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Back-to-school season may not bring full-time classes yet for the littlest kids in your family, but it will at least bring a wardrobe change of some sort in most parts of the country (don’t you worry, San Diego, I’m sure it will still be a perfect 76° come December). With that in mind, we are also starting to shop for fall clothes for the toddlers in our lives, so we wanted to share our favorite finds on Amazon with you! As usual, warm tones, denim, and browns still dominate the fall palette, but you can jazz it up a bit with a bright yellow sweater or boot or switch out a solid brown for a leopard print instead! Jackets can be layered over dresses or jeans and accessories like knee socks can help keep little legs warm while wearing cropped dresses. Also, can we all just agree that kids in overall rompers is basically the cutest thing ever!? Happy shopping! xo. Laura

  • i always love the cute clothes you share, but i know you all have girls… i would love to see a round up of cute boys clothes and more boy things featured please. not that i am sexist- i believe some of these can be worn by both! but i won’t be putting my son in pink fur- if he should choose that later in life, that’s fine though! 😉

    • I was about to say the same thing! It’s so hard to find cool stuff for boys, especially when you love skirts and dresses yourself. My boy wants to dress in traditional boy clothes (even when he wears fingernail polish).

    • Hi Cassie!
      I definitely hear you. I put 7 things on this list (almost half!) that I would put a boy in because I wanted to include boy items or gender neutral things as well! To be honest, I hear a lot of Moms say that it’s harder to find extra cute boy items and I agree, so we do tend to have a bit more girl heavy things. I do try to include gender neutral things too 🙂


  • Is it just me or is it wayyy harder to find cute non-infant boys clothes? It’s hard to find anything in toddler and little boy sizes for my nephew and I always see suggestions for the cutest girls things! Would love a boys round up sometime soon! <3

  • I totally missed the “Kids” part of the title, and I was ready to buy that llama sweater for myself. LOL

  • The mini, fake Blundstone boot are really cute but REALLY cheaply made (we went through 2 pairs), at $8.00 I probably should of guessed. The zipper stop working after about 1 month and the padding under the foot is terrible and rips out fast. Yes, I have an extremely active child. Its a bummer because they are so stinking cute and really great tread but YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  • I would really recommend looking into barefoot shoes for little kids! “Normal” shoes tend to be either too heavy, not bending enough and worse of all squeezing their little feet together so their toes start to change shape. Most grown ups have big toes that are bent where’s babies are still straight. Tikki, bobux, camper, viviobarefoot, liliputi, shooshoos and livie and luca are great brands for example. They could be all European though.

  • Cute selection! I have 2 boys and I have to be a lot more creative to find cool outfits but I often end up shopping at a lot of gender neutral indie brands and never afraid of pink and animal print 😉

  • This wardrobe collection for kids is just so awesome! It’s complete in every detail. I hope you could share more stuff for children.

  • Yeah, they deserve to be called The Best Fall Kids Clothes On Amazon! Especially like the alpaca pattern cardigan and leopard print boots!

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