sunday night hellos.

just wanted to type a quick hello tonight. 

i finished two new paintings, last night, for my Chamomile collection.
that was fun. 

her name is Sophie. 


and this is Eva. 

I have a few more that are close to being finished, so you'll see them soon.
This week is going to be crazy busy with RVA stuff. We are designing and photographing soooo many cute items for Spring. It's lots of fun. We are having a party this coming Friday for *First Friday* on Commercial Street (all the businesses stay's fun!) with cupcakes and (hopefully if i get all the supplies in time…) Bubble Tea! and our next BIG shop update is Monday, March 9th at 10am. 

also, i've done a little work to my loft this weekend that i can't wait to share! 

Jeremy is working on a new song tonight (i can hear the cello downstairs) and i am working on updating our website (it's going back up this week!) all night. 
i've never done this before, but i thought it would be fun: 
what are some new products that you would like to see in the RVA store this season? 
i'd love to hear your wishlist!! 
  • Hi Elsie,

    My friend and I made it down from KC this afternoon and really enjoyed visiting your store! Obviously I do not know you but I get so excited to see someone living their dream and promoting handmade. Best wishes to you!

  • Probably too late now, but I’d say next year you should consider RVA calendars with your artwork!

    And you totally need to get a photobooth!

  • more cute stickers!

    and maybe a crew neck sweatshirt with one of your designs screened on it!! i would totally buy an rva crewneck sweatshirt!

  • let’s see….

    1. new tshirt designs :]…i also love the idea of sweatshirts
    2. more hair bows!!!
    3. items for the home…(i love the stuff rachel made a while back for the hambly website…things like that)
    4. i love the idea of a calendar…kudos to jules
    5. more fun vinyl decals in new designs
    6. embellished keds shoes. how fun would that be?!?


  • This is Emily,

    I would like to see some glasses, aprons and headbands that would fit kids.

  • I wish I lived closer to your store to visit it in person but since I am on the west coast, I follow your blog. I would love to see sweatshirts with your girls on them. I love your line of the girls. I also loved the little monkeys you had on your etsy shop. I never got to purchase any but monkeys are my favorite and the faves of my two sons. It would be fun to see more of the wall decals as well. I just love your style. It always puts a smile on my face.

  • Dear Elsie,

    I would love –

    1. Elsie Umbrellas – something that makes me happy when it’s raining.

    2. aprons – something that makes me look good when I am burning food.


    3. Coffee Mugs!

    4. Slippers for chilly nights.

    You are the best!

  • – gift mugs

    – RVA Sweets, like conversational hearts that say “love*love” and cute little sayings on them or just like suckers of your paintings..somethin!

    – RVA flip flops

    Yip yip. ox

  • super cute aprons and absolutely adorable canvas bags/purses!! you guys are doing *great* with your new store!! love everything!

  • wallets, pencil boxes,
    pullovers/ knit sweaters
    bags, definitely

    I live far far away, in asia, but i adore your art, and everything’s an inspiration here. i will definitely try to get my hands on RVA stuff, they’re the ultimate cooooooolness. 😀 xoxo

  • i like…

    1. cute tea cups

    2. fun hoodies

    3. more tote bags

    4. can you do anything fabulous with lovely flats?

    5. i like journals! calendars. Affordable too.

    thanks. oh happy day!

  • – coffe mugs

    – for next year… definetely day planners with cute pictures related to the day/season.. lots of colours and cute and fun phrases!! i’d love that!!

    – bags, broaches, headbands…

    – scrapbooking craft kits. i loved the ones you used to do in your etsy shop: wonderland, neverland…

  • I would love to see more T-Shirts and I am definitely craving for some scrapbooking supplies – It would be so great if you’d do some paper series or stamps oder ANYTHING really, but I so miss new scrapbooking stuff from you – all the Love, Elsie stuff was so gorgeous and I am addicted to that

    Love, Sandy

  • hi! i just started reading your blog and i absolutely love your paintings! hopefully i’ll get to buy one in the near future once we buy a house.

  • Things with BIRDS! 🙂 I have 5 little guys, and I can NEVER find anything cute about birds for scrapbooking or home decor. Oh there will be a cute thing with a bird one it here and here- but never as a main item, (it is always about something else and will have a token bird on it… (sigh) birds would be nice 🙂

  • I totally agree you should get a photobooth!! 🙂 Although I am not quite sure where you’d put it.. 🙂

    I love Toni’s idea of Elsie umbrellas. 🙂

    more scrap/art/craft/art journal/etc. kits…

    and of course, my top choice is embroidery patterns.

    <3 I wish I had friends, my birthday is on Monday March 9th... (although Elsie, you are welcome to send me a card or art or a gift or something ;))


  • Journals, felt anything, cute night purses with embellies, skirts, more shirts and some scrappy accessories!


  • More scrappy kits! i also loved the mixed paper journals you used to have in your etsy. Also jorurnals you have either painted or that feature your prints on the front. You could also do small pocket diary’s for next year! They would be super cool! Small purses/coin pouches & aprons!Pllleeeeaaassse!

  • Hi Elsie!

    You always show the cutest dresses in your blog. I think some adorable spring dresses would be fun! Also, I love the hair bows! 🙂

  • I use clipboards a lot and I want a cute one with some funky art on it!

  • yes…aprons! i have been looking for something cute to wear when i’m baking. that would be fabulous.

    and some cute magnets?

    xoxo andie…

  • I am so glad you asked this. I was just thinking the other day that I would like a RVA keychain and change purse.

    A calendar is fun also.

