The Lemon Pie Dress




The Lemon Pie Dress is the perfect cotton dress for spring! The belted design is flattering for many different body type. This mod inspired design has flutter sleeves and is easy to wash and wear. It's perfect for many warm weather events. 

Check back this afternoon for 3 Ways To Wear It. ♥elsie 

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  • That’s too bad re: sizes! Us fatties are just not destined to be that cute or at least we’re just empowered to make our own shit. XO

  • This is definately a nice dress for the spring! Love it. Nice photoshoot =)


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  • I’m loving all your zigzags, have the urge to find some fabric and make myself a dress!

  • Hi Elsie! I was just wondering if you love-love your yellow shoes, or if they are only a like. I figure you must major-like them, since you’re one of the models for them on the modcloth site, but wanted to ask (I really want a pair even though I only ever wear black =/)

  • Ever seen the show Pushing Up Daisies? It got canceled after the second season, but it was lovely. And I’ve got to say, if you love this dress you will LOVE that show. And the main character’s wardrobe.

    – Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  • I do love your designs…and all your new dresses…not to mention your styling! Those wedges are superb…but the clothes…just lovely! Congratsio…I think you’ve got a smash on your hands! Hearts, janna lynn

  • I love this more then the last one you posted! I’m feeling this will be problematic for my bank account! 😉

  • i can’t get this dress out of my head. i think i’ll be devastated if i miss out!
    i’m just curious – will you do a range of different sizes?

  • I LOVE this dress!!!! Too bad yellow doesn’t really look good on me…
    Love the styling pics too.

    I am curious about the other dresses as well. Can’t wait to see them AND to try them on, as I’m planning to visit the local Red Velvet store in June! Am so looking forward to meeting you and the other girls! Can I bring you something Dutch?

    Cheers from Europe!


  • Elsie,
    I think i just died a little. this might be one of the cutest dresses i have ever seen!!!!!!!

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    <3 steffy

  • Can’t wait to see the different looks/styles for this one!

  • Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since I saw it in the sneak peak pictures you posted! It’s fantastic. Can’t wait to see the 3 ways to wear it!

  • Goodness, I can’t imagine how busy y’all must be! So many fun dresses and photos. I love this little lemon dress, I’m looking forward to the other looks!

  • This dress is simply gorgeous. My favourite of the sneak peeks so far! The vibrant lemony yellow really pops against the white, and I love the quirky bib and black accents. Bravo, Elsie!

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