Switzerland in iPhone Photos

Switzerland in iPhone photosLast week Trey and I went to Switzerland on our honeymoon! I think it was the farthest away from home that either of us has ever been. And I think that was part of the appeal. Plus we wanted to hike in the Swiss Alps, eat some good food and just enjoy a little corner of Europe together. We both LOVED Switzerland and had the best time!Switzerland honeymoon photosWe spent the first couple of days in Zurich. Such a beautiful city full of really kind people. We loved walking around Old Town, relaxing at the thermal bath & spa house and having the best meal of our lives at Wystube Isebähnli. Look them up if you're in the area. 🙂Emma and trey go to switzerlandWe spent most of our time in Engelberg, a small ski town. It was the last stop on our train ride. We stayed at the Ski Lodge. This was one of our very favorite hotels we've ever stayed in, so fantastic! The staff was super friendly, everything was decorated SO cool, breakfast was fantastic and the bar was super good with a really cool atmosphere. I really can't recommend it enough. Not to mention Engelberg was so cute, lots of breath-taking views with so many different areas to hike. The mountain hikes were absolutely unforgettable.A beautiful mess appBetween the two of us I think we took a little over 600 photos. I took my Canon 60D and Trey took his Canon Rebel t2i. We also snapped lots of photos with our iPhones. I will TRY not to over share on the photos but we probably will have to post at least a few more… It was such an amazing trip, one that I will never forget. I really can't express enough how lucky I have felt during this season of my life. I'm one lucky lady. xo. Emma (and Trey)

ps. These photos are edited with A Beautiful Mess app

  • I was positively flabbergasted to read about your recent honey moon trip as I live in Zurich, but I am originally from Engelberg (my great grand mother’s house is just a few meters from the Ski Lodge you mentioned)!! I follow your inspiring and heart-warming blog for a long time now and think it’s very peculiar that you chose to visit all the places I know so well 🙂
    Keep ut the good work!

  • It ia amazing to discover that you were in my city! 🙂 I wish I crossed you! Next time You or Emma come by, let me invite you in my place! Xo ale

  • Before this post, I can honestly say that I never would have thought that Switzerland was a place I should put on my “travel to” list. Now it definitely is! Simple, beautiful photos. I’m in love.

  • How fun! I loved Switzerland, but forgot how much!! I definitely need to go back.

  • Hello! I love the app but the latest update free have some products that I had bought earlier. Does not seem right to pay before and now come standard free. I feel cheated

  • Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it…I live in Engelberg!! What a shame that I didn’t spot you two anywhere 🙁 boo! But yes, Switzerland is gorgeous and I would recommend Engelberg to anyone. I’m so glad you liked your trip!! xoxo

  • cute pictures..can’t wait to see more! So happy for you guys :9 <3


  • Wow! Stunning! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos from such an intimate time in your life. Cherish these times and be as present as possible – this is a season of your life that you’ll quite have again. And congrats to you and Trey! xx

    Hugs from LA,

  • Awesome photos! I love how they’re all edited with your app… It suits them so well! I love the one with the mountains. So perfect, and such a beautiful place! And I remember that spot where you have all the swans… When I was there in 2010, we sat there feeding them 🙂

  • Congratulations! And glad you had a fabulous time on your honeymoon.

  • Nice !

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Scheisse!! You have been in my city and you didn’t tell me!! I was ready to cook Italian food for you! Remember for the next time, 😉 Ale from Zürich

  • So beautiful! You two are so lucky to be able to go to Switzerland for your honeymoon! Congrats!

  • it’s so weird to think you were in my country only a few days ago! Engelberg is really beautiful, it looks (and sounds) like you had a great time 🙂 Next time you stop by, you should visit my home town Lucerne, it’s a little smaller than Zürich and right on the edge of the alps, with a beautiful lake and old wooden bridges.

