Sprinkle Rug DIY

Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) When it comes to bathrooms, picking out a rug is probably my least favorite thing. I love rugs, but it always seems hard to find a good bathroom rug. While I know that you can use “regular” rugs in bathrooms too, I do love the shaggy feel of a soft fluffy rug under my feet when I step out of the shower, so I didn’t want to ditch the fluffy rug for a flat weave instead. To solve my boring rug dilemma, I decided to buy a plain jane rug and jazz it up a bit myself with some scissors and a bit of fabric glue! I liked the size and feel of this white rug but thought it would be fun to have some grey “sprinkles” all over to add a bit of pattern and fun to the floor. Turns out it was pretty easy to do too!

Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
white bathroom rug (You need the kind where each yarn or fiber is individually attached to the rug rather than a woven rug so it doesn’t all fall apart when you cut it.)
-grey bathroom rug (can be a lot smaller as long as the pile is the same length)
-fabric glue
-flannel material
-fabric scissors
sprinkle stencil
(right click to download)

Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) First, print out a few of the sprinkle stencils and cut the sprinkles apart. Place them on the back of the white rug to get the placement how you want it (remember that the pattern will be backwards when you flip the rug right side up again).

Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) Trace and cut out a sprinkle onto a piece of cardboard so you can use that for a stencil, and trace the location of each sprinkle on the back of the white rug. Trace the same number of sprinkles onto the back of the grey rug as well. Use scissors to cut out each sprinkle from both rugs.

Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) Place your grey sprinkles face down into the holes on your white rug and run a line of fabric glue all the way around the outside and inside edge of each cut sprinkle. Place a strip of flannel that is just a bit bigger than your sprinkle over top of the glue and press down to flatten the glue onto the fabric (you can place your other hand under the rug and then press together). Repeat the process until all your sprinkles are glued into place, allow the glue to dry, and flip it over to see your new rug!

Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) Sprinkle Rug DIY—so cute! (click through for tutorial) You’ll want to give your new rug a good shake to remove any stray fibers that were cut loose during the process, but once your glue is dry, you are in business! As long as you use a generous amount of fabric glue, you should still be able to wash this rug in the washing machine as needed (most fabric glues recommend the gentle cycle though). I thought I would like the end result, but it turns out I really like how this rug came out. The sprinkles added just the right amount of a playful pattern to the rug and make it feel a lot more unique in the room. This would be a really fun project to do on a bigger rug as well, and you could make almost any pattern you like! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. 

  • Nice innovative idea. This are quite affordable. Thanks for sharing it here.

  • This is such a smart DIY! I love a really clever project, and I have never seen anyone do this before. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Julia – http://bunnybaubles.com

  • This is way cute and simple! You could easily make two sprinkle rugs with this so that no rugs are wasted. When you cut out the sprinkles you would just have to position them where you would want them on the second rug as well. It would be the reverse colors so grey with white sprinkles.

  • I love them too!

    Laura 🙂

  • This is amazing. What a great room! Can I ask where you found your beach print?

  • Love both the rug and the beach print. Where is the print from? Inquiring minds.

  • I was NOT expecting that to look so easy! I can’t believe i never thought of it before, will definitely be giving it a go. I love how customisable it is too, any colour goes!

  • This is so great! I love the idea, it’s so unique =o)


  • Please share where the beach print is from? It’s so relaxing and that wall color is the jam.

  • I think you could use this technique to do some word art, too! Lots of fun and funny ideas for that. I’d write Nude Beach! Especially with the beach print. 🙂

  • I think this would be so cool for a kids room. Love all of your posts!

    Lena Petrova


  • Love the rug, but I’m really loving that beach print – where is it from?


  • Such a simple solution! And I love the subtle grey sprinkles.


  • This is such a fun idea! I love how easy that is to do, but it completely changes the look of the basic rug!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • What a cool way to do it! With the thumbnail, I thought you’d go down the paint route. Still, this is a great job.


  • What a cool idea, the possibilities are probably endless with this technique!

  • Oh my goodness! I could see the possibilities being endless with this technique! I want to experiment with different colors and patterns!

  • Genius!!! I love this diy soooo much!! Perfect timing too as I’m looking for a new bathroom rug and haven’t found anything I really love. Thanks to you, I think I’ll make my own. Maybe with hearts?

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