Survey results are in!

Survey Says-08Last week, we put up our yearly ABM reader survey last week, and over 9,000 of you took it! So awesome. Thank you so, so much! We use these numbers to plan projects and blog posts and just get to know you all better. We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for you guys, so it only makes sense to get your thoughts on how we’re doing.

Young House Love also does a reader survey every year, but they always do an amazing post sharing the results. So we thought this time around we’d share some highlights too, just for fun! Survey CountryFirst, here’s a little fun from Google Analytics. ABM has 1.74 million different people visit the site each month. And only 55% of them are from the U.S., meaning almost half of our readers are international!

Now, onto the survey results…
Survey DemosNo suprises here! These results are similar to our last survey. We’re excited to see that our age demographic has broadened a bit, though!

Survey Internet33% of you have blogs of your own and you guys love social networking (cool, so do we!)

Looks like quite a few of you need to give Blovlovin’ a try! It’s the best blog reader we’ve ever used and we love how they support up-and-coming bloggers. We’ve discovered lots of favorites through their site!

Survey CraftThese were the numbers we were most inspired by! It’s so cool to see that you guys are making our projects and giving homemade gifts! We’re going to pour more energy into this area this coming year.

Survey MealWe have to admit. We were really pulling for breakfast/brunch on this one, but we get it- it’s a tough choice! 😀

Survey Business18% of you said you have your very own business! If you apply that to the 1.74 million who read, that’s almost 1/3 of a million. Whoa. Way to go! Survey JTpress photo credit: Tom Munro / RCA Records

We didn’t include the (too high) percentage of readers who answered “none of them” on our JT question. Elsie is trying to block it out, forgive and forget. (( cry me a river ))

We can’t thank you enough for taking the survey and for leaving your feedback in the comments. We’ve already got posts and feature ideas based on your suggestions in the works! -The ABM team