Stranger Things: Costume + Gift Guide

Stranger Things halloween costumesHey, friends! Just thought I’d pop in and share my Halloween costume this year, along with some other fun stuff just for kicks. 🙂 So, Trey and I both got obsessed and binge watched Stranger Things earlier this year. I LOVED that season. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. Initially I thought it looked a bit too scary for me (I know, I’m lame), but it turned out to be the perfect blend of sci-fi, spooky, movies-from-the-80s-starring-kids kind of thing, and we both just loved it. Can’t wait for the next season, although I hear it’s going to be totally different.

Stranger Things halloween costumes Anyway, pretty much as soon as the season ended, I knew I wanted to be characters from the show for Halloween this year. I love that Halloween is kind of the perfect excuse to be a mega-fan if just for a night. I was able to find the majority of our costumes from one afternoon of thrifting. I also got a pink shift from the Studio DIY costume shop—did you guys see Kelly’s costumes and shop this year?!?! EPIC. I have been eagerly awaiting getting mine in the mail since I saw the shop launch. I also love that I can wear the dress again, sans the rest of the outfit. Even though I was able to thrift most of our costumes, I still wanted to share some sources online in case any of you need some inspo as you finish throwing together your costumes this week. And then my list grew into a kind of wish list meets gift guide because there is SO much cute Stranger Things merch out there! I had no idea. Some of this is making it onto my Christmas list for sure.

Stranger Things costume and gift guide1. Walkie Talkies so you can check in on your friends when you’re ten and it’s 1989.
2. Hat, in case you can’t find a good Eleven wig (I struggled with that!)
3. D&D, anyone?
4. Cute little pink shift I’ll be wearing again for sure.
5. Whoa, the music comes on vinyl?!
6. Shoes that work for boys or for girls. 🙂
7. Who doesn’t love Eggo waffles?
8. I could not agree more with this mug (similar). Adding to my Christmas list now.
9. Blue jacket. Goes great with pink dresses.
10. A backpack big enough for all your adventure and monster hunting gear.

Stranger Things halloween costumes Whether you are using the season as an excuse to geek out about a new favorite show (raises hand high) or not, I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween this year! And if you need more help channeling your inner Eleven, check out Keiko’s costume. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Claire Shaffer & Emma Chapman. Products image sources linked. 

  • Fun costume! This show was perfection.

    Love that mug — if you’re looking for a printable to hang on your wall with that saying on it, I have one for free on my blog.

  • I’m going as Eleven, too! I turned an Eggo box into a purse by adding a little velcro and a handle.

  • This is TOTALLY amazing! Y’all rock!! Have you seen the SNL skit they did a couple weeks ago on Stranger Things? It still cracks me up!!

  • Sorry about that! The other one is from Urban Outfitters but it’s sold out- Here’s some similar ones! I’ll change the link in the post. – Jacki

  • Hey Emma, the backpack in the link is not the same as the one in the picture 🙁 would love to know where to get the royal/navy one in your shopping list pic

  • That’s what I’m being too!! Except I need to wear a blonde wig because I’m a brunette. By boyfriend is going as Dustin!

    Nikki |

  • I hadn’t even heard of that show. Now I’ll have to check it out. Fun costume idea!

  • I binge watched Stranger Things with my boyfriend, definitely a buddy show too scary to watch alone! Y’all did a great job with the costume

  • Oh my goodness, that Eggo costume is so cute and clever! 🙂

  • I feel you girl. 😉 Your costumes are cute and OBSESSED with all the Stranger Things merch you linked to.

  • Agree. I think it’s pretty popular this year, not quite as much as Harley Quinn but still. But, I couldn’t resist—just loved that show. 🙂


  • YES! Can’t wait to do family costumes some day. Love the giant Eggo idea—I bet that is adorable!


  • YES! I tried it with some thick lipstick/gloss and it just looked like a bugger. I couldn’t deal! ha!


  • YES! I tried it with some thick lipstick/gloss and it just looked like a bugger. I couldn’t deal! ha!


  • ha! I know, right? totally didn’t commit enough. 🙂

    I had actually bought a (cheap) blonde wig that on the box looked good but too long. I pulled it out this week to give it a trim and it was SO different from the picture. Didn’t look like 11 at all! So, I just skipped it.

    But I should have shaved my head. Missed opportunities.


  • I feel like everyone and their mom will probably be this for Halloween, but I don’t care because SO ARE WE! Haha. I got it in my head to have my yellow Labrador go as Eleven, and after that there was no changing my mind. ;p

  • My family is doing a Stranger Things theme too! I’m being Joyce and carrying around an old phone and Christmas lights 🙂 my daughter is Eleven (the socks are so hard to find!) and my husband is a giant Eggo! I made a video tutorial for it too lol

  • I love love loved Stranger Things! I thought about being character but then thought it would be cooler (and easier, ha!) to go a bit more abstract and be the letter wall. I’m attaching two battery powered Christmas Light necklaces to a white generic sweater, fabric marker-ing in the alphabet, and sewing a small doll hand into the inside for a spooky hand silhouette!

    You make the loveliest Eleven!

  • Oh this is amazing!
    We’ve actually júst finished bingewatching Stranger Things! I also thought it would be waaaay to scary and episode one gave me some freaky goosebumps but it only got better and better.

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