25 Recipes for Your Sweet Tooth

Skillet cookiesHi, friends! We’ve compiled a list of 25 mouth-watering desserts that are guaranteed to take care of your sweet tooth. First off is this warm skillet cookie topped with ice cream. 

Strawberry shortcake donutsThese strawberry shortcake donuts are topped with crumbled shortcakes and filled with fresh whipped cream. Need we say more?

Homemade creamsiclesHomemade creamsicles made with fresh squeezed orange juice are the perfect summer treat.

Chocolate cherry liquer fondueFondue parties are the best! Try this chocolate cherry fondue with an added bonus (cherry liqueur).

Brown sugar rice puddingThis brown sugar rice pudding is rich and delicious. Be sure to add your favorite fresh fruit!

Buttered popcorn cupcakesLooking for the perfect combination of sweet + salty? Try these buttered popcorn cupcakes.

Gummy bear cookiesMake a batch of gummy bear cookies. Yep, that’s right. Gummy bears! Think mini Pop-Tarts.

Homemade kit kat barsMake your own Kit Kat bars with only two ingredients!

Brown butter popsiclesInspired by our favorite ice cream, these brown butter popsicles are sure to be a hit at your next BBQ!
  Homemade funnel cakesTreat yourself to the sweet and golden goodness of a homemade funnel cake.

Strawberry and poppy seed pieThere’s nothing quite like homemade pie. This strawberry and poppy seed pie is to die for!

Easiest ever ice cream cakeLooking for the perfect birthday treat? Make your own easy ice cream cake.

Flan with crunchy sugar topsImpress your guests with flan topped with crunchy spun sugar nests.

Candied gingerWe love this candied ginger dipped in dark chocolate. After-dinner treat, anyone?

Cookie dough macaronsMake a batch of the perfect cookie dough macarons.

Trail mix cookie ice cream sandwichesHomemade ice cream sandwiches are the best of both worlds. Try these trail mix cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Potato donutsDon’t let the name fool you. These cake-like potato donuts are amazing. Top them with whatever sugary goodness you prefer.

Homemade twix barsChocolate and caramel are the perfect combination. We showed how to make Kit Kats earlier; now you can make your own Twix bars!

White chocolate and nutella trufflesWhite chocolate truffles filled with the sweet goodness known as Nutella. We bet you can’t eat just one!

Fossil cookiesThese buttery fossil cookies are even better when paired with coffee. Find some seashells and leave an imprint on the tops of them. Fun!

Candy crush donut holes Try these warm and sweet Candy Crush donut holes (covered in white chocolate glaze).

Lavender creme bruleeThe sweet aroma and unique flavor of lavender makes this the best creme brûlée recipe. 

Ice cream basics plus 5 recipesIt’s summer, and that means homemade ice cream is a must! We show you how to make five irresistible kinds.

Honeycomb sugar cookiesThese honeycomb sugar cookies had the whole ABM team swooning. The royal icing literally melts in your mouth. 

Blueberry pavlovaAnd last but very from far least, make some super easy pavlova with homemade blueberry jam. Now please excuse us while we eat something sweet… stat!

Have a great weekend! – The ABM team