the happiest way to spend a friday morning…..


yay! our first pumpkin spice lattes of the season! this is how we have mark the start of Autumn. it was a little bit chilly this morning and we were celebrating our first big Fall update at rva is finished and Jeremy just finished recording a full length album for another band! 
another thing we are really enjoying is a new album from David Bazan. It's called "Curse Your Branches" and it's wonderful. i love his songs. i can literally listen to them 100 times and still be in love. 
(he has the same green shoes as Jeremy in this photo.)
and a few more photos of my loft updates. added this handmade felt leaf garland in my kitchen (it was on my bed frame last year). 
(these small things make me very happy.) 
if you haven't checked out our new update yet, check the post below. 
XOXO. happy Friday! els

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