  • Looks beautiful! I was the same way on our honeymoon, I took wayyyy too many photos and really had to pick my favorites to share! Glad you had a great time 🙂

  • Looks like such a fun time!

    xo Lisa

  • Oh, what a special idea to come to Switzerland for honeymoon! I would never have thought about it… I’m swiss, living in Zürich and coming from Engelberg… I spend many holidays and weekends in Engelberg. So this post was very special fro me to read and it made me happy to hear that you liked it. Did you go to the “Härzlisee” at Brunni? The heart-shaped lake where you can walk around with naked feet and explore many different sensual adventures? Did you go to the “Rugghubel” mountain hut and had a sleepover there? This is magical… – And of course you went to Titlis and saw other Chinese couples in wedding dresses, yes? I’m eager to here more!
    Hand waves from Zürich

  • Haha I’m doing an internship here in Switzerland close to Zurich and I love it so much, my time here is almost over but I don’t want to leave and plan on living here in the future.

    I am happy you enjoyed your honeymoon and I can’t wait to see more pics, feel free to overshare tbh

  • Really great photos! I can see you’ve had an amazing time! XO

  • switzerland is absolutely at the top of my travel wish list..now even more so!

  • Some really lovely pictures! (I have the app and I love messing around editing pics with it).



  • My home country! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, it is beautiful and you can’t go wrong with food.

    Next time head south to Ticino as well!

  • This sounds like the perfect honeymoon, hope you had an amazing time.


    Peonies and American Honey

  • Congrats again, guys 🙂 Looks like you had a GREAT honeymoon! Those backdrops of the mountains? WOW. So beautiful. I’ve never even considered Switzerland but now I might!

    xo Ashley

  • Hi,
    I am an Australian living in Switzerland. I love your blog! It was fun to see my street in your pics. The picture of Lucy’s Bar is taken outside my building and Wystube Isebähnli is just a few doors down! So glad you had a lovely time!!

  • Looks so nice! Just beautiful. The food looks delicious as well! Congrats to you two. xx

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  • Awesome! I love Switzerland. Just stepping off the plane and taking a deep breath has me hooked any time (sounds like I’m always there – in my dreams!) What a wonderful way to start off married life. Lovely lovely photos – thanks for the recommendations too! You won’t hear me complaining about too many photos from Switzerland, keep them coming please! Congratulations! 🙂

  • I’ve wanted to visit Switzerland ever since I was a little girl! Heidi was one of my favorite movies. Thanks for sharing these charming honeymoon photos. Congratulations, again! 🙂

  • I’m from Switzerland, and I’m so proud you both chose our country for your honeymoon. I’m glad you enjoyed swiss Alps!

    Love your blog.


  • Oh how beautiful!! I’ve heard really wonderful things about Switzerland. Congrats!

  • amazing!!!! Ryan and I have talked about going to Switzerland one day, and I really hope we do! He wants to do a long trip and see Germany/Austria/Belgium/Holland as well.
    Looks like such a romantic getaway…. happy for you!!!

  • I live in Zurich and it really is a strange but also nice feeling to know that you’ve been there. I mean i walk by the lake every day 🙂 Hope you had a blast, who knows, I may have seen you in the old city, but I sure didn’t recognize you both…Who would have thought that you choose Switzerland for your honeymoon 🙂

  • So happy that Switzerland made you happy on your honeymoon !
    Much love from the french part of little switzerland !

    xoxo summy baby


  • Awww very fun and romantic…. and perfect photo op to use the mountain doodle on the app hehe

  • Looks like an amazing trip, thanks for sharing!

  • Amazing photographs! Switzerland is beautiful and there is so much to do, not to mention all the architecture! Looks like you had an unforgettable honeymoon!

  • Nice to see pictures from my country 🙂

    Next time, come to Lausanne, i’ll show you around!

  • So glad you had a lovely time you guys! Congrats again, and for you first weeding anniversary maybe you could stop by Paris, and I’ll show you around! 😉

  • Looks like you guys had an amazing time!! Love the photos!


  • Those pics are so cute! It looks like you had such a good time 🙂


  • Really nice, Looks like you had a great time! I’m English but living in Switzerland, and I fell so lucky to be in such a beautiful country! Actually I was in the Swiss Alps a few weeks ago as well, I hope you weren’t hit too badly by the terrible European summer that we seem to be having!

