Swimsuit Shoppin’

swI always seem to be swimsuit shopping around this time of year. I think because our anniversary is in May, so we’re usually planning a trip around now. Also, I LOVE planning ahead for warmer weather.

If you’re in the market for a new swimsuit, here’s a big roundup of some favorites I’ve found while shopping. I’m putting a *star by the ones I own and love.

One piece swimsuits– 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / *6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 (omg and this one too!)

High Waisted BikiniHigh waisted bikinis are still my absolute favorite. They are so flattering and easy to wear. The thing I love most is how easy they are to mix and match. I have a bunch of patterns and basics that mix and match endlessly.

High waisted bikinis– 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 top + bottom / 6 / 7 / *8 / 9 top + bottom / 10

Peplum suitsPeplum swimsuits are my new obsession. I just got two before our trip to Chile, and they were really fun and easy to wear. They kind of play as a one piece with the fit benefits of a two piece (in case your top and bottom are two different sizes!). The only downside was that the extra peplum fabric was kind of floaty and crazy in the water, so I tied mine in a knot while I was actually in the water.

I hesitate to use the term “universally flattering” about almost anything, but this swimsuit style really is flattering on so many different body types, and easier to wear than a bikini OR a one piece.

Peplum swimsuits- *1 / 2 / *3 / 4

Where do you like to shop for swimsuits? If you have any secret sources, I’d love to hear them! xx- Elsie


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