Terrarium Planter Table Runner

Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner       Table runners are a great way to accessorize your dining room space. While you can switch out your table decor for different seasons or specific events, it's also fun to have more of an everyday option out on display. Since we love adding as many green plants as we can to a space, we thought a table runner made from terrariums would be the perfect option.

Love this! Terrarium Planter Table RunnerSupplies:
-glass terrariums and open glass containers
-small indoor plant pebbles
-indoor plant soil

You'll want to find several types of glass containers for your table runner in various shapes and sizes. You can use some that are more classic terrarium shapes (like fishbowls) as well as other options that are more open at the top. Before planting your containers, lay them out on the table, and place your plants in (or next to) each container so you can get a balanced mix of sizes and shapes before you plant them. I am a giant fan of pretty much all succulents, but I decided to add in some more "woodsy" plants (like small ferns and scheffleras) to give the overall display a more classic terrarium feel.

Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner  To allow the plants to drain better once planted, you can add some small rocks to the bottom of your container, and this will help keep your plants alive longer. Just add an inch or two of small pebbles, and then add your plants and dirt on top of the rocks.

Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner   Once planted, arrange your plants back on your table in your original formation, and you're done! Just remember to water them as needed, of course…

Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner      Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner             Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner           Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner     Love this! Terrarium Planter Table Runner        I love plants because they always bring a little more life to whatever space you are incorporating them into. And the nice thing about the terrariums is that they are casual enough to leave out for everyday use, but when grouped together they make a great centerpiece for a dinner party. Think you'll go green for your next table runner? xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella and Autumn from the Signature Collection.

  • Hey guys, questions about these terrariums. I made like this after a post you did last summer, but the issue I ran into was the clear glass helped encourage algae growth! The rocks in the bottom turned green, as well as some of the walls. Does this happen to your terrariums too? I even started it over half way through the summer and it happened again. And I hardly water! Just curious if you’ve run into this too. Thanks

  • I’m so surprised that no one has mentioned the “happy hour” lights in the background! It was the first thing that caught my eye! Any info on where its from or possible diy??

  • Terrariums were the center pieces at my wedding. People loved them. I know have terrariums all over my loft.

  • Love any way plants can be used as decoration!
    One question? Where did you get the bowls with the slanted opening? The ones which are the size of fishbowls.
    Thank you!

  • This is so cool! I have a hard time putting plants on the table because my cats are boogers and jump up there to chew on them! I love this idea though and I think it would be great if I could find the right plants (now maybe I can thanks to Sarah’s plant post the other day!)


  • Oh drainage peebles are a good suggestion I LOVE indoor plants but struggle to get them enought light, I can’t keep succulents alive indoors and my fiddle leaf fig wants no part of being indoors (it’s currently going brown at the tips and dropping leaves yikes!!) Could you do a post on how you care for your fiddle leaf fig (and any other plants for that matter). Thanks

  • A friend of mine has recently become obsessed with making terrariums – I shall show him this he will LOVE it!

  • This is such a unique idea! I already have lots of plants lying around the house, so I’m sure this will be an easy DIY for me 😉 Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  • Love the look of this Laura! In love with the ferns & woodsy plants, its a nice change .

  • This is adorable!!!!!! I have all the succulent plants i’m replanting, and I was wondering what to do with them! And this perfect! Thank you for this!

  • Yay! Another excuse to continue indulging my growing addiction to succulents and adorable planters. Thanks ladies!!

  • This is such an amazing idea! I swear half of your decor posts I immediately post to my friend’s wall – we are moving in together at the end of the month and I have way too many decorating ideas!

  • Wow Laura, what a great idea! Incredibly unique. LOVE it.

  • We made it. Here’s how you can make your own too:


  • Each plant is different, so you’ll want to see what types of plants are available in your area and then research the best water and light for each of them 🙂


  • Terrarium table runner, never would have thought of that….amazing idea, love this.


  • That looks absolutely gorgeous! Really want to get a bit more greenery into my living space! Totally trying this! x

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  • Please also do a post or tell how to take care of these indoor small plants as the above ? How many times water them and other tid bits of taking care of them.

  • Beautiful. Unfortunately my cat would see this as her own personal buffet…she does love her greens. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Ooh! I have three terrariums on my kitchen table right now, but clearly more really is more. I may just have to add a few for a bigger impact!

  • What a gorgeous spread with all the different types of plants/different shaped containers!

  • This would be so much fun for a dinner party!!! 🙂


  • This is such an awesome idea!!!! I am moving this week and have been all over looking for inspiration for my new place!

    – Jessica Rae


  • I love, love, LOVE this idea and I love it even more with the candles set on the table with the plants. You’re fueling my succulent and air plant obsession to the max with this!

  • I love how streamlined these look and they’re so simple to make, too! Thanks for the share!

  • I was just shopping for succulents yesterday at the farmers market! I love this way of presenting them.

  • That’s super-beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Love from stormy Germany,

    XO Bambi

  • definitely going to be making these for my new apartment

  • Oh my goodness! Love this, Laura! What a sweet idea. I don’t have a long table anymore because we live in a small apartment but I do have a long counter this would work on. This brings instant cheer and tranquility into any home 🙂 Fab idea!


    Laurali Star


  • this is such a wonderful idea!!


  • How lovely! So much green! Perfect for summer!


  • I love this idea! A natural table runner? Genius. 🙂


  • What a great idea! It’s so much better for a long table, than just one or two flower arrangements. I definitely have to try this!

  • I love this idea!!! I’ve been looking for fun decorations for my apartment and this is perfect.

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