Super Easy Ghost Decorations

Easy Halloween Ghost DIYHi guys! I’m enjoying going all out with Halloween decorations this year. I thought it would be fun to make a little ghost family for our entryway. We have quite a few inside jokes around here about our house being haunted (it’s not haunted… don’t worry!) so these guys fit right in.

Super Easy Ghost StepsThis is so easy it doesn’t even really need instructions, but here you go anyway… 1. Supplies needed: foam balls, lace, white fabric or cheese cloth, black sewing pins, a tapestry needle and yarn. 2. Wrap each foam ball in fabric and tie yarn around the neck to secure it. 3. Add pins for the eyes. 4. Use your tapestry needle to stitch and tie yarn to the top of each ghost to hang them.

Easy Halloween Ghost DIY That’s it! You can make a huge batch for your home in 30 minutes. I hung mine in our entryway along the stairs and all our nieces and nephews think they are awesome.

Easy Halloween Ghost DIY Easy Halloween Ghost DIY

XOXO. elsie

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