Template – Elsie’s New Journal Pack

We are so happy to introduce Elsie’s new Journal pack to the Template app!! Journal features so many incredible textures + colors, and it has 11 Story Templates, 11 Grid Templates, and 7 Gallery Templates. Let’s dive into it!

The template above and the cover photo for this post are both Grid Templates, and some of our favorites in this pack! They’re so versatile to any type of photo you want to add, especially because the hand-torn tape and newspapers will translate well to many different color schemes.

We are OBSESSED with how cute these photos of Nova and Goldie turned out!! Much of this pack was created while in quarantine, including a lot of the photos you see from Elsie and the scrapbooking-inspired Templates themselves, and we really feel they reflect the “Stay Home & Make Something” message. It feels so good to create!

You can see some of the colors in this pack (plus some suuuper fun vibes!) in the Gallery Template above. One thing we love about the Template app is this Gallery option above—it’s “sewn” together, but when you use the app, it will save out as three different photos that you can either spread across your Instagram grid or add to one post. It gives the feel of a real photo album, and you can tell a fuller story using more images. 💗

We’re so excited to get Journal in your hands, and hopefully inspire you to keep up the creativity while we’re at home!! When you share on Instagram, we’d love for you to tag us or use the hashtag #templateapp.

xo! The Filmm Team

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