Thank you and MORE exciting news!


First of all, i just want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to my new book. It is honestly such an honor to read so many excited comments! I can't wait until May!

My super*lovely friend, rachel, has some AMAZING work featured in this new book… i was SO blown away when i saw it…. just beautiful and inspiring and honest.

I also have a few new paintings to share…. these are a part of my new "Neverland" series… i showed you a peek last month.

ps… who else thinks 2008 is going to be the best year ever?  

  • You inspire me so much Elsie!

    Love that wall. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I am getting married in July, so I definitely think 2008 will be my best year yet 🙂

  • Coming out of lurkdom to say: yeah, 2008 looks to be great so far. Your book looks like a must have and the Neverland prints look intriguing.

  • Elsie-

    I, too, feel in my bones how good 2008 is going to be. Thank you for being you.

  • I have decided that my word for 2008 is RAD… I will have a RAD year… Live creatively, surround myself with love and become the rad person I used to be.

    Thanks for your continuous inspiration 😉 xx

  • Well when I woke up on Jan. 1st something inside me said this is going to be your year.

    So far I have begun a digital photography class, I have been asked to be a photographer for a wedding & get pd. for it, I have finished some wall art that I have been dying to get done for over 6 mo., I have bought a new sewing machine because this year I am going to learn how to quilt, (and it just so happens that RVKC has the tutorial for me to make one, I have already got all of my fabrics to get started), and last but not least I have returned to Weight Watchers, and if I play my cards right I could have off 80 lbs. that is 2 lbs. per week by Sept. for something that I have been wanting to do since last year. I’m sorry but I cant say what it will be….You will all have to wait until then!!

    So if anyone wants to cheer me on and see how I’ve been doing with my new lists of things to do come check me out here periodically…

    And the same goes for me too…..Elsie you have become a major inspiration in my life!!! Thank you!!

  • GIrl you are looking skinny! That working out is doing you great. YOu look beautiful!! Can’t wait to see you soon!

  • I love the new painting, especially the *big* one! Yummy 🙂

    I am really excited for Rachel too! She’s one talented girl 🙂

    And yep, it is going to be the best year ever! I’ve had that as my myspace headline since Jan. first, I’m feeling it 🙂

  • May is going to be an exciting month!! Your book comes out, I graduate and I am also getting a pug! I can’t wait till May!!!!

  • For some inspiring art ideas, I can’t help but think of Emily’s wall of art over at The Black Apple…Too many great artists to remember but she actually lists them in one of her posts. I know a few can be found on etsy.

    Have fun,


  • Els… love that book that Rach is in. I need to get it.. .and those paintings… amazing… the biggest… I need for my scraproom… maybe I can convince hubs to get it for my birthday!!!

    And… 2008 is going to be FAB! With our photog biz off to a great start so far… Im so excited for this year!!! xoxo

  • My son’s Fine Arts school is doing Peter Pan this year. The drama teacher is so getting one of your Neverland prints!!! The timing could not have been better. Keep on creating in 2008!

  • Love those new paintings!! I think that new art needs to be in my home!! 🙂 Can’t wait till your etsy reopens!

  • I love that wall! Thanks for sharing. And I also think 2008 is going to be the best year ever: I’m having a baby boy due 27 April!

  • love your decostuff! I am with you that 2008 is going to be the best year ever! It starts with february 15th when I am getting married to the love of my life!

    have a great week! Don’t forget to scrap every one in while LOL!


  • ME!

    I’m going to make a huge trip (5 weeks!) trough the USA (I’m from the Netherlands) and in September BF and I are going to move in together!! It sure is gonna be a great year!

  • Hi Elsie,

    There is an amazing website that help people keep track of their goal and get instant feedback and cheers from their cyber friends (which are actually real people. Great people). You might have heard about it. It is called:

    In this website one of the goals is to find inspiring artwork. You might find some inspiring stuff their (You are also mentioned there, by the way) =>

    Enjoy !!

  • You inspire me so much Elsie! I love everything you do!

