Studio Bathroom Tour (Before + After)

A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeoverFriends! Today I am so excited to share the “after” photos of our upstairs bathroom located at our studio house. Each time we renovate a room I learn so much, and this room was exceptionally helpful. There are so many elements from it that I would do again in my own home, which is the truest test– I think! 

But first, you know what’s coming. A little walk down memory lane… 

Bathroom before + afterWhen we bought this house, the bathroom had laminate floors, fake tile walls, and yellowing caulk. It was ready for a little refresh. We were initially attracted to the layout and the natural light. Good bones. We planned mostly bright white updates with a gray ceiling and colorful accents. We wanted to keep it simple and full of light. 

Before and afterThe heart shaped penny tile floor was a big part of our vision for the room. I’ll talk more about that below, but it’s one of my favorite updates we’ve ever tried. Even though, yes, it’s very, veryyyyy specific I have no regrets whatsoever.

A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover After remodeling four rooms with white tile, I can confidently say I will never regret white subway tile. It’s clean, bright, and fresh. I love it in kitchens and bathrooms, for the bottom half of the wall, or all the way up to the ceiling. When choosing the tile for the floor and ceiling, I like to mix two tile shapes. 

A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover The gray ceiling was a big win in this room. We have tried several colored and patterned ceilings in this house (see more rooms here) with great results. I like the gray because we aren’t tied down to any color scheme, but it adds a lot to the room and makes the light fixture pop! 

A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover A Beautiful Mess bathroom makeover When it came to adding color to the room, we kept it pretty simple. Colorful towels, the tassel shower curtain (an Anthropologie sale rack score!), a pretty Etsy print, and some fresh flowers. These vases are a project from our book.

ABM bathroom makeover! ABM bathroom makeover! ABM bathroom makeover! ABM bathroom makeover! ABM bathroom makeover! Back to the floor! 

We originally ordered white and red penny tile for the heart patterned floor. I had my heart set on a red heart. Well, we didn’t read the fine print, and when the tiles came in, we found out they were for walls only and not for floors. So we quickly figured out a plan B. We used the white penny tile on the downstairs bathroom wall, we found another small tile at a local store that was durable enough for floors, and we settled on black for the heart. In the end, I think I love the black even more than I would have loved the red. 

We worked with our contractor on the heart shape before the tile was laid. It’s hard to make round shapes with tile, but we did our best, and I love the finished result. 

ABM bathroom makeover! Now every time a visitor comes into our studio house they always take a picture with our bathroom floor. Ha! 

ABM bathroom makeover! Here’s the view looking out from the bathroom. Our three office rooms and the stairs to the front entry are just outside.

Thanks for taking a look at our room tour! We had a great experience giving this room a makeover. The biggest things I learned were– white tile is always good, gray painted ceilings are interesting, but not overwhelming, and designing with neutrals leaves more room for changing color choices later. What do you think about our heart tile floor? Crazy good or just crazy? xo. Elsie 

Sources: Light fixture/West Elm, Wild at Heart print/Etsy, Shower curtain/Anthropologie (we snagged it on sale). 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • I love what you have done!! Where did you get the shower curtain?

  • It is a very happy space indeed, however, might I ask why on God’s Earth would you put the washcloth hanger that low? it looks terribly crowded! Incredible work otherwise! just lovely.

  • I love this SO much! The tassles on the white shower curtain are gorgeous. The wild at heart picture is perfect and I don’t even have words for the heart floor. It’s fantastic.

  • Non-bathroom related question, but where did you find that AMAZING geometric glass pendant for your hallway light fixture? It’s gorgeous!

  • I couldn’t quite tell with the curtain closed. Did you also re-tile the bath tub area.

    Our bathtub has something very similar to your before. If you did re-tile, how difficult was it to remove the wall thingy?


  • Such a cute bathroom, really like it. I was looking for inspiration as I am moving into my own little place in a few weeks and it needs an upgrade! Thanks for the tips x


  • Oh, wow! Where is the lamp in the view from the bathroom from? (Above the stairs) Need it!!! 🙂

  • I love the simplicity of the bathroom. I can spend the whole day inside relaxing. 🙂

  • Great update – I am a big fan of gray/white combos and I’m loving the soft gray ceiling paint. What is the brand/name of the color?

  • I love the tassels on the shower curtain! They are perfect! I’m not really into hearts, but I actually like this one! It must be because it’s black. Haha!

  • We just bought a home that needs a total bathroom makeover. Think 1950’s pink tile…everywhere. Even on the floor. Are you going to give a tutorial on how you redid all the tilework, or is there one you followed that you could share? That would be super!

