sunday randomness

it’s my favorite day of the week. i just woke up from a nap & now i will share with you a few things that are making me oh-so-happy today…

1. the new Jenny Lewis album (it was a gift from Jeremy)… She is simply beautiful and so is the new album. i am in love.

2. This film… it was so funny & amazingggg. seriously.

and i am dying to see this one.

3. my friend, Jason, gave me one of these vinyl cuties…

adorable. i put him on my sewing machine!

4. I have been experimenting with new print sizes, including much larger sizes and little bitty ones like these…. 67

today i’ve been making reusable shopping bags (so trendy & green, oh my!) and a doll set for some friends. will share pics soon.

i’ve also been thinking about doing a more serious blog post this week…. for the past few years i have received e-mails weekly from aspiring artists & designers asking questions about this type of work. i am very shy about giving this type of advice, mostly because i don’t feel qualified or because i am afraid that the honest answer isn’t what the person would want to hear. for the past month or so i have been feeling like it might be time to talk candidly about some of these things, basically i just want to share the things that i wish i could have known when i started out. i am also asking a few of my friends who work in some soft of an art field (well, people who haven’t had a normal job for several years…) to answer some of the questions too. so, if you’ve wondered about a career in art you might finally be hearing my 2 cents this week! 😀

for now, i am off to my parent’s house for dinner. i do love sundays! xo.

  • Sundays are perfect for naps 🙂 I took a long one today too!

    The new bags sound super cute, and I can’t wait to read your blog post!

  • Yay for Jenny Lewis… I was supposed to see her this weekend but it didn’t quite happen.

    I look forward to the “serious post” for I am a soon college graduate who misses being creative more than i ever thought i would. i look forward to any advice especially from those who i look up to.

  • I’d love to hear your thoughts on this kind of work. It sounds like you won’t just be saying “all you have to do is take the plunge” – like so many people say. I realise it’s not that simple – which is why I haven’t taken that ‘plunge’ *yet*.

    And I love your little bitty prints!

  • I think you are most certainly “qualified” to answer such questions Elsie – Don’t sell yourself so short!

    Can’t wait to read your more “serious” blog post.

    BTW – when is this secret announcement happening?? SERIOUSLY??? (I’m going mad)

  • The son of rambow … OMG what a great great movie. I absolutely loved it, I won’t give anything away but it was definitely a must see.

  • Miss Lewis was in my town about a week and half ago and we totally missed it {my husband and I} and were completely sad when we found out about it. We love her and fell in love over her {and Rilo Kiley’s} music.

  • You should have more confidence in yourself Elsie. You are a fantastic artist and very special.

    I can’t wait to see your green bags!


  • your works are really cool and inspiring! Cant wait for your blog post on how to survive being different in the art scene =) You rock gal. Stay that way!

  • elsie,

    since you are going to be answering some questions about your career, i was wondering, how did you get involved in this field?

  • I’m so excited to get some tips from you~you are soooo qualified to help a sista out!


  • I literally just watched Son of Rambow last week. It is really funny and quirky 🙂 You will love it I am sure. can’t wait to see what you are working on.

  • i would love to hear what advice you’ve got!

    how to you manage your time? do you keep to two-hour sheduals? or daily projects? i’d love to know that.

    love, kimxxoo!!!

    p.s. those girl prints on flickr are amazing.

  • I can’t wait to hear the answers to these questions those designers asked you. I am also curious to find out how you started out in this field. Being a full time artist must be the greatest thing in the world and not many people are lucky enough to earn their living with their art.

    I was looking for your old blog to find the answers to my questions (how it all started) but unfortunately it’s not there any more 🙁 So I guess you must answer the question again for people like me who started scrapbooking only a short while ago.

    BTW: I am also curious abaout the big secret and the fotos of your loft (or will there be another movie!?!?!)


  • OO please share! I just started Art School, and I def need some good information! Love your work, you are my biggest inspiration!



  • Can’t wait for that post Elsie and yes you are qualified!

    I LOVE the cutie small prints.

    Have a good week Elsie!

  • elsie,

    you are always very inspiring and today is no exception.

    and i, too, am crazy for jenny lewis. she is so darn cute and with a voice to match. i have wanted deparately for years, to have her bangs, but my forehead just won’t allow it.

    have a lovely week:)


  • Dude! Loving the small polaroid-esque prints! And also am in love with “Burn After Reading” (sigh). 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your art-career advice!

  • yes yes yes! Please do give your 2 cents! I think that nothing beats speaking truth, especially in the realm of speaking to what you wish you knew when you started out! Can’t wait!

  • I am not an artist…not even close, but I love looking at all of the creativity on your blog. It’s all so pleasing to the eye!

  • “not qualified”???

    Are you nuts! Seriously, i don’t think you realize just how fantastic you are! Can’t wait to read on!

  • I would love to hear more advice about a career in art. I’m especially interested in how you manage your time, if you have a set schedule, how you do so much work, and if you ever crash from doing so much! 🙂


  • i love taking naps on sundays! one of my favorite things. i can’t wait to see the upcoming post- love the cute little sizes! everything is cuter when it is smaller!


  • I would love to read a post like that, Elsie! I love reading your blog, although I’m horrible about leaving a comment. I have always been curious about an artist’s life – the honest version! I would love, love, love to read a post like that! I hope you share and if you do, thanks in advance!

  • YEs, please do share with us. A serious blog post now and then would be welcomed by all I am sure. (And, btw, I do take all of your posts seriously, I just love your blog.)I am forever in awe of the artists out their making a living at loving what they do, being creative.

  • I love your blog…I’m always hopping over here for inspiration! I just started sewing and a reusable shopping bag is one of the things I plan on making! I really like your cute little prints. AND I would love to hear your thoughts in a “more serious post” 🙂 Thanks! You rock!

  • Hey Elsie,

    I just have a question about how you get prints made of your work to sell. Do you go to a professional printer, or use your own personal printer?



  • I recently found your blog – and LOVE your stuff! I’m so excited to hear your 2 cents! I can’t wait and will check back often!!

    thanks – kim

  • please touch on serious matters for freelancers in addition to all the inspiration and creativity talk- like purchasing your own health insurance, taxes and saving for retirement. Thanks!

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