  • Unbelievable! I follow your blog since quite a while and had to smile so much when I saw that you spended your honeymoon in Switzerland, where I live (Lucerne). I’m happy that you liked staying in my homecountry and hope we were good hosts 🙂

    Love Véronique

  • oh wow!!
    looks like a magical honeymoon!
    congrats again
    Cheray x

  • Sounds amazing! The perfect honeymoon!!!
    All the best wishes for you both!
    That the happiness never stops…

    xx Simone

  • So awesome! Engelberg is where i often go snowboarding, glad that you liked it! I’m a huge fan of your blog.

  • oh so cool, that you visited my country and my city! Its funny to see such familiar places through your eyes. Glad you liked our tiny country (-;

  • Beautiful pics, thank you for sharing. We drove thought Switzerland, but stopped at St Bernard’s pass, was beautiful X

    Posted pics of our Europe trip on my blog x


  • I’m swiss and live there and have been following u for a long time now and i’m very happy to find an article on my country. I’m glad you loved it 🙂

  • Really gorgeous snappies! Thank you for sharing them with us, looks so beautiful. I went to Switzerland but in winter time on a ski trip – a few moons ago 🙂 Loved it! Welcome back. mwah x Bellacazy lifestyle blogger

  • This looks so wonderful! I have been wanting to go to Switzerland forever! I don’t even live that far away but I just haven’t made it there yet/

  • glad, you liked my home country 🙂
    and congrats again to your marriage!

  • It looks like beautiful. May I ask you which photoshop you use? I love this pics! 🙂

  • Welcome to Europe! Why don’t you come to Spain too! Here is sunny and people and food are really good!
    Lovely photos! Enjoy your honeymoon!

  • Oh, what a big surprise for me as a Swiss – reading your blog every day – to see you’ve been in my country! So beautiful pics! How cool would it have been to run into you! 😉

  • Awesome photos! We just finished a 30 day back pack trek across Europe but hit Austria, Germany, France and Ireland~ we’ll have to go back for Switzerland now!

  • These photos made me smile! So fun, looked like a fabulous trip. I definitely wouldn’t mind if you over shared on the photos! 🙂

  • The pictures look amazing. Switzerland is one of the best places in the whole world 🙂

  • You lucky ducks! Great photos, looks like an awesome trip!

  • Share away! I’m so happy for you! So glad you had a great trip!

  • Too many doodles make it difficult to enjoy the photos. kinda distracting :/ looks like fun though.

  • Your pictures look beautiful!! So happy you had a good time.


  • Those pics look amazing! Can’t wait to see more if you share them! Hope the honeymoon was wonderful!!

  • what a nice trip! loved the photos, I was just wondering what font did you use?

  • 🙂 You’re going to remember that trip for the rest of your lives. Happy Honeymoon.

  • Switzerland is beautiful! I’m studying abroad there next year and I love your photos 🙂


  • All these photos look so fun! Looks like the two of you had a blast!
    xo Heather

  • No please post more I want to see! It’s also so escapist and fun to browse photographs of somewhere so different and interesting. Looks like you had a beautiful time!
    x eva

  • This post made me feel so happy. Switzerland looks like such a beautiful place <3



  • Wow what a unique and memorable place to spend your honeymoon. Congratulations!



  • Please post more! Beautiful photos and beautiful people!

  • It really looks like you had an amazing trip. I definitely want to take a trip like this someday soon. I’m completely jealous everything looks so amazing


  • I love how you edited all of these photos with your app!
    Switzerland is on my list of top 5 places to visit. It’s such a majestic country.


  • such a cute snaps!


  • oh my god, i spent most of my skiing holidays in Engelberg when i was a child! So funny that you went there! I am happy to hear you loved it! xx

  • I go to the Italian part of the alps every summer! you are so right, the views and landscapes are breathtaking and the food is incredibly good. i’m so happy for you two, it looks like you had the best time:)

  • Ah! Such beautiful pictures…it looks like you two had such a wonderful time!
    600 pictures — that’s not TOO many!! I’m sure I’d be in the same boat taking pictures like crazy. I love the pics of the food and coffee…I love it all!

  • Amazing snapshots, it’s nice to hear your feedback, because I’m from Switzerland and I live about 30mins away from Zurich.


