sweet things…

Momiji_doll_pinkmy friend, Cayt, sent me this cute cute little Momiji doll for Christmas. i've never even seen them before & now i'm probably going to collect them (that's a trait i get from one of my grandmas… feeling the need to collect e v e r y t h i n g). seriously, though, look at these….  

so adorable! 

here are a few inspiring photos for all of my 'mom friends' and girls (like me) who would really like to be moms one day…


i'll be back later today! XOXO. Elsie 

[photos found via weheartit.com if you have an original source, please share it in the comments!] 

  • i just found your blog and i’ve been going back reading it for a few hours now (i’m stuck in bed because i just got my tonsils out) and its put me in the best mood! love your blog, so cheery!

  • I love the dolls too. I bought my little girl one when I was pregnant with her. I dreamed of filling the bottom with notes of how special she is, and letting her find them when she’s older.

    I should have kept it in a special spot, because she’s already smashed her pretty head off!

    Have fun collecting them. xx

  • so beautiful! love the dolls, i want to start collecting toys but i haven’t decided which ones just yet…

  • Momiji dolls are adorable!! I always have to stop myself from buying them because I already collect dunnys (dunnies?). But I love them too ^_^

  • I’ve had my eye on Momiji dolls for awhile now – they make the best little gifts and collection. The best part are the little sayings that come with them, describing their personality:
    ie. “I like escapology and cups of tea”

  • Those dolls are so cute, a few newsagents around here have them.
    Love the photos too, I really want to be a mummy one day.

  • Those dolls are really cute, they remind me of the It’s A Small World ride at Disney.

  • Momji dolls are ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing those! I also love the picture of the two little girls in the water…it absolutely reminds me of myself and a friend when we were little. Very cute!

  • those momiji dolls are too cute..

    those photos are sweet..

    the last one is my fave.

    can’t wait until i’m a mama.

    until then tho, i have all my mama

    friends and their babies that i

    borrow quite often. ;]

  • I saw your Blog through my friend Lindsay from Pixies and Bears and I finally got a chance to check it out! I love the dolls, they are so cute, my favorite is the one dressed as a kitty. I really like the first picture, it is so festive and sweet, thanks for sharing them! I am a mommy and it put a smile on my face!

  • My boyfriend recently got a new job and his office is VERY bland and boring. I am quite crafty around the house but can’t for the life of me think of d.i.y ideas for his office. He is open to just about anything, but I don’t want to over-do it. I thought maybe I could come to yr blog to find inspiration and ask about it, if you could point me in a direction of blogs that would have more inspiration for a manly yet nicely put together office space.

  • momiji dolls are ADORABLE. love them. Have you seen kimmidolls? i have a small collection of Kimmis and other kokeshi dolls, which I love.

    Ps – My six year old daughter and I were crafting with your 70’s child craft kit earlier, and she decided that you are “a madd amazing artist.” <3

  • Momiji dolls are really big in Aus right now (and the cheaper tackier ones which btw are also cute!) I started a collection about four months ago! You should check out harajuku bears! They are also ultra cute…

  • momiji dolls are ADORABLE. love them. Have you seen kimmidolls? i have a small collection of Kimmis and other kokeshi dolls, which I love.

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