Stitching My Places We’ve Been Map

Places We've Been mapHi, friends! This week I am taking a break from Scrapbook Sundays due to holiday craziness, but I still wanted to drop in and share a crafty project I've been working on. Many of you asked to see an example of how you would stitch on the Places We've Been map, so I started stitching my map this past week, and it's become so fun and addictive. It's the perfect relaxing activity to do when I'm listening to my new favorite podcast, Startup. God knows we all need a little relaxation this season, right?! 

I've been collecting personal pieces of art and tidbits for a family memories gallery wall in our home. It will have things like the keys to our first houses, paintings people have made of our dogs, and personal stuff like that. This map is perfect for our wall!

I am filling in all the states where we've been together (and, no, I am nowhere near done yet!). It's kind of exciting to realize many states where we haven't been as well (like Alaska! Maine! Wyoming! Utah! We're coming for you soon….) I think this map will become a pretty special keepsake and maybe we can even expand it worldwide someday? 

Places We've Been map   I decided to do crazy, messy stitches and make each one a little bit different. I don't have a plan, I am just filling them in with various patterns and lines, some more dense than others. 

Places We've Been map Well, that's my project for the week!  I will definitely share our art wall with you when I get it completed. I am doing it in our biggest hallway (upstairs) so it has room to expand. 

You can get this Places We've Been map in this month's Happy Mail kit. Last month sold out pretty quickly, so don't wait too long if you're planning to sign up! xo. Elsie 

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