The First Date Dress / 3 Ways To Wear It


I'm so happy to introduce this next dress. It's fun and mod and (drumroll, please?)…… black and white! Emma chose to model this dress because she fell in love with it when she was trying on a sample. It's so cute on her!


The First Date Dress is inspired by the mod 1960s! This dress is simple, fun and playful. It has the cutest pockets and collar and is an easy to wear shift dress fit.


In look one Emma layered a vintage blouse under her dress for a casual look. She wore cute geeky accessories, like glasses and knee socks, for a fun back-to-school inspired styling.


For Emma's second look she wore my oversized pin-on bow tie (D.I.Y. here). It's fun to add bows, ascot ties, and even bow belts to simple dresses!


In look three Emma is looking beautifully 90s inspired. She paired a vintage leather jacket with leopard Dr. Martens. I love this combination, so unexpected for a mod dress… fun!


Oh… Just for kicks, I asked my pals on twitter to help me name this dress! I recieved a ton of adorable ideas and Twinkie Chan came up with the perfect name. Oh twitter… Gotta love the internet. XO, elsie

3 Ways To Wear It Photos by Wess Howell. Shoes in product photo (purple background) c/o Seychelles.

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  • This is number one on my wish list! So adorable, you’re clothing is both classic and unique! lovelovelove!

  • This is a beautiful dress and I love the diversity of Emma’s styling. Not to mention she’s a natural beauty.

  • Emma looks like she had a whale of a time modelling this cute dress! I especially like look two, and look two she looks quite the cheeky school-girl 😉 Fun!

  • Emma totally rocks that dress I never would have thought of buying it but seeing it with boots all 90’s I am changing my mind – too many red velvet dreations I want and too small a purse!

    Nicolette xo

  • Great dress and great name! Big fan of the collar and pockets 🙂
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  • I love this dress! I can’t pin point what about it (the clean look? the fun pockets? the mod styling?), but it’s really amazing! Emma’s looks are all to die for especially 1 and 3! <3

  • I like the simple details of the dress, such as the collar and the pockets. The simple contrast of black and white is classic, and like you said, brings to mind the Modern 60’s. My favourite combination is the one with the pin-on bow tie.

  • I especially love it with the leather jacket. it takes such a sweet dress and gives it an edge!/_saratee

  • So cute! I can’t decide which way I like it best, they all are so unique and lovely! xo

  • this dress is so adorable & just lovely paired with the mustard colored shoes. the over sized bow tie is totally cute, too.


  • Emma is so freaking cute! I love the top pictures. I would definitely wear the last look. Gah, I need this dress!

  • I love this! I would totally wear this on my next first date. So cute. Those pockets are to die for.

    xo, rv

  • I love how the collared blouse looks underneath the dress. I would wear it like that with some bright red shoes and a cute headband!

  • Preeeettyyyyy! My favourite is option no. 3 – I just love the rock chick style.

  • emma looks so cute! love it with the leather jacket and boots! and love the name, go twinkie chan!

  • What a cute dress! I really love the 3rd look.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • Simply perfect! I love that it’s only one dress but endless possibilities… and love the model 😉


  • This is my favorite dress in the collection!
    I love look three so much, I’d wear that outfit in a heartbeat..


  • AHHHH!!! That is so incredibly adorable! looks like all the dresses on modatomic!

  • those looks are really great! expecially the first and second one 🙂 embrace the geek chic

  • This is my fave dress of them all, i just hope i can get one in time. Fingers crossed 🙂


  • Oh I love this one, especially the 90s look! Think I might have to dust off my Dr. Martens. Perfect name for the dress too!
    Sophie x

  • I looooooooooove!!!!!! This one might be my favorite!!

    How stink in cute is Emma??


  • Shutup…this is soooo awesome! 🙂 And…wow Emma…your a wickedly amazing model! I love this one too. I rrrreally am digging the look with the bow, so freaking cutie cute cute! hearts, Janna Lynn

  • i love the first way your styled it! i love this dress, its my fav in the collection 🙂

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Rockin’! My husband actually just requested that I wear my doc martens with a dress soon after seeing the so much lately! The early 90s are calling!<3<3<3 Do you remember Buffy’s prom outfit in the BTVS movie(the one with luke perry:3)

  • Emma looks crazy fantastic in all the looks!! If I don’t get my hands on this dress, I will simply die! xo

  • beautiful name for a dress! I wonder what to wear on the second date hehe

  • This is definitely one of my favorite dresses! I lovelovelove look #2, and look #3 really caught my eye. I’m normally not a huge fan of leather jackets, but I love this ensemble! It’s like…….cute meets badass. Definitely a fun outfit! :]

  • i love the dress! i thought of the name ashley when i looked at the pics! its so cool!

  • Loving the orange stockings, and the leopard print docs! Oh and of course the dress too 🙂

  • LOVING the second look. I’m a sucker for all things B&W and polka dotted. Combine the two and I’m smitten!

  • Perfect name! Good job Twinkie Chan! Emma looks so uber-cute in this dress – wow!

    Stephanie May*

  • This dress is so beautiful. It’s all in the details, and it’s so good with layers! I am loving the 2nd look, but I am crazy about how easily it transforms to give a completely different look when the accessories are changed up!

    OT but that leather jacket is amazing, I’ve been looking for one like that for ages! I really enjoy the idea of a previously loved one instead of one I’d have to break in myself. 🙂

    <3 Linda

  • Love, love this dress! Emma looks so cute & I especially love the first look on Emma. When will these be available for sale. Can’t wait for the launch …

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  • Wow. I really love the 90’s inspired look! It really edges up the sweet dress! Great name and great model!

    A Collection of Passions

  • Love it with the leather jacket- gives it a whole new twist.

    I really need to find a leather jacket!

  • ooh the first looks is definitely my favorite. i really love the shift design. it’s so versatile.


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