Strawberry Shortcake Donuts

Strawberry Shortcake Donuts (click through for recipe)The epic love story between Emma Chapman and donuts continues. Did you know that this is my, I believe, eleventh donut recipe I've shared on the blog? I am a big, big fan of donuts! It's probably my favorite treat, followed closely by ice cream.

Strawberry Shortcake Donuts (click through for recipe). I am all about celebrating spring right now. I thought a strawberry shortcake donut could be really fun! My first thought was to try a baked donut style where the cake tasted more like shortcake than a typical cake donut. The thing with shortcake is that it's typically pretty dry, like a biscuit (or at least traditional ones are). And that didn't sound very good to me. I kept thinking about those little round pastry cups they sell this time of year at nearly every grocery store. You fill them with strawberries and whipped cream, and even though the texture is more like angel food cake, that's really what I think of first when I conjure up images of strawberry shortcake. So, I decided to use these considerations when developing the following recipe. I hope you like it. Everyone at our office was into them. I may have eaten two. 

Strawberry Shortcake Donuts (click through for recipe).    Strawberry Shortcake Donuts, makes twenty 2 1/2 inch round donuts.
(Very) Loosely Adapted from A Baker's Field Guide to Doughnuts (my current favorite donut cookbook).

1/3 cup warm water
2 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast
2 tablespoons melted butter (or shortening like Crisco)
1/3 cup whole milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 egg
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 to 2 1/4 cup flour (all-purpose)

Combine the warm water and yeast. I usually add a pinch of sugar to the water before pouring the yeast in, just to really get things going. After about 5 minutes the yeast should be foamy looking. If not, discard and begin with new yeast (your yeast may be old). This step is very essential as this will cause the dough to rise as well as aid in making the donuts puff up when we fry them. So we can fill them with cream. 🙂

In a bowl, combine the melted (and cooled) butter, milk, sugar, egg, salt, and vanilla extract. Stir until just combined. Add in 1 cup of the flour; stir until combined. Add the second cup of flour; stir until combined. You may not need the additional 1/4 cup flour. The dough should be sticky but able to form a loose dough ball. If it still seems too sticky, add the additional flour. I almost always need that extra 1/4 cup, but it's good to check because you don't want dry donuts after all this work.

Knead for a few minutes. Place in a lightly oiled bowl, cover, and allow to rise for 1 hour (or until doubled in size).

How to make homemade donuts from   Turn the dough out onto a floured surface. Roll out until about 1/4 inch thick. Cut into 2 1/2 inch wide circles. I couldn't find my biscuit cutters (they are the one kitchen item I seem to continually lose!), so I used the edge of a drinking glass.

Place the cut-out dough circles on a baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper and a bit of flour. Cover with a clean kitchen towel. Allow to rest for 30 minutes. This is a good time to make the glaze and heat up your oil.

In a heavy pot, heat 2-3 inches of oil over medium-high heat until the oil reaches around 350°F. Fry the donuts on each side for 45 seconds to a minute. Remove to a plate lined with paper towels, to remove excess grease, when they are done. I like to use kitchen tongs when frying anything as it's often easier than a spatula or slotted spoon.

Emma Chapman making donutsFor the glaze, combine 1 cup powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons water or milk. It's good to sift the powdered sugar first as this will help your glaze to be completely smooth and free of lumps. I added a couple drops of red food coloring to tint my glaze pink.

How to make homemade donuts from  Once the donuts are cooled enough that you can handle them, fill a piping bag with fresh whipped cream or Cool Whip (I used Cool Whip). Fill the donuts with cream. Dip the tops in the glaze. Sprinkle on chopped strawberries and crumbled shortcakes.

Strawberry Shortcake Donuts (click through for recipe).  These are best served warm the day they are made. Enjoy! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography by: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Norma from the Folk Collection and Willow from the Fresh Collection

  • For the glaze you should use strawberry juice instead of milk or water – added strawberry flavor.

  • Oh my goodness, I think I’ve just figured out how to get a raise. These look delish, I’m sure they’ll go down a treat, at home and the office!

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  • I just made a triple batch of these doughnuts for our annual Mother’s Day tea party. They were a hit! My grandpa (the biggest sweet tooth in the family) ate 3 when I wasn’t looking. Thanks for the excellent recipe!

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  • Hi Emma! Can you try and make vegan-friendly donuts next time?

    Love from the Philippines,
    Gerone 🙂

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  • I really want to make these! But did I miss something, when do to add the yeast to the dough mixture? Sorry if this is a silly question! Xx

  • Hei Emma,
    those donuts look amazing.
    I thought I´d tell you about the latest baking trend from Germany: the mini Gugelhupf (bundt cake). A perfect little treat. I made my first batch yesterday and totally loved it.


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    xoxo Mandy

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    I love all kind of bakery, yours are so beautyful made in pink and with strawberry.

    My friend also baked straberry cake:

    Love from Denmark

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    This is getting bookmarked for future reference.
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    Pretty Lovely

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  • I am SO excited to make these and bring them to BBQs!! Perfect spring and/or summer treat! And sooo cute.

    Ps. – Emma! You look so so beautiful and happy. Couldn’t help but tell you!


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