  • So glad to see you enjoyed Switzerland! (I am from Zürich)
    You had the perfect weather last week as it’s already back to rain this week 🙁

    xx Laura


  • How nice to see/read you had great honeymoon and could enjoy your time together.

  • What an amazing honeymoon location! Great photos. 🙂

  • These are amazing photos! Congratulations! I’m so happy that you have had such a wonderful transition into married life and you are starting out on such a lovely note! You and Trey make such a great couple. Many blessings to you both!

  • Wow, I love all the pics!! Looks like you two had an amazing time. Such a beautiful couple!

  • Congratulations again! I hope you enjoyed every second of it. The first of many memories to share with each other in your new life as a married couple. How exciting. 🙂

  • What a surprise that you visited Switzerland for your honeymoon! I live right next to Zurich and I’m so happy you liked our little country… I’m a big fan of your blog 😀

  • Looks like an amazing trip and the photos are lovely 🙂 xx


  • Wow, it looks wonderful! Switzerland is pretty high on my travel list 🙂


  • Feel free to overshare! These photos are beautiful and I can’t wait to see more!!

  • The doodles are adorable (as are the photos)! Am definitely going to have to download this app!


  • Aaw that’s an amazing destination for a honeymoon (I accidentally wrote hornymoon – oops :D)
    I absolutely love the Alps. From our place it’s about an hour by car. We try and go as often as possible. Just being in the mountains makes me so happy, much happier than this big old city could make me ^^
    Congratulations again and please do “over”share 🙂
    xo from Munich, Germany

  • switzerland looks lovely!

    – Janine

  • Lovely photos, I really want to visit Switzerland someday 🙂


  • Switzerland really isn’t that far for me to travel but I’ve never thought of going, these photos are beautiful and I’m seriously considering it now! Glad you had a wonderful time! x


  • Looks like you had lots of fun! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  • LOVE all the photos!!! 🙂 I think you should post all the pictures by each day by each (based on what you said about you have 600 photos). Because I would love to see most of the pictures, I bet it would be all pretty… 🙂

  • Ahh i’ve always wanted to see Switzerland!what an amazing trip that must i’ve been, and I fall head over heels whenever I see delicious looking espresso 🙂

  • switzerland is gorgeous! so glad you guys had an amazing time.

  • That looks pretty darn awesome!! What a great honeymoon!

  • aw i love this SO much! ..and it’s making me rather hungry too.

  • I adore your hair. (Even though I saw you already had to go back to the ombre already!) Also, these photos are lovely. Can’t wait to see more. And I sure hope you will have a wedding video eventually, too!!!

  • Oh these photos are so fun! Seems like a lovely trip. If you Iphone photos are this good, I can’t imagine how wonderful your DSLR cameras will be! And I really wouldn’t mind you over sharing photos… can’t wait to see them! Congratulations again!

    Juliette Laura

  • Glad you liked it! I have booked my flight to Switzerland for this coming fall. 🙂 xx


  • Switzerland is such an amazing country!
    Glad you had a good time!
    Unrelated, your haircut on the last pic looks like you’ve cut your hair short, and tbh, you would rock a “boyish” haircut…très Jean Seberg 😉

  • aw it looks like you had the absolute best time!! I’d love to see more photos 🙂

  • LOVE Emma’s new hair!


  • how did you choose your honeymoon destination?

    i’m just surprised, you’ve choosed my homecountry ;)!

    congrats to your marriage


  • Gorgeous place for a honeymoon! Looks like you both had an incredible time!



  • Happy to hear that you had a great trip! I love Switzerland, I went there a couple of years ago, since I have a friend who lives in Zürich. It’s not that far from Denmark though 🙂

  • OMG, I can’t believe you were here, in Switzerland !!

    You might be the first blogger who came to visit our country, it’s so funny to see your pictures, I can’t believe it 😀

    I really hope you enjoyed our mountains, that you tried the fondue and had some chocolate.

    If I had meet you in the streets, I think I wouldn’t have believed it 😉

    Cheers from Switzerland then !

