Studio Tour with Jeremy Larson

Jeremy Larson Studio 1

Jeremy Larson Studio 2

Jeremy Larson Studio 3

Jeremy Larson Studio 3

Jeremy Larson Studio 3

Jeremy Larson Studio 3

Jeremy Larson Studio 3

Jeremy Larson Studio 3

Jeremy Larson Studio 3

Jeremy Larson Studio 3Here's a little peek at Mr. Larson's studio, which is above Red Velvet. I photographed a studio tour for his brand new website, but I wanted to shate a little bit of it here as well! It's a magical place and we're honored to share a space with him. Sometimes we can hear little bits of music below in the store… it's a wonderful thing. 


Here's a photo we took in one of Jeremy's rooms, for his new project Sucré with Stacy and Darren King. I think they're the cutest. Have a lovely weekend! Elsie 

  • I agree with your conclusions and will eagerly watch forward to your next updates.

  • What a small world!! I’m from Tyler where she is from — we have many mutual friends — I didn’t know sucre was recording above your store. I just watched footage the other day on her blog of them recording

  • Magical space. I’ve really enjoyed this little tour. Jeremy must love going to work here! It’s so sweet that your so near to each other day to day.

  • very cute studio! love this 🙂

  • i totally have that life magazine. i love how the story from the returning astronauts plays second to the hippies in central park!

  • What a beautiful place to work! And that’s soo cool he works upstairs from where you work.

  • Great post and I’m loving the messy hair to! Gorgeous! Love it all! Hard to pick!


  • How cool! Thanks for sharing. I have that Beach Boys album, too!

    Savannah Marie

  • wow, super inspiring, thanks for posting!


  • What a sweet studio! It must be such a blessing to work so close to your hubby and have adjacent creative spaces.

  • that is the most organized music studio i have ever seen haha. great photos, looks like fun and makes me jealous! those reel to reels are so cool. i had to ask my boyfriend about them and now i want one.

  • wow what a great space. my hubby has a mini studio in our flat. he would go crazy over this.

  • Wow! That’s really cool! These are some great photos. Thanks for sharing!

    {XOXO, Deanna}

  • I love that he is right above you. So Cute! Great pictures.


  • His studio looks like such a dreamy place to make music!

  • Too cool! I love the 1st shot, and the one with all of the guitars!

  • Cuuute! Must be really nice to hear their music coming through into your store – especially since, from what I’ve heard, his music is really great! 😉


  • How wonderful to work so close to your husband! My hubby & I teach at the same school & we love it. I know that sort of proximity doesn’t work for every couple, but we love it {as do you & yours}. So lovely!

  • You guys are such a neat couple! Doin’ watcha love! It makes me happy. Have a great weekend!

  • Wow, his studio is amazing. I love all those guitars, he’s a lucky man.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • oops! i thought your man was M. Ward there for a second in the last picture. Awesome studio, power to the cello!

  • love this! I know little about music but find instruments and old records so beautiful.

  • What a fantastic studio! I bet the high ceilings produce some wonderful acoustics!

  • i LOVE these photos, and i’m pinning about 90% of them right now. he has so many fun instruments!! looks like my dream 🙂

  • Such a nice studio! I agree with Kate, it’s adorable that it’s right above your shop!

  • This looks like such an amazing and cosy studio, and it is so lovely that it is above your shop!

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