  • It’s a floor, not a tattoo! I like the heart! Cool to see not just another “safe” tile job. Well done 🙂

  • Loving that tasseled shower curtain. For some reason, the introduction of this bathroom brought up a lot of questions in my mind about having a studio house. Like do you guys ever shower there? Is it weird leaving your house and going to another house to work? I’m sure everyone tidies up after themselves, but who cleans the bathroom and floors of the studio house?

  • loveeeee. The floor is crazy good- who would have thought ?? I love the light fixture, not the typical choice for a bathroom! love you blog xx

  • I absolutely adore the tile on the floor & walls. So pretty! Also, having a major crush on that shower curtain. Too good.


  • Hi Christine!
    We teach how to make tassels exactly like these here- You could easily attach them to a plain white shower curtain. Would be super easy! Maybe even a one night project.
    xx- Elsie

  • I love how fresh the bathroom looks with all the whites and I absolutely adore the floor <3

  • I love everything about it, especially the heart tiles and the shell chandelier, I have a similar one at home 🙂

  • I know!! We planned to, but this one just felt right for the room. Maybe next time!
    xx- Elsie

  • We don’t use the shower. But we will eventually resell this home, so it’s good to have these features. We originally planned to put in a guest room upstairs (and guest would have needed this shower) but with our growing team we ran out of space! :))
    Thanks- Elsie

  • Seems like that shower curtain could be an easy DIY! You should try it and feature it on the blog. 🙂

  • The twine is taped and wrapped around the vases in a certain way so they won’t slide out. The tutorial is in our new book!

    Laura 😉

  • I love how a white wall looks so simple and clean plus the addition of vibrant colors added accent in the bathroom. It makes me want to not use the bathroom anymore

  • Hi Erin! There’s a big storage cabinet between the shower and the window 🙂 -Jacki

  • Hi Danielle! It’s about as loud as it would be with a normal door. We have two bathrooms in the house that we can use though. 🙂 -Jacki

  • I love your bathroom after the make over! All the pops of color go great with the white and that tile heart is perfect – I want one, too! (: Great job, I can’t wait to see the rest of the finished rooms. (:

  • love this!! that shower curtain is amazing!! maybe you guys could do a DIY to recreate a similar version?! 😉


  • I love the new room posts! I would have never picked a heart, since it feels so permanent, but I like it!
    After all the before and after room posts have come out, how about a studio video tour??!!! :o)

  • I put white subway tiles with dark grout into my kitchen and absolutely love it! I wish I’d done the same in my bathroom!

  • This is SO lovely! What a gorgeous update! Such a fun mix of color and bold prints! LOVE the heart!

  • I love EVERYTHING about this bathroom makeover! The heart tile is just amazing and yes, you can NEVER go wrong with white subway tile. I just did a mini makeover on my son’s bathroom…wish I could have redone the floor but maybe in the future 😉 Awesome, awesome just awesome!

  • I love these kind of posts, they’re my favourite! I just wish I could zoom in on the photos – for some reason I can’t zoom since ye changed the layout. Anyway, great job, what a cool bathroom!

    Fiona 🙂

  • Not a fan of the heart tile pattern, its a little too trendy/kitschy for me. BUT the rest of the bathroom looks spectacular.

  • Great job on the bathroom update! The floor is amazing and I love the plants included as decor. I currently have an air plant in a seashell in my bathroom, but I think it may need a succulent plant as well. 🙂

  • I love the heart.
    I’m curious as to how you decided which direction the design should go.

  • Such a beautiful bathroom! You should be really proud of the transformation I really love the heart tile floor, I would be one of your guests that take a photo of your floor! <3

  • This looks fantastic and so original! I especially like the vases for the roses and the heart is such a cute idea!

  • We love everything even the shower curtain 😉 Gorgeous blog posts, inspiring and always with amazing pictures!

  • I love the grey ceiling! I’d never have thought that would work but seeing it, it’s fantastic. We redid our bathroom last year and my absolute favorite part is our grey tile floor. I should blog about it some day.

  • wow, i absolutely LOVE the tiles, i long for the days when i own my own flat and can decide these things myself – instead of having horrible walls and huge beige bathroom tiles. very inspiring, ladies!

  • It looks gorgeous, especially the floor. Amazing. I love the heart. Could u pls come to my house 😉

  • Love how you gave this bathroom a fresh new face! The floor and new lighting were definitely key. Also, loving the view to the entry…

  • Oo, I really like the brights details and the heart. It is soo nice.

  • Such a lovely result! I really like that grey ceiling and those vases looks unique also! 🙂

  • So cute! The floor is so creative and so darling. I learned to tie tassels just so I could make a version of that shower curtain! There are some details over here if you want to check it out:

  • This is crazy GOOD! Love that heart floor, awesome idea! And that curtain and flowers and pinks towels, bring so much brightness and life to the room..I totally agree with going for whites and neutrals for the walls and mixing in colors with other items which we can keep changing over time..


