Thankfulness + Q&A Time!


Wow… I am so happy and excited about the response to my newest e-course! Thanks so much for your support. I'm watching all the students names pop in and it's really making my day!  I'm spending today perfecting details inside of the private blog and Emma and I will be sending out private passwords tomorrow morning. Thanks again! I'm always overwhelmed and heart warmed by how loyal you are. 

Q + A Time // So, the other day on Twitter I took requests for Autumn blog posts. I got some amazing suggestions and topic requests that I can't wait to blog about! One request was for a Q+A Post. I think those posts are lots of fun! If you have a question to ask me, feel free to leave it in the comments! I'll leave this open for several days and answer them in a post next week. XO. 

  • can you suggest some inspiring crochet blogs? i’m just getting back into crocheting and would love to read some beautiful and inspiring crocheter’s blogs. thanks!

  • How do you have time to Work, Create, Be in love, and still go and do stuff with your friends? I have a full time job + my blog + a family w 2 kids + roller derby + etsy. I just wanted to know if you have any time tips?

  • What one meal tastes like home to you?

    For me it’s chicken and dumplins. My grandmother always makes them when I go to visit her, and she taught my mom how to make them too! Yum 🙂

  • What part of the wedding planning process is the most exciting to you? Being a creative person I loved creating our wedding invitations and all the paper goodies!

  • I have two:

    How did you pug join your family?

    What are some of the more stressful aspects of running your business?

  • oh my goodness. so many questions to ask the amazing elsie!

    I absolutely adore and admire your vintage style! But the more I get into wearing vintage, the more I realize how expensive it is. What are some affordable ways to go vintage?

    Also, is it ever scary running your own business? Or is it just tons and tons of fun? Your shop and everything you do is so amazing, and I admire your drive. You’re an inspiration!

  • Hey Elsie, here’s my question…

    What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired? Do ever have days when you’re feeling unmotivated? What do you do to conquer these feelings? You always seem so prolific!

    Kayleigh x

  • How do you fight sadness? Depression? I want to do what I love with a career but my lack of initiative has really been hindering me. I don’t know where to start!

  • What is a project you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to trying yet? For instance, I love that you’re now selling vintage, but know that’s not something you really did before. What’s a dream that’s still in the works?

  • What skin care and hair care products do you use? Your skin and hair always looks soooo great!

  • Hi!

    Do you attend college? and if so what did you study?

    Also where do you see yourself in ten years time?

    Danielle x

  • how did you transition/ leap into Red Velvet Art as your full-time job? you’re so young and yet you seem to be doing it all (with the help of some friends of course) I’d really like to hear the beginning of this story 🙂

  • What were you like in high school? Did you want to be an artist then, too, or did you have other things in mind? I’m always curious about how people turned into the artists/businesspeople they are today.

  • Your amazing, Elsie ^.^

    I just love your creative style and how you share all of your feelings with us.

    Do you have any ideas for a young, aspiring fashion designer?

  • What is your favorite/most inspiring era of fashion? I love your style and my aunt actually introduced me to your blog because I reminded her of you, for which i am now very flattered. 🙂

  • You have amazing skin! maybe give us a skin care rundown of stuff you use? or even just beauty products in general you LOVE and cant live without!

  • i love this blog with all my heart and soul. my question is what type of books do you tend to lean towards when picking something new to read? this is of course if you have time to read, it seems as though you dont sleep!

  • Most businesspeople have faced highs and lows. I was wondering, have you ever faced a really huge setback & if so, how did you overcome it?


  • I just wanted to say… I saw one of your Flickr photos on the other day. It was totally random and I was “surprised” that I recognized you right away 🙂

    My question is: where do you draw your inspiration?

  • Are you going to show us more pics of your new house? Can’t wait to see how the store turns out!

    Do you ever have any crazies stalking you because of this blog? I often wonder that, since your stores locations & your old loft are public knowledge. I always try to keep all personal info that could lead to my location private, but that’s not really possible when you have a storefront.

