sunday afternoon sneak peeks!

i don't know if i was taking crazy pills or what, but i decided to produce 2 craft kits for this next update! they are autumn & halloween themed (i think they are both so special and the styles are so different, they just could not be mixed into one kit!!) i had a fun and very bust week preparing them. 🙂

here are a few peeks at the new kits i have coming out tomorrow…
12hundreds of tiny plastic ghosts for my first kit, "Ghost World". Each one is hand illustrated and made with (my new favorite thing in the world..) Shrinky Dinks! This collection has lots of black and white with bright & bold colors, all of your favorite halloween characters (ghosts, monsters, mummies and more…) and it's still sweeter than a bag of candy. 😀

34my next kit is called "Autumn Loves". It is full of rich earthtones, my favorite autumn characters (birdies, trees, leaves and of course… coffee cups!), some gocco love and the cutest little pillow patterns!!

I could share more, but I have to make you wait until the morning. 😀 The update is at 10 am here.
there will also be a few new original paintings and some Cider Days goodies I have been saving.
 in other news, Mr. Larson has been downstairs playing piano for several hours (so inspiring)… i finally have internet!!!!!!!! & it's sunday. what could be better? xo.

  • Oh I love Shrinkie Dinks too! I remember drawing the tiniest pictures I could, when I was little, so that when they shrunk they were like pinheads! I still have some sheets SOMEwhere….

    And I’m glad you’re having fun with your gocco. I just made some stamps for the backs of my prints with mine. Thought you might like a peek!

    Your little gocco birdie is gorgeous!!

  • Oh what awesome pics Elsie!! I can’t wait for your shop update!!! Maybe I can actually get something before it sells out!!! I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to see pics of your finished loft … it looks so warm and cozy!! :]

  • Yay! I’m so excited and can’t wait for your update tomorrow! I definitely hope that I can get my hands on both of those kits!!!! Love the little ghosts and the little birdies. Can’t wait to see the rest of the little treasures!!!

  • I love that you decided to do both autumn and halloween- I love both the ghosts and birds so hopefully I’ll be able to talk the hubby into letting me get my hands on some. Also can’t wait to see pics of your finished loft! Your style is very inspirational- my husband and I just moved as well and I have until Christmas to get the house the way I want it!

  • yay! so happy you chose to do both. canNOT wait to see them!

    happy sunday… even though it’s almost over! but mondays are great too! thanks for keeping me in the creative spirit. since i saw your first book -52 challenges – that my bff leah sent me, i have been hooked on your blog for inspo! i love you style, character and friends! thanks for sharing!


  • Two kits??? Love you girl, you’re en amazing hardworker!!! I think I’ll take only one (cause it’s expensive for Europe), but surely I’ll take one. Love the small lovely ghosts (especially the one who’s listening music, hahaha).

    Besides I’ve got some news for you: my small daughter Maïa (2 years old) loves my mini album from your kit “Wonderland” – she wants even to sleep with it! :)))

  • Oh no fair – those sneaks look adorable but off on my hols today – with no internet! Sob!

    I hope all the lucky peeps that get their hands on one of those kits can share the love with the rest of us by posting their creations, let me live vicariously through you all!!

    Hope update goes swimingly Elsie!

    Samm xx

  • I just found your blog (I cant believe I hadn’t found it before!) and I love it! What a load of wonderful features and great pictures – and now Im supposed to be working but I don’t seem to be able to tear myself away!!!

  • Well it’s bedtime here in Sydney so I guess I’ll have to wait until the morning…(apparently it’s only about 7.15am in Missouri – It’s 10.15pm here!) Night Night!

  • Elsie! So glad you haven’t given up on the scrapbooking world! I was afraid you were going in a different direction…just bought some of your goodies on QVC last week – can’t wait to get them. Love the ghosties…Cathy

  • Shrinky Dinks are probably one of the best things ever 🙂 I’m glad you like them too! Every Christmas eve, my sister, my neighbor & I do the mini shrinky dink christmas tree… a lovely tradition! 🙂

  • looooove the update!

    lovin’ the birdies…of course. 🙂

    and those little ghostie boos are too damn cute!

    you’re cute!

    bye for now.

  • looooove the update!

    lovin’ the birdies…of course. 🙂

    and those little ghostie boos are too damn cute!

    you’re cute!

    bye for now.

  • Love these kits. A shame the exchange rate between US and AUD is so poor!!! Would love to get one:-)

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