Spring Thermos DIY


Thermos_DIY_1  Welcome to another DIY Monday! I’ve been collecting vintage thermos’ for the past few years. While I love them, I feel like some of them are more appropriate for Autumn decor. I decided to ‘cover’ some of the patterned thermos’ during the Spring/Summer for a different look and feel. This weeks DIY is fresh, pretty and and can be done without crochet or knitting skills. Enjoy! 

Thermos_collection_elsieHere’s a Before & After shot of the project I am sharing today… 

Thermos_before_afterStep 1: Choose your own perfect mix of Spring/Summer colors. 

IMG_5337Step 2: Crochet, knit or braid small strings that snugly fit your thermos and tie them on the back with a double knot. Fill the entire patterned part of the thermos with these small cords until it is completely covered. You can use as many layers of cords are you want to create larger or smaller stripes. I used two cords per color to create a small stripe. 

IMG_5324Step 3: Trim the excess. Keep all the knots on a row. 

IMG_5325Step 4: Stitch up and down the row of knots. The more times you stitch up and down, the more secure it will be. I recommend 4 times (or up and down twice). 

T_DIY_3Step 5: Pull the entire cover off and turn it inside out. This will hide most of the knots so the back of your thermos has a cleaner look! Then, put it back on. Once it is back on the thermos you’ll want to straighten out the cords again and space them out so they cover the thermos entirely. 


IMG_5323Happy Monday! XO. elsie      

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