    I love your outlook on business and your creativity inspires me to push myself to be more creative and original & to just have fun with it all the time. Thanks!

  • How do you come up with ideas (for things to make/blog posts/photo shoots etc? Do you sit and brainstorm or do they just come to you cuz you’re awesome? 🙂

    How do you organize your vinyl collection?

    Love your blog – you’re my fave 🙂

  • How did you prepare for opening your business? Did you jump in and take the risk..or did you go to school and get degrees and plan like crazy…how did you raise capital? I am a aspiring business owner and its all a little overwhelming. Any helpful tips?

  • Do you have any formal training in running a business, or did you just figure it out as you went along? What would you recommend to someone who is in the beginnings of a web based business startup that would eventually like to have a brick and mortar craft and class shop? Finally, have you had to deal with getting loans to make your business dreams come true? What else can you tell us about that? Thanks so much for this!

  • Oh Elsie, Please please please Please tell me who made that Daisy blanket in the picture! Or do a quick tut on it because my daughter asked me to make her a daisy blanket at the beginning of summer and i couldn’t make anything that really resembled one BUT that one in the pic is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It made my heart skip with joy when i saw it ^_^

    For Q&A: What is the one lovely thing you’d grab if there was a fire? (Suki’s already outside with J)

    I hope you read this, love the blog ((((Hugs)))) X

    Jo from Ireland x

  • Where do you get all of your vintage dresses and vintage items that you sell in your shop?

  • Hey, I’ve got two questions! (one has to do with the class)

    I want to start art journaling again, and I know that this is not a strictly “art journaling” class, but do you think taking it would be of any use?

    And also:
    Would you say that “manual ability” has a lot/not a lot to do with being creative?

  • yay! i love q&a posts. (and im really excited for the new e-course to start).

    my questions:

    1. how/when did you know jeremy was the one?

    2. what is your biggest source of inspiration? you seem to be constantly coming up with beautiful and wonderful things- how do it???

  • Elsie,

    Where do you get the paper supplies for your crafts? are there any online stores you use? I can’t seem to find fun paper any where!

  • um, this isn’t for the Q&A, but where on earth does the “God Bless This Pad” artwork come from? I’ve seen it on other blogs, and I want one!

  • Wow, so many questions…um…do you think photography is a practical/possible career? how would one get there? I love taking pictures but im not sure photography would be for me.

  • Two questions!

    1. How did you and Jeremy meet?
    2. Can you talk a little bit about making the decision to start your own business? I would love to start my own, but am scared to take the leap!

    Yay, Q&A!

  • Elsie,
    This is going to be a strange question but with house design, how do you come up with solutions for regular home issues? cute home design can only go so far, so how do you deal with lighting your rooms, or making the dishwasher as cute as the kitchen? sometimes as cute as my house is, i feel like these regular things take away from the feel im trying to accomplish.
    I was also wondering how you started your store financially. did you save up money forever? did you take out a business loan?
    and one last thing, how do you organize your photos on your computer? do you use iphoto? how do you categorize them?? so interested!
    thanks for being so inspiring!!
    reading your blog over the years has really inspired me and has become something i look forward to reading daily! <3.

  • do you get frustrated when you are starting out with a new craft?
    i just took up sewing and it’s sooo frustrating to me, it takes time and patience and i just want that instant gratification that comes with other crafts like paper crafts… but i know if i just stick with it i’ll love it. but ugh…
    what do you tell yourself when you do get frustrated if ever?

  • How do you wash needlepoints? I have one that my aunt made. She recently passed away and I don’t want anything to happen to it. But it needs cleaned really bad!!! I think it might have been scotchguarded (?)


  • Hey Elsie!

