Sprinkle Donut Apron DIY

What’s better than donuts? Baking donuts while wearing an apron you made with a sprinkle donut pocket, duh! This is a quick project to whip up if you have some basic sewing skills and just a few materials. Alright, let’s do it!
-2 yards body fabric (I chose pink polka dot)
-1/8 yard of tan fabric for donut
-1/8 yard of brown fabric for icing
-Medium weight fusible interfacing
-Measuring tape – flexible
Pink puffy paint
-Matching thread for each fabric color
-Hot glue gun and glue
-Fabric scissors or a rotary cutter

You will start by cutting four pieces from the body fabric. The first piece is the skirt part. The width should be your waist measurement (measured where you want the apron to be tied onto you) times 1.5 to add fullness that will be gathered in. I cut the length of mine at 22″ including hem allowance, but feel free to shorten or lengthen it.

The second piece is the waistband and should be your waist measurement minus 5″ wide and then 4″ tall.  The third and fourth pieces are ties and should be cut 35″ wide x 4″ tall. Fold the ties in half then cut one end of each on an angle.

Take the first piece you cut out and roll hem the sides 1/2″ wide all they way down. Then fold the bottom under 1/4″ and stay stitch or iron it down. Then flip it up 2″ and sew this thick hem down near the top edge. If the hem allowance is hanging over the side, fold the corner under a bit and secure it with the sewing so it won’t show from the front.

Take your waistband and tie pieces and sew them into an long strip using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Fold the long strip you just made in half along the long edge. Sew from the closest seam to the edge and along the angled end. Trim off the excess fabric in the corners.

Take the body piece, and along the top edge make a running stitch (size 4 stitch). I like to back stitch in the center of the skirt piece so I can make sure to pin the center on the center of the waistband. Use the bobbin thread to gather up the two edges to fit into the center of the waistband. Pin the skirt piece onto the back side of the waistband.Sew the gathered skirt onto the waistband from seam to seam. Flip the ties right-side out. This makes the skirt seam allowance flip into the waistband. Pin the front of the waistband onto the skirt. Then topstitch it all into place.

Iron a piece of the interfacing onto the tan donut fabric. Cut two circles from that interfaced fabric into circles 5 1/4″ wide.   Cut a chocolate circle (wiggly to make it look like poured icing), another tan circle, and then a pink circle to layer up, creating the donut. For each of these, cut a piece of interfacing the same size, but do not iron them on yet.

Sew each toppings circle to its layer of interfacing with the glue side face up.

Clip a small hole in the back of the interfacing. Trim the edges of the seam allowance.  Do this for all the topping circles. Then flip the circles all right-side out. Layer up the donut onto one of the pre-interfaced tan circles. Iron them all together one at a time. This secures under all the edges and keeps the donut together.Topstitch all of the pieces along their edges. Then put the remaining tan circle on top of the newly formed donut, face down. Sew along most of the edge, leaving a small opening to flip it right-side out. Flip the donut pocket then topstitch along the edge, turning in the seam allowance at the opening. Then sew the pocket onto the skirt, leaving an opening at the top for your hand to slide in.

Use the puffy paint to create small sprinkles on your icing.  Allow this to dry really well before you use the apron.

You can use this as a basic apron DIY, too. Just change up the fabric, and change up or skip the pocket altogether. Everyone in my family might be getting aprons for Christmas this year with their favorite food as a pocket. xo, Mallory

Credits//Author & Photography: Mallory Muddiman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • Stay at home momma to 3 girls 1 of which is on the spectrum and I try and keep myself busy by taking up new hobbies every year. this past year was sewing and after coming across your blog I have decided to make each of my girlfriends (who do pinup modeling with me) their own aprons with diff colored donuts! I love these! love your blog!

  • Donuts are the best ! I love that pink scheme , beautiful

  • That is so cute! Unfortunately I cannot sew. I have two left hands when it comes to that. However, I have to show that post to a friend of mine. She is a passionate tailor. Maybe I can persuade her to sew me one of these gorgeous aprons. I could bake something for her. Maybe donuts?!

    Ginger by Choice I Food & Lifestyle Blog

  • So beautiful too bad I don’t have a sewing machine this idea is really cute

  • This is amazing. I love the pink color. Great idea and information in your post.

  • so cute! love the apron fabric and the donut detail
    puff paint for the sprinkle accents is genuis!!!


  • Beautiful crafts,I love their DIY
    The pink pineapple
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  • Ahhh too cute for words! So perfect and adorable for baking, I LOVE that the donut is a pocket! <3 That idea about making several aprons with different foods each for your family sound like the loveliest idea.

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  • This is so cute! Totally doing this when I get a new sewing machine!


  • Awww this is just too adorable! Love this DIY <3


  • This is just too cute, I love the donut pocket. Very clever 🙂


  • This is a perfect, personal gift for a chef at home! Love the pink colour!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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