  • That floor is so ABM, well done. If I saw that floor in a magazine I would totally assume it was an ABM design before reading, I really enjoy your strong and clearly ABM point of view.

  • I’d probably lie on the floor to take a selfie with the heart shaped tiles. Lol.

    Gorgeous bathroom makeover!

  • OK, can I just say how much I LOVE those flowers and how you arranged them? And the black and white photo was a great idea. I love the whole thing. I can’t even pick this room apart right now. Great job!

  • I would love to learn more about the vanity light. Is it just the old one repurposed? Spray painted?

  • Hiya – just about to begin our bathroom remodel. How high is your tile wainscot? Thanks!

  • I love the floor! I hope I have something like that in my house one day!
    xx Amanda

  • All hail subway tiles!! Nothing better than a crisp, all white palette. PS, love the heart floor!

  • The old bathroom reminds me of the bathroom I had as a child – it was just so old and outdated. I love how you switched things up with the white and pops of colour through the tassels along the curtain. Great idea!


  • I would love if you made a DIY version of the shower curtain! I went to buy it on sale at Anthropologie and it was already gone by the time I got there. Maybe this is a possibility for a future post! I love the bathroom and everything you all make <3

  • OMGoodness! I can’t believe I found this post! I just redid my bathroom also!
    Your bathroom looks great! I love the details. I think we have the same toilet. LOL! The before looked pretty blah! Ha ha!
    Please stop by and check out my bathroom facelift!

  • that is the most darling little bathroom! love the heart tile idea!

  • I’m surprised you guys didn’t do a shower curtain DIY instead. I love the bathroom, the tile choices are totally on point and I’m so glad you went with a gray ceiling! I’ll have to try that in my bathroom.

  • I really like the heart tile, and the black makes it easier for you guys to change the colors with accessories. Great job!

  • I love the hanging vases!
    …but how did you get them to stay up without sliding?
    in a previous post mandi had suggested that we use vases with a skinny neck and a wide opening….I love the look of these!!!

  • What an absolutely lovely transformation! It looks so great, I like how it has modern yet playful elements!
    If you had a moment could you check out my new post:

  • I just LOVE that heart! Such a sweet and original detail. I’m also really into the white with colorful accents. It’s fun, but still clean looking! Beautiful. 🙂

    Always, Anita

  • So fun and beautiful! I’d love to mimic that rose bud wall somewhere in my home. Looks great!

  • So fun, and yep, beautiful. I’d love to make that rose bud wall somewhere in my home. It’s gorgeous!

  • Thanks for the tour! I’m really enjoying getting a peek into your daily surroundings. I really, really like the heart floor!

  • That heart pattern on the floor is incredible. I so wish, wish, wish I could that at my rental and rip up the terrible laminate. The bathroom is definitely the most ugly and scrappy room in our house right now, so I’d kill for this renovation. Beyond adorable!


  • Those shower curtains are too cute! Love how the bathroom looks now. xoxo

  • I have been waiting forever to see where the floor was!mi fell in love with it when you guys first posted it on IG. Y’all’s tour and your book (which I just love and haven’t really put down since I got it 😉 are giving me soooo many ideas! I can’t wait to move in afew months.
    I do have a question about the bathroom that’s by the kitchen. (The comments to that post are closed) With the sliding door, do you still get privacy?? Some people in my household can be… loud in the bathroom. So with the door, can you hear that someone is in there while you’re in the kitchen??

  • The heart is crazy good! I noticed lately (here and elsewhere) that the ceiling is quickly becoming the “accent wall” in the room. The huge window is so awesome- was it there when you moved in or did you enlarge it?

    Love, Marketa

  • I am opening up my second tea house and the bathroom is non existent right now. You can check out my before photos here WWW.THETEABEE.COM – This is helpful because I really need some inspiration of what to do. Why do we do this to ourselves? I am thinking bright and clean.. only 6 weeks till opening day 🙂

  • I love how well you guys use color and utilize negative space. Every time you post a new room tour, I want to guy buy a five gallon bucket of white paint and paint my whole house! 🙂 Thanks for always being inspiring.

  • The flowers on the wall are a great idea. Flowers and plants add such great color and life to a room.

  • I love how bright and white this room is! Now I want to remodel my bathroom!

  • I LOVE the shower curtain, the vases, the light fixture… pretty much everything about this washroom. It’s so fun!

  • It looks delightful! I love the simple pops of color that you chose and the heart on the floor. It’s such a happy little bathroom!

  • Hi Saoirse! We post 3 times per day (Monday through Friday) and usually once or twice on the weekends. 🙂 -Jacki

  • I love tassel curtain and how you added pops of color to neutral bathroom x>.But may i know if your blog post routine has it changed?.Because i kept checking yesterday & there was no new post. It’ll be great help to know your blog post routine so i would’nt miss any of your new posts.
    Thanks ^

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