    I was wondering if there’s some sort of cute-crafts-plus-vintage network that you’re part of. I would love to visit your store but I don’t see myself heading out to the midwest any time soon. Let’s say I go on vacation somewhere and want to find out if there are any cute stores or awesome vintage places around. Where do I look? How do I find out? Is there some sort of list? 🙂


  • hi elsie!

    i have 2 questions (which may or may not have been asked already)

    1. how did you and the other red velvet art girls meet? i see that leigh ann and holly are from manitoba (which is where i’m originally from)

    2. can you talk more about opening up your store – not just the creative, but the business side (like licences you may need, signing a lease, etc)

    thank you.


  • Hi Elsie,

    do you have any tips for a DSLR newbie. I got a Canon EOS 1000D some months back and don’t know where to start


  • I have three (and many more I won’t ask)!

    1. I just started my graphic design business a few months back and I’m having a tough time prioritizing when it comes to client needs, my own projects, invoicing, and all the fun stuff that goes into owning a business. How do you set your priorities?

    2. How did you get into the business of designing paper?

    3. How do you spot all the good thrift stores?

  • Hi Elsie,
    I read your blog (all the way over here in Scotland!) everyday and find it so inspiring. I am a graphic designer by trade but am looking to start up my own crafty inspired product and stationery business. I’m wondering how financially viable such a business venture is? Can I make it my day job and leave the rat race?! Thank you so much! love Kate xxx

  • Elsie,
    I’m just in love with your blog and your creativity, you’re so inspiring! I am a graphic design major here in Virginia and am actually working in the field, but I would like to get out on my own! How long did it take you to really start up your business and get it to the point that it was your main source of income?
    Thanks so much!

    p.s. I have the SAME EXACT daisy quilt that you have in your photo, it’s one of my treasured thrift finds 🙂

    xoxo Nicole

  • It must take REAL Guts to go out on a limb and start a business like yours. Where there ever times that you doubted your path?? and if so, how did you get past the “second guesses” or do they ever end???

  • Hey Elsie, I am a new reader of yours, but already love everything to do with this blog and RVA. Your blog is filled with so much inspiration and a real passion for people, art, fashion, and life. I admire you.

    I have a few questions.

    1) I am an aspiring photographer/designer/boutique owner/blogger and was wondering what pushed you to go down this route. Was it something that always interested you? How did you know you wanted to do this? And what are some tips to help make one successful?

    2) If you’re feeling down, is there a song or two that can undoubtedly brighten your mood?

    and 3) If you could have any power, what would it be and why? 🙂

    Hope your day is lovely.

  • Hey Elsie!!!

    I have a few questions for you:

    -How do you make time for business/family/significant other/friends and you time?
    -What do you do (have you done) when you felt (or if you have felt) like you should give up on your dream?

  • Hi Elsie,

    I love your blog and check it daily. My roommates are equally obsessed and we all read it over coffee every morning.

    I feel like you’re a friend (I’m sure that sounds weird), so I feel like you might be able to offer me some advice.

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for six years and we want to get married, but he doesn’t believe in weddings. He’s super shy(and super sweet)and he doesn’t understand why there needs to be a fuss (he ignores his birthdays too and tries to be photographed as little as possible). He also thinks that it is impossible to have an affordable wedding and he wants to get married in a courtroom.

    I love the idea of having all my friends and family there. I love the idea of a white vintage lace dress. Crispy leaves and hot Spanish Coffee (or spiked cider) for all the guests. I love the idea of dancing together all night and really really celebrating our life together.

    Do you have any suggestions on how a person could throw an awesome wedding on a budget?

    and how do I convince a super shy and sweet guy to take the plunge in a more public manner?

    Am I being silly for wanting these things?

  • Hi Elsie :] I have a dilemma and I need your help! I am stuck when it comes to curtains! I just can’t decide what’s a good shape, length, etc. I know you just recently moved so I’m hoping you have some suggestions. Thanks!

  • I have one:

    Any advice for beginning bloggers?
    And how long did it take you to grow your readership?

    And do you look amazing every single day?

    Sorry, that’s three questions.

  • I love all things vintage and unique, but I live in the city, so there are virtually no antique or thrift stores in my area. How do you find all your wonderful discoveries?

