The First Date Dress / 3 Ways To Wear It


I'm so happy to introduce this next dress. It's fun and mod and (drumroll, please?)…… black and white! Emma chose to model this dress because she fell in love with it when she was trying on a sample. It's so cute on her!


The First Date Dress is inspired by the mod 1960s! This dress is simple, fun and playful. It has the cutest pockets and collar and is an easy to wear shift dress fit.


In look one Emma layered a vintage blouse under her dress for a casual look. She wore cute geeky accessories, like glasses and knee socks, for a fun back-to-school inspired styling.


For Emma's second look she wore my oversized pin-on bow tie (D.I.Y. here). It's fun to add bows, ascot ties, and even bow belts to simple dresses!


In look three Emma is looking beautifully 90s inspired. She paired a vintage leather jacket with leopard Dr. Martens. I love this combination, so unexpected for a mod dress… fun!


Oh… Just for kicks, I asked my pals on twitter to help me name this dress! I recieved a ton of adorable ideas and Twinkie Chan came up with the perfect name. Oh twitter… Gotta love the internet. XO, elsie

3 Ways To Wear It Photos by Wess Howell. Shoes in product photo (purple background) c/o Seychelles.

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