Sweet Tea Hot Toddy

Hot toddy recipeOne of our favorite local spots start serving hot cocktails during the colder months of the year. I love a good hot toddy. It's the perfect drink to sip and enjoy good company and chilly weather. Most hot toddy recipes are pretty simple and can be made with ingredients you already have. This is one of my favorites, a sweet tea hot toddy.Easy hot toddy recipeSweet Tea Hot Toddy, makes two.

Needed: tea of choice (I used a vanilla chamomile. I think black or herbal teas are best for this, but you can try a green if you prefer.), one lemon, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 ounces (I use a shot glass to meaure) bourbon or whiskey and hot water.

Heat water and when ready steep the tea. I keep mine light by steeping for less time than usual. To each glass add juice from half a lemon, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 ounce alcohol. Stir to combine. Feel free to add more honey if you like yours a little more on the sweet side.Sweet tea hot toddySuper easy and super comforting. Enjoy one curled up with a good book under the covers. If you're that kind of gal (I totally am, with fuzzy socks and everything!). xo. Emma

  • Just trying this out with a vanilla rooibos tea…it pairs wonderfully with the whiskey! Delicious.

  • I wonder if one of your favorite spots is one of my favorite local spots? I’m a Springfield girl too (well, Marshfield, but I’m in Springfield almost every day). Would this happen to be a place down on Walnut with two sister establishments that don’t have alcohol? If not I’d love to know where you’re going to, because I want to get some of this for myself.

  • I have never heard of a hot toddy before, sounds so easy and yummy. Can’t wait to try it.

  • made them last night with friends before going out on a cold night! green tea with passion fruit was the only tea i had on hand but they were really good!

  • I get excited about the idea of hot alcoholic drinks but have hated every single one I have tried, especially butter rum. It seems like such a great concept, especially in the winter. This one kind of seems like it might be really good though as it has lemon which is great at balancing out alcohol tastes so once again I am excited to try this. Pinning it for later 🙂

  • I make these when i”m sick. The only perk for feeling under the weather.


  • Perfect combination!
    Gonna try this one asap 🙂

    x Sari


  • Love this! & love your little bear honey jar, i have the same one!



  • My pups are snuggled all around me but my toes are freezing! Going to make this RIGHT NOW

    drey- highdollarhippie.blogspot.com

  • Wow it never ever came to my mind that one could pour alcohol into tea! Guess as a hardcore tea lover I should try this when the days get colder..

  • I LOVE Hot Toddys. I adore them. I have recipes for a Hot Toddy with Ginger, a Cold Toddy and a Thai Toddy on my food blog.

    All here… http://gorgeinthegorge.com/blog/?q=toddy

    But I’m always happy to find and try a new recipe! Can’t wait until 5pm.


  • Hi! Could you, maybe, check out my blog? I’m kinda new and I know you get a lot of request like this, but said I’d try my luck. 🙂 http://imeowthis.blogspot.ro

  • I am trying this as soon as it gets cold here…the highs have still been in the 90’s this week 🙁



  • we are having a big bluegrass party this saturday and this might just be the perfect addition!!


  • Delicious looking! Must try this with the NYC fall weather coming through.


  • That seems to be delicious!
    Try this home-made chocolate I made today!

  • Hot toddys are my fav during the Fall and Winter! I like to use honey whiskey in mine.

    Love those clear mugs!


  • Beautiful photos! Love reading your blog daily!

    Check out my oxblood bag **GIVEAWAY**!!

    xo, Christina

  • I haven’t had a hot toddy in a while! I’ve always thought they make the perfect drink after a long walk around nyc in the fall time- and a great nightcap.


  • Girl,
    I always love to come back to your blog, always finding great photos and lots of inspiration.
    Good job!
    Hope you will take time to visit my blog, too.
    See you there!

  • This looks delicious! I normally make a mulled cider, but will have to give this a go, perfect for the cold, rainy months, esp here in the uk!

  • LOoks delicious, love tea!


