Spring Wardrobe Essentials

I love shopping for spring and summer clothing each year! This spring, I am inspired to wear easy dresses and cute sandals—and I’ve been giving hats a try again.

In this post, I’ll share my picks for spring from each category of clothing.

Woman wearing floral dress holding a potted plant

dresses + jumpsuits

I am still a huge fan of jumpsuits and maxi dresses. I love how easy it is to feel put together with just one piece of clothing!

Pink Floral Dress / Floral Collar Dress / Yellow Check Dress / Lilac Field Suit / Floral Midi Dress / Sage Field Suit / Flower Mini Dress / Red Mini Dress / Blue Floral Jumpsuit / Twist-Front Dress


Layering cute T-shirts and cardigans is always a good idea in my book. I love these pieces year round.

Green Ruffle Shirt / Palm Springs Tee / Tan Gingham Shirt / Olive Cropped Cardigan / Elton John Tee / Crochet Cardigan / Orange Cropped Shirt / Black and White Top


It’s nice to have one perfect pair of denim shorts. I love mixing up my outfits with skirts, as well. I wear them with T-shirts a lot.

Button-Front Skirt / Gingham Skirt / High-Rise Denim Shorts / Black Denim Shorts / Denim Skirt / Military Shorts / Relaxed Denim Shorts / Coral Skirt / Striped Shorts


I wear my Vans and Birkinstock sandals so much. In my current season of life, flat shoes are definitely more in rotation than heels, but I still love to wear heels on a date night.

Yellow Leather Slides / Shiny Leather Sandals / Orange Suede Birkenstocks / Woven Slides / Ivory Sneakers / Green Birkenstocks / Clog Sandals / Checkerboard Vans


A cute crossbody bag and a big tote for pool days are my spring and summer essentials. I love a bag that’s big enough for a picnic blanket!

Tan Bucket Bag / Red Crossbody Bag / Drawstring Bag / Butterfly Satchel / Blue Crossbody Bag / Canvas Tote Bag


My swimsuit drawer is jam packed with “mom suits” (essential suits where my kids can’t pull my top off AS easily, haha). There are SO many cute options this year.

I love to collect them and mix them up the whole pool season.

Mod Shapes Swimsuit / Cover-Up Maxi Dress / High-Waisted Bottoms / Teal Swimsuit / Pink Swimsuit / Button-Front Maxi Dress / Colorblock Swimsuit / Floral Swimsuit


I’m really into hats and simple gold jewelry this year. Emma is into bucket hats, too!

Pencil Brim Hat / Bubble Tea Phone Case / Rattan Earrings / Cat Eye Sunglasses / Floral Bucket Hat / Huggie Hoop Earrings / Straw Hat

I’d love to chat in the comments about any of your spring or summer must-haves! xx – Elsie

P.S. Excited for spring? Check out our Spring Bucket List podcast show notes for a free printable!

  • Love when you post these! I miss them when they aren’t here. I mainly wear neutrals, but these always give me a great start on new ideas for the season. Thank you for posting!

  • So much inspo! I love me a good maxi dress(es)! I basically live in those during Spring and Summer haha.
    That or a maxi skirt paired with a basic top (since I usually use skirts in a crazy color or pattern).

  • Loving the rattan earrings! I just bought a similar pair, & I’m in love with the texture they bring! Also love a cute straw tote or purse for summer.

  • I’d love to see some more sustainable options in your fashion round ups. Most of these brands are made in factories with extremely unethical labor practices and bad environmental records. There just really isn’t much reason to support more waste in the world when there are so many alternatives these days, between ethical brands and resale apps. Not to mention thrift stores and vintage options. Please consider supporting some options in the future that are better for the planet.

    • I totally agree with Llona. And probably the best option for the planet is to NOT buy new wardrobe pieces each season at all. One can make changes or add patches, embroidery, new buttons, etc. to older items so that they feel new again. I understand that it’s hard to show thrift store finds, because A Beautiful Mess readers wouldn’t find the same item — but maybe similar ones (and be inspired to try).

    • i agree! as a person who only shops secondhand there is so much inspiration to gain from that – i’ve tried clothes i would have never bought before and i love how this ‘limitation’ has expanded and helped me define my style. i still look at new clothes online to see what i can find secondhand or if i can motivate myself to practice my sewing skills. if anyone is looking for inspiration the secondhand style community on ig is great! my summer essentials here: https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2019/08/0045-summer-surviving-thriving.html
      my spring essentials are way less summery than these but hoping to do a round up soon 🙂

  • Hi Elsie, I love these posts. It always inspires me to try something new and shake up my own mom wardrobe. Something about a spring/summer shift also feels so refreshing and happy.

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