The Blue Velvet Dress / 3 Ways To Wear It



The Blue Velvet Dress is a beautiful bell sleeve dress in my favorite color of the season. The color is rich and the fit is flattering on lots of different body types. Last season I had a blue velvet dress that never made it into production, so I decided to keep the name for this season! I'm so happy with how this dress turned out. It was so much fun to style!

For those curious, this dress is the same pattern and fit as The Pumpkin Pie Dress and The Flower Shop Dress. We searched far and wide for the best quality velvet and this dress is even prettier in person than in photos. Here are three ways to wear it…


In Look 1, I layered a sequin top (from my own closet) over the velvet dress. I paired it with black tights and cute clogs. This styling is pretty casual. I would wear this to work at my shop or out for a date with Mr. Larson.


In Look Two, I wore a vintage scarf and purse with heels and a belt. The low back on this dress is one of my favorite features, so this looks shows that off.


In Look 3, I wore my favorite vintage cowboy boots, tights and a bright yellow purse. The glasses and boots make the outfit more casual. I'd wear this pretty much anywhere in the Autumn season. I always think the more layers the better during the Fall months.


I l o v e this dress. I still can't decide if I'm keeping a blue one or an pumpkin one. Which dress is your favorite? See the full collection here. XO! Elsie

Credits: 3 Ways To Wear It photos by Wess Howell, Look 1- Shoes/Sweedish Hasbeens c/o ModCloth, Look 2- Shoes/Jessica Simpson Collection, Look 3- Bag c/o ModCloth.

  • wow ,surprise :

  • Beautiful dress! I love the color and the scoop back is so sexy!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • i love that second one. love that head scarf!!

  • The blue looks so lovely on you, Elsie! The pop of the yellow bag is such a fantastic touch. I say either choice you make is a great one. Can’t wait for the launch. I think your “3 ways to wear it” has only made my decision much more difficult…in a good way, of course!

  • Thank you, everyone!

    Jen, I did *not* wear a regular bra. I wore a strapless low back bra. The other girls wore their regular strapless bras and pushed the back strap down a tiny bit. It really depends on what bra size you wear. I wear a D, so I needed the extra support. 😀

  • I’ve become a little obsessed with blue lately myself! Such a beautiful fabric choice!


  • Wow! I’ve never thought to wear a velvet dress before. Velvet is a fabric that I usually stay away from because I’m not entirely sure how to style it… but you make it look so easy and lovely! 🙂


  • this is so my favorite for this season! I so wish this were in the extended sizing category. I think I’ll have to try to sew something this awesome this year…big challenge!

  • I love the blue one! The pictures are fantastic! I love it!It looks gorgeous!

  • i love the different ways to wear one dress! but honestly…your top knot looks so adorable all. of. the. time!

  • This is such a pretty dress as well! Love it how you styled it with the sequin top.
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  • Question about the low back… can you wear a regular bra with that? Sorry, just wondering!

  • I say keep the blue one for yourself! That color is so, so pretty. 🙂

  • Love the blue version too, though I’d probably go for the pumpkin one as it’s more my colours, being a redhead 🙂 Oh gosh! choices, choices!!! *fingers crossed* for an awesome launch tomorrow 🙂

  • This is lovely, and would make a great holiday dress as well as transitioning well into early spring.

    One question, though. Can you wear a bra with it? The back seems very low.

  • I’m pretty sure I’m starting to get repetitive but look no.3 is my favourite! I don’t know how you always hit it when you place my fave on 3rd but it happened every single time so far 🙂

  • ah! i lovelovelove this dress, elsie! i try it on all the time with different stylings and it’s SO versatile! i can’t wait to wear it out on a hot date. haha.

  • Love them all! Especially the crushed velvet ones, so much that I featured one on my blog! Hope you don’t mind 🙂


  • this is my absolute favorite! 🙂 I think that I definitely need to buy it…I practically gasped when I saw this post -Lo

  • i honestly cant pick between them. im normally drawn to autumn or 60s/70s colors, so naturally i think i lean towards the orange, but this blue velvet makes me fall in love with blue in a way i never have before!

  • My favorite! I especially love the look with sequined top. That would be perfect for the holidays!

  • The dress pattern is so pretty and flattering…love the low back! I think the Flower Shop is my favorite overall.

  • Gah! The blue velvet is Amazing–cool, retro, moody, seductive. Amazing dress and great styling.



  • The color of this dress is stunning. That is the prettiest blue I’ve ever seen!
    All three looks are super cute. I love the back of this dress, very feminine and flirty. Love it!! <3

  • Beautiful! I have the bag in look 3, so it’s something I could easily pull together! So excited about the new collection.

  • Okay, this one might win out and be the one that I fight for tomorrow. Gorgeous!

    But then again…

    Ack! The decision is too hard! Elsie, you are just too darn talented. :-p

  • So cute! I really love look 2 and 3! You are such a great model. I like the blue on you! It looks great with your hair color.


  • I’ve been waiting for you to model one of your looks!!
    I love this dress! Look 1 is my favorite! I love those clogs!

    This dress is so lovely!

  • But what happens when I need that one AND the orange one AND the thread spool one? I just need them all. I really do.

  • Wow! I am so excited I found your blog! I cant wait to follow! 🙂 if you get a chance, go check out mine! Thanks and have a magical day!

  • CUTE! i think my favorite look is #3! 🙂 i can’t decide which dress is my fav…and which one i want to get. the whole collection is really beautiful! i want to play dress up and try them all on!

  • i’ve always loved velvet, even when it wasn’t cool. i used to have a pair of vintage velvet bell-bottoms in middle school, which i got made fun of for, of course. but i soooo with i still had them now. 🙂 beautiful dress!

  • As the Lady In Charge, I think you surely can keep both! And the first styling, with sequinned top, is just gorgeous!

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