    Iám selling your products in my store and I think your book is going to be nr! selling produkt this year!

    See you at the CHA!

    The best!

    Anna, owner of Annas Scrapbooking in Sweden.

  • elsie,

    your book looks truly AMAZING!!!!! i haven’t been inspired by a whole lot of books/mags lately, but yours is really tempting me and i am sure i will buy it!!!!!


  • This is totally off-topic, but wanted to share with you that my 10yo daughter Claire is one of your biggest fans AND was super excited to see the “Claire and Cody” add in CK.

  • i l0ve the paintings! so inspiring, the detail in the rain one is great!

    hope you are well and having fun : ]

    lov charlie xhugsx

  • wow, i love it, i need it, this painting is so nice…. can’t wait for your esty to reopens… it will fit just fine in my little café/resto ( if i can have the chance to buy a print )… i expose some painting there but still have 1 empty wall… i guess is for this painting of you… and yes, 2008 started great for me and i hope for everyone too….

  • I love the idea of “Restoring the Spirit Through Self-Expression” – definately something on the must read list! TFS

  • Thanks for sharing Elsie. Well, I got a link for you…my co-worker and his wife(who has a degree in fashion design) lived out their dream when they opened a clothing store in Chicago last year. She literally just opened up (today) a website to shop on as well. Cute clothing…really cheap prices!

  • You are soooo right about this being a great year!! I can just feel it. I can’t wait to see this new book. I’m totally loving the design and format.

    Talk to you soon!!

  • Love the painting!! Love that your outfit is part of Emma’s 8/300 outfits! Rachel’s stuff is very cool! You all just amaze me on how creative you are!!

  • LMAO!

    I posted the other day about the `cool rug in your studio that I simply had to have and low and behold it`s actually not a rug, it`s your painting!!!

  • 2008 Is the best year already!!!

    Im blown away by the great people in my life and people I dont even know!!!

    I’m getting my stamps off the ground and the support of people is amazing!!! Im so grateful..


    Thanks for listening

  • 2008 is going to be my year. So far I have submitted to an e-zine and they took all 4 of my submissions. I sent a picture to a manufacturer of a birdhouse I did with their stuff and they are taking it to CHA to display. So January has been a great month,it can only go up from here. Only negative so far is that I am separated from my husband but I know that no matter what happens I will find love again in my life.Oh and I’ve lost 8 lbs so far (3 weeks) Yeah ME!!!

  • I do feel like 2008 is going to be a year of personal growth. I am really trying to dig deep inside my soul where I have been afraid to go and see what the possibilites are. Only then, for me, will I be able to fly. I hope you received the picture I sent you of the shadow of my daughter. It reminded me so much of Peter Pan’s shadow. Seriously, it freaked me out a little bit. I just loved it! I wish you could see some of her artwork. She is so amazing. I just stare and go, no way. There’s no rhymn(SP?) or reason to it. She just starts and goes. She’s really feeling the hippie thing lately.



  • I know 2008 is gonna rock big time – my little girl is 3 months old and I can’t wait to see her discover the world around her day by day!

  • A mi me gusto mucho ver tus pinturas, soy profesora(teacher) de Artes y me encanta ver colores alegres. El libro esta fenomenal!!! Gran beso.

    Tati Maldonado – Brasil

  • I love that you posted one of Lisa’s wall compositions! Her style is so awesome. I have been dying to do a wall like hers, too. I gravitate toward the letter E as well, because my daughter’s name starts with E.

    Good luck, I know you will have a wonder 2008!

  • Hi!Love your style. Mine too, btw.LOL Next time I’ll take some pix of my eyeglass collection WOW!It’s awesome and I’ll be able to share it with human being who appreciates it(for glasses, mk up, clothing, déco…).Btw, I’d like to know where I’ll be able to find your book. A friend of mine is going to the and she may bring me a copy.

    Tks so much and 2008 will be THE YEAR !!

    Claudiafrom São Paulo, Brazil

  • The last piece that has the quote “if you see something, say something.” really caught my eye. Awesome!

    only the brave playbook

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