The Kite Day Dress




In elementary school, Kite Day was my favorite day of the year! Every kid brought a kite to school and we all flew them in the field together. It was pure magic

The Kite Day Dress is inspired by the happiest moments in Spring! Mallory and I designed the kite print and it was screen printed on the cotton dresses. The cute ascot tie is so much fun to wear. This dress has a generous fit that will flatter many different figures too! 

I'll be back soon with 3 Ways To Wear It. XO, elsie 

  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  • This one is absolutely my fave. Too bad I missed it! I hope you will produce that fabric. Would love to make picnic blankets & twirly little girl skirts & lots of other whimsical things. 🙂

  • Wow! LOVE this. I also love the idea of kite day! Never had that at my school…I feel gypped. Maybe ordering the dress will help soothe those feelings;)

  • This one is my favorite!!!!

    I have another question, you might already be addressing it in the dresses FAQ — will the dresses have the lengths listed? I’m just curious about where it would hit length-wise, sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly even from the photos. Thanks!

  • I love all the looks. They are all adorable. And this might be my favorite dress as well. The print is just lovely.

  • your model’s hair is to die for!!!
    and so are your dresses!


  • What an adorable pattern! I’ve never had a kite day, but it sounds like fun 🙂

  • I totally want this! Must synchronise sleep cycle so to catch this on release! Damn Australia being 16 hrs ahead!!

  • This dress is positively ace! I just love the look with the brown boots. In the words of RZ “I die.” 🙂

  • adorable dress!

    check out our blog!

  • YAY!!! This is my very favorite FAVORITE dress so far.

    It’s unbelievable. It’s just as magical as Kite Day in school.


    Talia Christine

  • OMG it’s my favorite too! That print is just too adorable. Fingers crossed there will be a top in that print, sometime in the future maybe? 🙂

  • Thanks, everyone!

    Jo, can you please describe your website issue in more detail. This dress isn’t on the website yet (Will be March 1st). Is that what you’re looking for? Just want to make sure there isn’t anything funny going on over there. Thanks! Elsie

  • Oh dear – this dress is amazing – as in LOVE. Seriously, you’ve got talent ladies!!

  • i am so going to buy this dress! the kites are quirky and lovely all in one.


  • This is DEFINITELY my new favorite! You should totally be designing fabric!! :] And Sarah’s hair is absolutely stunning. That color is so pretty!

  • You had a day just for kites at school?? I never had anything like that. Jealousss

    I love that you screen printed the fabric yourself. Super cute dress.

  • Hi Elise I tried to look at the dress on your site but it wont download properly. I thought it was my computer being poorly but its been like this for 3 days now? Any ideas?

  • Hi there!
    I’m going to summarize these Qs into an FAQ post about the dresses later today! Stay tuned!!!

    XO. elsie

  • I love seeing all the dresses you’ve created-it’s such a surprise to check your blog and see, yet another new completely adorable dress, on your blog, Elsie.

    If I could-I would want one of each. They’re so darling!

    -Caroline L.

  • OH how lovely!!! I’ve been falling more in love with each dress you post!

    This dress is currently reminding me of how i flew my sister’s boyfriend’s expensive kite right into a tree last summer! I felt so bad :/

  • Oh my gosh, the kites, the kites, oh my gosh!!! :O

    Wonderful idea to add the pattern. It turned out so well.

    Aoife x

  • Elsie, you designed the fabric?? you’re an inspiration. I love your creativity, and the way it manifests itself in little but glorious details. It looks effortless, but I know a lot of time and thought goes into all you do. Thanks for sharing bits of your world with us. :]

  • i also have fond memories of kites as a kid. wow, that kite design is amazing. you need to find a way to clone mallory so you can have double the stock. your dresses will sell out in mere hours!

  • Oh, this one might be my favorite – love, love, LOVE those kites!

  • um, okay my favorite. this is gorgeous!
    congratulations on this line altogether though. you’ve done excellently.

  • Gorgeous! Oh… I might like this as much as the Lemon Pie dress. I second Julie’s querty–how many dresses, in what sizes?

  • Kites are fun! I absolutely adore this. We have the same taste in dresses. I can’t wait for the styling post!

  • That’s awesome, I absolutely love her hair and that ring too!


  • Elsie, your dresses are so cute! I have a question. Is there going to be just one of every dress? Or more than one? Are they all the same size? Thanks! :]

  • Gorgeousss. I always keep a kite in my car on the off chance I have the time/feel like hopping out and flying it around. 🙂

  • this one is my favorite so far. must have! 🙂
    When I was little, my Dad would take my sister and I to the park for Winnipeg’s Kite Festival which was how we celebrated Fathers Day. Kite’s are magical to me as well. xo

  • My favorite so far!!! Well the yellow one too!! I’m stoked about these!! So so pretty! 🙂

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