The Firecracker Dress & The Blue Velvet Dress




The Firecracker Dress is the hot older sister of The Golden Afternoon Dress. It's made of lush black crushed velvet with the same super cute peter pan collar. I love wearing it. It's very flattering on girls with a natural hour glass shape. It's no secret that I have a huge velvet crush this season, so these dresses make me so happy! 

note: I never thought I would say this, but I feel like I'm blogging too much. So, I'm squeezing three posts into one to minimize a little bit! Thanks so much for being a part of my never-ending-dress-line-posting this week.♥ 

Here's 3 Ways To Wear It…. 



Look One is a great day to evening look. The cardigan and glasses keep it casual, but the the bangles and heels dress it up just enough! The Moorea Seal necklace is the perfect pop of color.♥ 


Look Two is nineties inspired! We paired a cute Guess denim vest with an oversized vintage turquoise cross. The knee highs and heels channel a tiny bit of Clueless inspiration (my favorite guilty pleasure movie of all time). "Carpe Diem, you looked hot in it!"


For Look Three Sarah is looking grown up with pulled back hair, a huge pennant necklace and a belted cardigan. Super pretty and classy. I love the texture that velvet adds to layers. 



The Blue Velvet Dress was the original color that I wanted to use for the velvet mini dresses. Unfortunately the fabric was discontinued and we weren't able to produce it in this color. I love baby blue velvet and kept the name 'Blue Velvet' in honor of my David Lynch loving fiance. It's a little sad when fabric doesn't work out. I could write a whole post about it. We drove six hours to get fabric for the Wedding Cake Dress. Oh my…. what a story. 

I didn't shoot three ways to wear this Blue Velvet Dress, but take a peek at the gold velvet stylings

Ok, I'm off to stalk the bookstores for new magazines. XO, elsie 

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  • Wow I like all it looks..This Golden Afternoon Dress is made of lush black crushed velvet with the same super cute peter pan collar…I must admire it

  • The color was discontinued because it’s bad. Why do the peterpan collars all look so messy?

  • Ooh i love these 3 Ways to Wear It posts! They give me so many good ideas. 🙂

    The Art of Being You

  • That ice blue velvet dress is dreamy. Never saw Velvet in such a beautiful color like that.
    I adore how you are doing the one outfit in three different ways.

  • I adore this firecracker dress! especially in look 2! Definitely need to get one for myself. Thanks for providing such fabulous inspiration!

  • You are such an incredibly gifted designer. I love the velvet dresses most, but they’re seriously all amazing.

  • The pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I love the silhouette of the dresses, but I’m not a big fan of velvet, because I feel like its too heavy. I think it’d be a great cotton dress too. Though if I’d have to pick it’d definitely be the gold one.

  • i just found your blog, completely beautiful!! i feel like we’d be friends 🙂

  • These are beautiful, and I love how you’re showing different looks for each piece!

    I could go on for hours about fabric issues… We’ve dealt with major delays, incorrect fabrics being shipped to our cut and sew, non-PFD fabric being used for garment dyed items (so the dye didn’t take properly)… It’s definitely a majorly frustrating part of being a designer/producing a collection. Maybe you can find a similar baby blue velvet for next season and do a production of that color then?

    Congratulations on the collection – it’s really lovely!

    bubby & bean/mountains of the moon

  • cute! can I please have the first models hair?! 🙂

  • Don’t ever worry about blogging too much! I get so excited every time I see a new post from you 🙂

    Also, I just purchased the pink lacy dress from your website the other day and it already arrived to me! I absolutely cannot wait to wear it for my birthday party. It’s just perfect!

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Oh, I love this dress but it’s killing me trying to decide which colour to get. Maybe the golden one? Or the black? No wait blue! No, wait…. erm??? Eeine, meenie, miney, moe?

    Aoife x

  • I love all three velvet dresses! I’m not sure from the photos though whether they are all the same cut or if the black one is more fitted (e.g., compared to the golden afternoon one)?

  • OH my gosh I am in LOVE with this! This is a must have. I can’t wait for it to come out!!

  • Cute dress overload!! ;] I love everything you’re making with velvet, it’s all so pretty! x

  • i love love love these elsie!! i’m def going to have to make a purchase from you, been wanting a velvet dress forever!! 🙂 i adore that the black one can be worn with soo many colors and fun cardigans! but i love the yellow and blue for spring too!! oh decisions decisions… 🙂

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