Stamped Liquor Labels

Stamped metal tags for glass decanters-so pretty! (click through for tutorial) I remember a few years ago when we started doing a bar cart in our living room how fun it was to stock the cart with all the necessary items. One of the the first things I found was a beautiful glass decanter that had a pyramid stud type design, and I was so happy to find another similar pattern in a shorter decanter a year later. While they are so pretty, you do always have to announce what’s in each one when people are making use of the cart since they don’t have labels like regular bottles do. What’s the elegant solution to the mystery booze dilemma? Stamped liquor labels of course!

Stamped metal tags for glass decanters-so pretty! (click through for tutorial) Supplies:
-metal stamping blanks in your desired size and shape
-gold chain
-jump rings
-needle nose pliers and chain cutters
metal hole punch (2mm is a good size)
-metal letter punch set and hammer
jeweler’s block (optional but gives a cleaner impression)
-black marker and rubbing alcohol (optional)

Stamped metal tags for glass decanters-so pretty! (click through for tutorial) Use some tape to tape your stamping blank to a hard surface like a jeweler’s block, and use your hammer and letter punch set to make your labels. Depending on how long the word is and how big your blanks are, you may want to use a smaller or larger font for each one. If you’re new to stamping, check out this post for a little “stamping 101” lesson for a few extra tips and tricks.

Stamped metal tags for glass decanters-so pretty! (click through for tutorial) Once your stamping is complete, you can darken your letters by coloring in the grooves with a black marker and then wiping off the top with rubbing alcohol so only the indents remain dark. Use your pliers to open a jump ring and use the chain cutters to cut a piece of chain your desired length for your charm. Attach the chain to the jump ring and your charm label is ready to be hung!

Stamped metal tags for glass decanters-so pretty! (click through for tutorial) On the taller bottle I did two charms—one has the liquor label and one says “cheers!” just for fun.

Stamped metal tags for glass decanters-so pretty! (click through for tutorial) Stamped metal tags for glass decanters-so pretty! (click through for tutorial) Aren’t they adorable? And it didn’t take any time at all to make, so even if you have a lot of decanters, it goes pretty quickly once you get started. They’re like little necklaces for the bottles. I love that they are informational as well as decorative. And who doesn’t love a cute way to solve a problem? I’ll cheers to that! xo. Laura

P.S. If you want to check out more stamping DIY projects, try this, this, and this one!

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited using Stella from the Signature Collection

  • Fabulous!! My boyfriend is always asking what is in the unmarked decanter on the liquor shelf. So perfect!

  • Very interesting concept! I want to do the same 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  • Just an FYI to everyone who loves those crystal bottles–they are likely crystal lead, especially if purchased vintage. Studies have shown that if you store liquids in them for long periods of time (like more than a day), the lead can leach into the liquids and may be linked to lead poisoning ( Lead free crystal exists so if you can make sure that’s what you’re buying should be good to go!

  • This is such a great idea! Do you have any troubles with the charms falling/dipping into the glass as you pour?

  • They are from vintage stores, but you should see them from time to time if you go thrifting!


  • I love this!!! This would make my house look so grown up!

  • Oh wow I love these. I could even make one as a necklace for myself! x

  • I was totally thinking the same thing, Paige. I’ve got Christmas on the brain, and these could make for lovely necklaces as well.

  • Just a note of caution- if you’re looking for vintage decanters make sure they’re not lead crystal! No one wants to die like the Romans.

  • I love this project about as much as I love these decanters !!!!!

  • What a beautiful and simple project. I adore this, bookmarking it for my first bar cart 🙂


  • This is so cool!!! Is it weird I want to wear them as a necklace too?


  • These are so pretty and would also make great necklaces if you trimmed the metal smaller!


  • OMG, Laurrraaaa!! Can I be you when I grow up? Really, tho, these are so great. I would treat you to a string of emojis, but I am on a laptop. *hearteyes, thumbs up, clinking beer glasses*:)

  • Perfect for hosting some guests and decoration. This is lovely, thank you for sharing.

  • I love this so much! Where did you get the gold accent drinking glass?! I am in LOVE with it!

  • Oh I so need to give this a go ready for Christmas! We use a cute little pink cupboard for our festive drinks so these labels will look so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Very cute labels. Totally want a bar cart now.

  • I’m a spirit person, so I need to get going with these!! 😉

  • Those labels are so cool because they make the bottles looks like some gangster rappers. Funny!

  • This is so, so cute! I want to make stamped labels for everything now! I do wish metal letters came in some larger sizes though!

  • I absolutely love this idea and I can’t wait to try it out! We don’t have a bar cart, but we do have a bar tray on our kitchen counter, but I’ve always just left the liquor in the bottles it comes in – this looks so much nicer!


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