tea time

today i had the loveliest tea time with this pretty face. we did a little bit of vintage shopping and a lot of talking. when we were younger we always dreamed about how cool it would be to own our own store of handmade goods. we talked about it a lot, but i don't think either of us expected it to happen. it's so strange and surreal that we are living that dream every single day right now. we're finally in the same town having tea and doing things that make our hearts so content.

i found this photo a few days ago… it was taken about seven years ago when we first started Red Velvet Art as a just-for-fun personal adventure. 

Elsie-flannigan_rachel-denbowRachel-elsie-Red-Velvet-Arti love you, Rachel. thank you for believing in this dream with me. i can't believe how lucky we are.XO. e

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