  • *aprons for sure!!


    *compact mirrors with your rad girlies on them

    *more craft kits- the unicorn one ROCKS!!

  • Hoodies would be really sweet… & mugs as I have a mug fetish… calendars would be cute.

    Austin is gorgeous!!

    & I’ve been wondering this for a while now… what IS bubble tea???!!

  • I would love to see more scrapkits, like you did with the Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland theme.
    Maybe some wallets or magnets or or or


  • dog accessories!!! my 7month old boxer pup loves Elsie!(in fact thats her name!) I’ve been trying to make some awesome collars, some with your twist would rock!!


  • Elsie,
    How about some cute painted chairs or trunks??? I bet they both would be cute with your art on them!!! Also, anything home decor like lamp shades, throws, nick-knacks and such. BTW I love your blog and look forward to reading it every chance I can get and I wish I lived closer to come to your store! You are a great inspiration to everyone who creates and does it for a living! Thanks for sharing your wonderful self with all of us!

  • love the new paintings!!! Also wanted to share that I had a dream about you and Jeremy last night. I dreamed I came to your house for a weekend stay and you toured me around the store and I got to hang out with you and your friends for a Red Velvet jam session. I woke up smiling and feeling refreshed 😉 Happy Monday!

  • Rain boots would be fun… I just saw some in that mall you can paint yourself but they only have kid sizes.. I want to make my own. Love the ideas for: aprons, hair things, dresses, and stickers!

  • hey!

    you should make picture frames shaped like polaroids! or nerdy glasses picture frames. wallets would be really cute. or even some cute knitted toques. maybe iron-ons?

  • I love what you do with clothes. After all, you can only have that many paintings and vynil. But I would love anything new, that you haven’t done before… I’m idealess though!

  • aprons is a brill idea! also i think wellies could be cute! and lots of home things like cups and candles =] xx

  • I just read on Rachel’s blog about her little boy and his sore ear.

    How about hot water bottle covers. They would make me feel happy when I am feeling sick and miserable. 🙂

  • Yes,I totally agree with everyone, Artwork Aprons;just got one for my friend at Anthropologie, and how about sticking with the cooking theme and do potholders with your cute goodness! Then round it out, and how about jewelry like Betsey Johnson does. She sticks felt, buttons, and her artwork on a bracelet. I’d love one of those!!!

  • hmmmm, tough question. A few thoughts –
    -new inspiration/idea book (simple ideas for art projects using things from around the house)
    -spring flower pots
    -table centerpiece (faux flowers, pencils in a vase, anything funky like only you can do)
    -front door welcome signs
    -night table journal (a place for gratitude or just thoughts to let go of before falling asleep)

    Have fun! I always enjoy seeing your fun creations!

  • love love love the huge piece behind the register/counter area that has a ton of different girls (that you paint) all over it…. I would love to see that on a shirt or at least the individual girls you draw
    xoxo kelsey

  • wonderful stuff. 🙂

    Journal and pen set would be cool.



  • i love those two paintings.

    every single time i think they

    can’t get any cuter, well..



    so ideas..

    and i’m sure most of these are just being repeated..

    but anywayyy.

    1. new t-shirt designs[hmm, maybe your girls on them?!]

    2. notebooks [bc i am OBSESSED with cute notebooks]

    3. more vinyl decals

    4. scrap kits!!

    5. any type of home decor because you and rachel truely have

    unique, awesome taste.

    6. aprons would be awesome like everyone is saying.

    7. cutesy postcards

    8. and an endless amount of embroidery designs. because yours are my favorite. :]

  • Here’s a little wish list:

    scarves the soft kind,

    pens with beads and ___ on top of it on wire so it wiggles and jiggles, greeting card sets with envelopes, organizational stuff, mousepads with art on em, vintage salvation army/goodwill furniture finds that you all have refurbished with a before and after shot…wish i was there!

  • I’d love to see the Red Velvet take on some kind of I-Pod or music case. Or cell phone case. Something knitted perhaps, I’m not sure. I know that you all will make it lovely!

  • A painting made into a print that says I love scrapbooking.

    Plus, scrapbooking kits would be lovely!

  • What about aimming for different age groups…

    Baby- rattles, diaper shirts & soft blocks.

    Toddlers- play felt food and sock monkeys.

    Kids- journal ‘cute things I say’

    Just some ideas:)

  • I love your Eva painting!
    I would like to see more stuff for kids! 🙂
    or pets–like my two little doggies.
    tina 🙂

  • I saw on etsy this morning a jewelry designer that has an underwear necklace that looks like your pictures Elsie. those would be cute or you could re-design something with a local silver artist in your area.

  • ok. so this is isn’t an idea for a product but just something i think everyone would love to see in general. could you do a video tour of your store? some of use live all the way up in the great white north and as much as i’d loooove to come visit and buy half your store, i can’t. but i’d love to see inside and get a look at your awesome shop!

  • i would LOVE the top of the vinyl tree you have in your shop. Maybe a cloud or something cute to go with it. I want to buy it for my little one’s room.


  • Scrapbooking supplies that aren’t in kits. I’m not much of a kit buyer.

    And maybe diversify your girls a bit…

    Colored tote bags.

    Small lap quilt kits from Rachel.

  • Ooo…you changed “Austin’s” name!
    Good for you.
    I’m not a big fan of boys’ names on girls anyways.

  • i love everyone’s ideas & am so excited about your new update!!

    i think that these would be great:
    new stickers
    coin purses
    day planner/calendar for next year
    &&& embroidery designs!!


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