  • I would love one of those right now actually 🙂 Your pictures always inspire me!!

  • Mmmm, I love hot toddies. I’ve only ever had them with standard black teas, but vanilla chamomile sounds fantastic. Hoping you post more hot, boozy drinks!

  • Yum yum. A spicy hot toddy is lovely when you have a cold! Sort of like a grown up Lemsip!

  • it is getting cold here and i think this will be perfect to cure the coldness. stay home, cuddled in the bed and have something warm like this. perfect!

    Anh @ Fab ‘n Fun

  • So good. Thank you for reminding me.
    It may sound odd to some, but even sneak in some milk sometimes.

  • Great timing Emma! I’m recently taking a liking to Bourbon. I can’t wait to try this on a chilly night 🙂

  • i love it when i’m cold and i drink a hot cup of tea with lemons and honey, it makes your hole body warm, i just love tea on cold days!

  • The perfect mix of warmth for cold winter nights!


  • I use licorice tea because its soothing to the throat and I usually drink these when I have a cold. They work wonders!

  • I didnt know this but I will try for sure!!! Love the pics!!


  • That looks so good!!! A friend and I are starting a new blog full of recipes such as this!

    If you want to take a look at the one we did to make MACARONS follow the link! 🙂

  • When I was bartending, we used to make hot toddys with Apple Cinnamon herbal tea, muddled both lemon and orange with honey, a small dash of bitters and a nice, smooth bourbon… girl, let me tell you; it was THE BEST! So delicious, perfect for a cool fall night…

  • This is actually a simple idea but you wrapped it in a very beautiful way <3

  • These look delicious! Perfect for the chilly weather we’ve been having here lately. 🙂


  • sounds so yummy and lovely for when you have company! Would love to try this out some time soon.


  • what a funny coincidence! i’ve been sick that past two days so have been sipping on a hot toddy or two. i like to use Yogi Cold Comfort tea (even when i’m not sick) and i add a splash of lemon, a pinch of ginger and nutmeg, a little sugar (no honey for this vegan) and a cinnamon stick to stir! yummm!

  • oh this is perfect for the time being , best thing to fight weather change

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog

  • So crazy that it is getting cold out! I am loving whiskey more and more these days so I will have to try it!

  • This sounds great. All comforting and, you’re right, perfect for fuzzy sock wearing!

  • Sounds delicious and would warm you up on a cold night.

  • Just delicious & we’ll definitely try it, (though I must confess I have absolutely weak knees over brandy alexander’s in the winter time– something so retro about ’em *giggle*


  • Love this! I am obsessed with tea so this is perfect for a nice Sunday Funday 🙂 Checkout my blog if you get a chance, I just posted for Menswear Wednesday, it’s my weekly post on all things menswear! Follow if you like.


  • You make everything look so scrumptious and yet, easy.
    Catherine Denton

  • I’ve always wanted to try a hot toddy! It sounds so good for a rainy ohio day like this!


  • i totally forgot that hot toddys are one of the best parts of the cold weather months, thank you for this sweet reminder!

  • Hot cocktails? This is (welcome) news to me. Thanks for introducing me to it. Just in time too… weather here in the UK is getting chillier by the day!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • what a great idea! i’ve never had a hot cocktail, time to try it out (:
    xo, cheyenne

  • That really reminds me of my time in London! I’ll definitely have one tomorrow to get rid of my cold 🙂
    Your blog is amazing!!! I’s my favorite one!!! X

  • Oh wow, this sounds amazing. My husband and I are avid tea drinker (especially when watching our shows) and this would be a perfect weekend wind-down version of our tea time! Thanks for sharing!

  • Beautiful pictures!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  • I’m all bunged up with a terrible cold, this is JUST what I need …. where’s my hubby when I need him (playing soccer – grrr!)

  • Mmm, this is my favorite winter drink, followed closely by Irish Coffee and Hot Buttered Rum. Too bad it’s still 90 degrees in these parts.

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