  • After that fabulous looking trip you had to the Renegade Art Fair it would be wonderful if you could do one of you awesome 5 Tips posts for crafty fair booths and indiepeneurs. Not so much a question I guess as a request LOL. Love your blog, so inspirational!

  • I’m curious what it was like when you first decided to turn your creativity into your career? Was it an over night decision or were there several events or ah-ha moments that led up to it?

    Thanks so much for doing this! I love hearing how other people live and get through life!


  • Hi, Elsie!
    I’ve wanted to know these things for a while, so great time to finally ask!
    I see a lot of readers jumping around this subject as well, but I’d love to know more about your college life, and the beginning of Red Velvet. You might have to do a separate blog post just on opening a new business and your experience through it. I bet a lot of us would love to hear!
    Odelma Vintage

  • there is that needle work again! “god bless our pad” I have the same one, i have to take a pic & show you! Where did you get yours? My aunt worked on mine when i was a little girl & I watched her do it!!!!!!! then she gave it to me a few years ago, probably 30 years later!

  • Do you knit and how long have you been doing it , what kinds of stuff can you make and could you suggest some online knitting courses for beginners.

  • Hi Elsieeee….my question is a bit strange….Do you afraid of what the future will bring?????What are your concerns about it???Kisses from Greece!!!!

  • i L*O*V*E your doodles!!!…

    did you always doodle? how do you get that “relaxed, sketchy feel”? my doodles sometimes look “tight” (make sense?)…

    lovin’ reading your blog, there is always a post…thank you for that & your inspiration!



    p.s. do you design anything for the scrapbooking industry anymore? that is where i first “saw” you…

  • 1. How you do you keep yourself inspired? Sometimes I feel the impulse to create but find myself stuck in a rut.

    2. Have you ever thought of baby names? What names would you like for your future kiddos?

  • I ♥ your blog! Me and my sister will be starting an etsy shop soon and I wondered if you had any advice?

    Also, how did you and Emma get started?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • How were your teenage years? If given another chance, would you live them differently?

  • Here’s some fun ones 🙂

    What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
    What’s your dream pet?
    What’s your favorite lipstick?
    Do you have any favorite names?
    Do you have any other dream career goals you want to accomplish?
    If you could trade lives with anyone for a week who would it be?
    What’s the worst fashion trend?
    What are your favorite iphone apps?
    What’s your favorite time of day?
    If you could have any super power what would it be?

  • Thank you for great photos, lots of energy and savvy business advice for fellow crafters, which is generous. I´m wondering, what do you think of having an american inspiration blog? Seems to me, being from Europe, that there is a certain pressure to be chirpy and positive all the time? Barbara Ehrenreich has written about this, maybe you´ve read it or have an opinion about her claim that “positive thinking” is a major problem in the US. Anyway, curious, wondering what you think of this – with having a blog focusing on the visually appealing, while all the same embracing indie music etc. (which obviously is not to keen on positive thinking) …

  • I have one and I don’t think anyone has asked…

    What’s your favorite outfit? Every woman has one that makes her feel fabulous and I’d love to see yours, if you’d like to share 🙂

  • I have a couple more questions –

    What’s your favorite kind of bubble tea?

    you should do a brigette bardot inspired photo

    Can you explain your personal “rewards program” – you’ve mentioned it before but I’d like to hear what warrants a reward, how do you make sure you only get the reward if you do that task, etc?

    Finally – how do you stay focused and not get distracted when you’re being creative? Is that why you always work at night?

  • Your tattoos are awesome and so you. Do you think you will get any more? If so, do you know yet what they will be?

    Thanks for giving us a chance to ask you anything! You are so inspiring, and I love that you give recognition to other artists when you show us what inspires you. 🙂

  • I am always loving everything you create & do, but I’m constantly lacking the right kind of inspiration for projects. Where do you find your best inspiration, and how do you manage to incorporate it in the perfect project without being a copycat?

