Star Crossed Lovers

STAR%20CROSSED%20WILDFOX-68STAR%20CROSSED%20WILDFOX-68STAR%20CROSSED%20WILDFOX-68STAR%20CROSSED%20WILDFOX-68STAR%20CROSSED%20WILDFOX-68STAR%20CROSSED%20WILDFOX-68I don't usually blog about random inspiration these days, but this new colletion from Wildfox was too good not to share. The collection is called Star Crossed Lovers and it's due out Fall 2012. The 90s in me went a little crazy when I first saw this shoot. I love the Romeo and Juliet themes. The whole photo shoot is sickeningly inspiring and that hoodie will be mine. XO. elsie PS. How do you feel about a little 90s vibe infused into your daily wears? 

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