!

  • I think it would be a stunning dress if you were going to a formal event, but still wanted to stand out with your own style. I’d layer it over a black or colored dress, and add a thick, bright scarf belt around the outside. And of course the best thing about mostly black dresses is getting to draw attention the your SHOES!
    For something more casual, I’d try a fitted mini over top and a bright tank underneath. A simple outfit like that then gets to be taken up a notch with rad jewelry. I am on a loooong kick right now, so long necklaces and earrings 🙂

    Yup, that’s how I’d wear it!


  • She looks pretty and adorable on that outfit. I don’t actually plan something of what is to wear on the coming season. Maybe I am just contented of wearing anything as long as I am comfortable on the dress.

  • Oh gosh! I’m so glad you posted this. I didn’t think I’d ever see anybody in real life sport the sheer overlay look.

    I wanted to try it, maybe over some neon colored shorts, pull a crop top over it, and bundle up the sides to make some curtain-esque draping near the hem. Also Miu Miu shoes.

  • Wow I love that hat, exactly what I need! I’m unsure on how I’d wear a sheer maxi dress…probably layer it over a brightly covered dress with a cute belt!

    I’m quite jealous that you are already getting decent weather there. Our upstate New York springs start late. I’m still wearing my winter coat! We’ve been getting snow several times this week! Lovely outfit! xoxo

  • She looks pretty and adorable on that outfit. I don’t actually plan something of what is to wear on the coming season. Maybe I am just contented of wearing anything as long as I am comfortable on the dress.

  • I love this! The fun belt is my favorite! I love what you did with the sheer dress. I think another (but not as brave) way to wear it would be over another maxi. A coral, bright yellow, light blue, or mint green one. Or you could even use it as a lingerie item with a slinky slip. or wear it over a short lbd with some rockin shoes for a night out or a cocktail party or something.


  • I LOVE the sheer over the black and white stripes! IT looks amazing! That sheer maxi is going to be so fun to style. I would try it with a brown or camel coloring underneath. I Love browns with black!

  • Love the darlingtonia belt!!! I have her sand colored one but I think I might just have to get the black and rust colored ones 🙂 looks great

  • I would love to have your hair color. Mine is almost as dark but not as auburn/red. Do you share your beauty secrets? I am an art student and your site inspired me alot, it is exciting for me when I see people alot like myself. I would love for you to email me your haircolor. Loved all of your site.P.S. this is the first blog I have ever been on! Thank you, Ginny

  • I am quite short myself but with my pair of beige vintage lace-up Oxford boots with a heel would look mighty spiffy with that sheer maxi dress 😀

  • So i ADORE this outfit! Where the hell can i find that sheer dress? Modcloth doesn’t have it anymore : (

  • I would wear it over a body con mini skirt of the same or similar color of the dress and a bright floral top. For more layers and accesaries i would add bracelets the same color as some of the flowers on the top, a crop jacet, and gladiator sanadels. I actually saw a sheer light pin maxi dress at a thrift shop to day and almost bought it but I dont have a lot of money and I thought it might be a little too dressy for my school-i’m only in 7th grade. I really wish i bought it!

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  • I must say that she really is so beautiful. i wonder how does she makes her skin look so healthy and gorgeous. One more thing is, she wear a perfect dress for her healthy lifestyle.

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