Terrarium Display




I made these cute mini terrariums last night for a display behind our cash wrap counter. There are tiny vases filled with dirt, moss and rocks as well as tons of mason jars with black and white family photos. I still want to add a few details to the terrariums. Having SO much fun!  XO. elsie  

Also… I can't believe it's October 1st tomorrow! Here's the winner from the Extra Pretty Giveaway with Arian Armstrong and Kaela Bee. Out of over 1,500 entries…. Congratulations….. EVA! 

Picture 1
(please send your mailing info to elsie AT redvelvetart DOT com and I'll pass it along to the ladies! Also, anyone who has won a previous giveaway and not yet received your prize, please e-mail me!) XXO.

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  • wow. it is unbelievable. I love it so much . Thanks for your sharing. cool .great. I sure I’ll come back soon.

  • http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/chicago/inspiration/great-idea-cozy-terrarium-and-photo-displaya-beautiful-mess-128688

  • I told you I’d steal it! Haha, thanks again Elsie!


  • Elsie, this is a wonderful idea! It will be such a lovely display in your store!!! So clever!

  • I’m sorry, but I’m stealing the mason jar frame idea. That’s fantastic.

  • that display is so pretty! what a neat idea! I have been wanting to make a terrarium with my little one for awhile and I think I just might do it this weekend!

  • aaaw, so cute! 🙂 i think old black and white photos are just the perfect kind of material for this project 🙂

  • Looks like you’re growin’ ome old-timey families!

    So jealous of the winner. 🙂

  • Elsie I love terrariums! I have one at our front door that I change with the seasons.

    This is the one for Spring –




  • So gorgeous! What a genius way to display, and something that can easily be switched out for different seasons too! <3

  • this is so pretty! i love love when some sort of plants are incorporated to retail spaces. it makes them much more homey:)

  • This is beautiful. It somehow reminds me about funerals though. Probably the pics and candles next to each other in such a peaceful way…

  • They’re all gorgeous! I’ve been procrastinating starting my own terrarium. I’ve been drooling over them on etsy forever!

  • Your shop is going to be so amazing! I wish I was your best friend so I could just hang out there all the time!
    I’ll just have to settle for making a road trip down to see it someday.

  • So lovin’ light, nature, & people all together like that. Its like a party on a shelf. I wonder what they’re saying? :>

  • Loving the new look of the RVA shop! Can’t wait to see more. Just wish I could visit in person!

  • so pretty Elsie! perfect for fall!! :))
    …and YEAH! i can’t believe tomorrow is October either!


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