  • Oh my, what a wonderful place for a honeymoon! I went to Switzerland about 8 years ago… I’m definitely due to go back. It’s such a breathtaking place…

  • What an interesting honeymoon! 🙂 Glad you two had so much fun in the first week of being married. Would love to see more photos!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Just lovely pics! And I do agree, Switzerland is just amazing. For Your next trip – don’t miss this breathtaking place on earth: http://ihuvudetpa.elvaelva.se/resa/schweiz/22-whitepod (…sorry for the swedish though…).

  • What an unexpected destination for your honeymoon!!! I love it!!! And please: over share! I’d love to see all your pics 😉


  • Gorgeous place, looks like you guys had a lovely time

  • Love the photos!! Can’t wait to see more!


  • I love looking at pictures people take on vaca’s, or everyday really. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I’m jealous a little, haha. I hope your having a great weekend!


  • That last picture of the two of you is so sweet. Congratulations!


  • You two look so cute together! And all your pictures are beautiful. All those food made me go hungry! 🙂


  • weird to know you have been so (much) close(r than usual) 😀

    nice idea for a honeymoon… you look so happy on the last pic 🙂

  • Wow! This looks like an amazing trip! The pictures up in the Alps are gorgeous.


  • Share share – I love looking at other people’s holiday photos especially when its somewhere you’ve never been!


  • Beautiful photos, sounds like you two had an amazing time, can’t wait to see more!


  • Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of Trey with the camera in front of him. Breathtaking view!!

  • Switzerland has always been a place i would like to visit. You look like you had such a wonderful time!!! x


  • Congratulations on your wedding and what a fabulous place to honeymoon!

  • Wow, sounds like you had a fantastic time. Love that you chose to go somewhere that wasn’t a typical tropical island destination for your honeymoon. Switzerland is gorgeous, isn’t it? All that fresh air. Will definitely check out those places you recommended.

  • Such lovely photos! Switzerland is a beautiful place – we’ve often gone skiing there 🙂 What a great idea for a honeymoon.


  • We recently went there and hiked along the wine trail- stunning country.

  • Feel free to “over share”! Those photos are great! Looks like y’all had a fantastic time.

  • Hey! what a surprise to know you went to my country for honeymoon!!! 😉
    Glad you had a great time!

    P.S. I love your smartphone app! ^_^

  • The swans look so cute! I really wish I was there

    Seaside Beauty

  • I’ve never thought about traveling to Switzerland, probably because it’s not too far away for me (I’m from Germany). But your snapshots look so amazing!

  • That looks like a beautiful vacation indeed!
    And it’s actually really funny to see such photos on your blog, because usually most of the photos show rather typical american places and stuff, while I’m quite used to the Switzerland scenery as I live in Germany and go there mostly at least once a year (or travel at least through in a southward direction) 🙂 It must have been as special for you as the US was for me when I traveled there (only once until now, sadly) or when I see your usual pictures!
    You look so happy, keep it that way – I wish you all the best!

  • Oh, how I love “Schweiz”. I was there several times, but hey: easy for me as I live in Europe. 😉

  • watching your honeymoon pictures makes me realize how much i miss my home country! i’m looking forward to going back home soon :-)!

  • So glad you had a nice time. I am frm switzerland (living in England) and reading this made me homesick. Xxx

  • Can’t wait to see more pictures! love to hear how you experienced Switzerland and what you liked/disliked/found fascinating/or strange 🙂

    best wishes from Switzerland.

    (this post was really a reminder to myself, how blessed and lucky I am to be Swiss and live in such a beautiful scenery)

  • so beautiful! i’ve been to the zurich airport! ha. the closest i’ve been to switzerland. we were on our way to italy. looks like i should have stopped for a couple days!

  • Oh looked like a wonderful trip and seriously loved that you used your own App to do editing on these photos!! 🙂

  • Your honeymoon adventure looks fantastic, Emma! Thanks for sharing some snapshots, I enjoyed the vicarious vacation while sipping some coffee this morning. Congratulations to you and Trey on your marriage! 🙂

  • Movenpick ice cream, so beautiful it makes your heart hurt, and cows with pink bells….. My favorite.

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