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Elsie-shoes i’ve received so many very kind e-mails/twitters/texts today checking in and making sure everything’s cool (since i’m living the single-ish life starting today for a while). it’s really sweet & i just wanted to letcha know i am doing a-ok! i’m pretty independent, so i’m not freaking out or anything. i’m planning to make a list of goals to accomplish this month while my mr. is away. i LOVE making goals.

thank you for the happy thoughts! I’m watching the Office tonight and decorating for miss rachel’s shower. what are you up to? loveloves. Els 

  • these pictures are wonderful. [:
    long distance has it’s advantages too, but i gotta say, i’m not looking forward to 4 months with out my boy.

    thinking about you!

    i’m getting ready for a craft stall, and working on uni artwork. have a wonderful weekend!!

  • last summer my bf went away on a surf tour and it was so painful to be apart that he ended up coming home early (after a whole month apart). but i have to admit, it was super fun to live the single life again (in a matter of speaking) and have the house to myself and get so many things done. it was good to miss each other though we swore i’d always go with him in the future! have fun with your projects and the time will just fly :O)

    this weekend we’re making a new headboard for the bed and doing some decorating for halloween!!!

  • tonight I’m painting for autumn is love…and some other things. :]

    also planning to watch FRIENDS reruns with Fiancé and eat Cheerios. <3

  • and I’m soooo glad you’re doing well! I would be lost if Ian left me for a month. You’re Miss Independent. <3 i just LOVE your hair!

  • my friend loves the office! have a good weekend!!! tonight, I’m making a fort with my friend and doing lots of crafts….so fun…

  • How funny… every time my boyfriend leaves out of town, I make a nice long handwritten goal list. And coincidentally, he’s just flew out this morning and I wrote my goal list after lunch! [Although lucky me, it’s not for a month.] Video chatting is the coolest invention for people who miss each other.. do it!

  • must – not – sing – single – ladies – song – must – not – sing – single – ladies – s…dangit!!


  • love your new hair cut can I come and you cut my hair too?but the way is a little long – I live in germany and looooooveeee your blog and all your cool stuff. awsome!!!


  • Your new hair-do is lush! I once tried to cut my own fringe and got a bit too friendly with the scissors. I cut off a big chunk of eyelashes from left eye! 😀 What a spooner! They grew back eventually, thank goodness.

  • It’s hard when the Mr’s are away. But makes you appreciate them even more! And…love The Office. We just started season 5 because I NEED to be able to watch a bunch at a time.

  • You are one of the strongest females I know-I am not worried one bit that you can’t handle (& thrive & enjoy & such) this month.

    Will Jeremy be home by Thanksgiving? That is one of my favorite holidays-to-spend-with-the-family. 🙂

    Love the photos of you as always. xoxo


  • you know..I have thought about how you’re doing..good to see your staying busy..all your “cyber friends” like myself will be here for you your new haircut and color!

  • A list of goals will definitely make the time way easier!

    My husband tours pretty much full time. I go with them now, but before we were married we dated for 3 years with him ALWAYS on tour (like 9 – 10 months out of the year)!! And I lived on the other side of the country to top it off. So you’re not alone in the boy going on tour stuff!

    p.s. your pictures are wonderful

  • It’s good to know you’re ok :).

    What am I up to? This week I want to:

    1} Draw.

    2} Paint!

    3} Blog.

    4} Scrapbook.

    5} Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer! My sister’s friend borrowed us DVDs of the third season! Last week was the first time ever I watched Buffy and she’s adorable!

    6} Make a photo banner like yours!

    7} Walk (for health).

    8} Continue writing my book… But Shush! It’s a huge secret! 🙂

    Oops… maybe this list is a bit too long to one week… 🙂

    Love your blog! You’re so inspiring! Thank you so much,


    P.s. What about your house’s video tour? 🙂

  • I am doing my french homework and then when I am done I am going to reward myself with Grey’s Anatomy!! 🙂 I love a Saturday night in.

  • U’ll handle it.. My boyfriend goes travelling every other season for months at a time. And it feels like ur gonna fall apart but just surround urself with family

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