    I’d love these questions answered, it would really help me out. Thanks! 🙂


  • Hi Elsie!

    Just wondering if I could send you some photos to look at? Where would I send them to if it’s all right? Thanks!

  • Hey elsie, it’s been awhile since i’ve posted anything, but I just really wanted to know: what skin products do you use? And maybe any products you use on your face as well? thanks!!


  • Hey Elsie,

    I’m amazingly inspired by all your work and the enthusiasm you have for craft, life, love and people around you! I really am!

    I sometimes do have lots of ideas going on in my mind, but due to my full time job demand, it is impossible to carry them all out. and it doesnt help that i am gonna start on my part time undergraduate studies soon.

    You are also a busy lady with many things to do – RVA, blog, family, Mr. Larson, friends, thrift-shopping… how did you manage them all?

    Is there a way that you organise your work and time? How do you keep yourself motivated all the time? How do you keep yourself on task?

    being constantly motivated and on task is something i have trouble in at times.

    Do you have down times where you have totally no inspiration and have to come up with something? How do you handle them then?

    I really wish to bring that kind of positiveness and enthusiasm that i see you have, into my life.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

    you and Rva is totally lovely!

  • I wanted to know how you were able to get start up capital for your store. I am currently trying to purchase my own business and it’s nearly impossible for me with a job I’ve been at forever and amazing credit to even get a loan. Did your family help u out with the start up?I also wanted to know if you are able to make a good living as a small business owner? Do you ever sometimes feel like just working a 9-5 and be able to go home at the end of the day?

  • Hi Elsie,

    I have a few questions about photography, I look with great admiration of all your pictures that you publish, be it on your blog or flickr.
    * Are few photographers who inspires you?
    * Can you share with us some of your links?
    * What is a successful picture for you?
    * Touches you some of your photos, if so, what type of software you used?
    thank you very much, although I’m not very good at English I always take great pleasure to come and watch your blog

    ps: I love the new decor of your blog

  • Hy Elsie i got a question::

    I see you love and uses instax so much in a lovely way, so i wanna ask any tips to use instax mini since mine not ended up very good one 🙁

  • Do you still scrapbook? I miss seeing your pages posted. Will you be posting any if you do still scrapbook?

  • Hey Elsie. I love your blog and it is a huge inspiration to me and my artwork. What do you think your biggest struggle in life is? Do you ever have bad anxiety?

  • In terms of your handmade goods, is it hard to keep the volume of inventory in your shop full? How do you manage the actual producing process in addition to everything else?

  • oh, i would love to know what fonts you use most, and where you find them! You always have such pretty text!

    also, do you plan for your blog posts, or just post topics as you go/as you think of them?

    thankyou! x

  • ok seriously love what you are doing with the new shop… but i must know. the crocheted blanketin this post. my grandmother made me one identical when i was very little. many moves in my childhood… it got lost somewhere in the shuffle. i’d love to buy this… is it for sale? i’ve been looking for one for years…

  • These are both random!

    Do you ever wear jeans/pants?

    Do you have a planner/organizer? Would you ever share pictures of it? I love peeking into other people’s planners : )

  • How do you deal with truly mean spirited comments. Do you just let them go? Do you delete them? Do you respond/defend yourself/tell them that if they don’t like you not to read your blog/etc? I got my first one not too long ago and it surprised me how much it hurt to be insulted by someone I don’t know. I can hardly imagine someone doing that, but I remember you mentioned it briefly in a class I took a while ago, but you didn’t say what you did, just that it sometimes happens. How do you deal with it?

  • Hi Elsie

    I’ve been following your blog since Christmas 2009, when we were home between Christmas day and New Years Eve 🙂

    I have two questions – what was your first job? and what is your most treasured possession?

    Lowri x

  • hi elsie,

    what are your MOST recommended/favourite/inspiring sites FASHION related?

    thanx and cheers


  • Do you have any names for your future children?

    I’m so curious to know, you are a very creative young lady.


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