The Pen Pal Dress



The Pen Pal Dress is my favorite piece in the collection! It's made of velveteen and sateen striped Dior fabric (the black stripes feel velvety!). The stripes form a chevron pattern. It is incredibly flattering on an hour glass figure. The cute collar is a fun addition. ♥


The Spring Collection dresses will start going online at 6PM CST tonight. They should all be listed within the hour. Sizes/styles are limited, so take a peek during that time if you have your eye on something pretty! XO, elsie 

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  • The dress itself is so adorable! I think it’s more cute without the stockings. It made you look sexier.

  • I’m pretty sure that this one is my favorite!! Chevron wins every time! I am also in love with the lemon pie dress though! OMG. Oh and I am totally shocked and even offended that someone would be commenting rude things to you but then I remember that there are ignorant people everywhere in the world. They know nothing about the process. Your prices are fantastic and you deserve to sell out of everything and feel success! Lots of LOVE!! xoxooxox meg

  • It’s great that you’ve designed a dress that’s flattering to gals with hourglass figures. Please design more in your next collection. The tent dresses don’t do much for gals with small waists. Yes, you can belt tent dresses, but a ton of fabric belted in to show off your waistline is not flattering. It only makes your ass seem bigger than it is.

  • This is my fave piece too! Love it! And you are so creative with naming each one!

  • Cute dress! I was also wondering what font you used for “Pen Pal” and “Red Velvet”.

  • So glad to see your dress line bloom into success. Samantha is a creepy blog stalker who has no life and surfs your blog because she is super jealous of your success. Don’t let jealous people like her get you down. Your line is amazing and so is your success. You are the next Mod Cloth in the making

  • This is definitely my favorite of all the dresses. I’ve loved looking at all of them. Great job and I hope you sell each and every one.

  • Oh my goodness, I am IN LOVE with your collection. I could spend so much money here.

  • elsie!!! im in love with your collection. every single one is absolutely breath-taking. 🙂

  • Elise,

    I love this dress! I was torn between this and the Wedding Cake Dress, and finally decided on the w-c-d because of my sizing. I am 5’10” (too tall for the Kite dress, I think!) with a 37 bust and 37 hips. I was afraid that alterations would distort the lines of the Pen Pal.

    I am so happy for you and the success of this line! Don’t let the haters get you down; it is the unfortunate side of doing well.

    XO, Anita

  • I love all your dresses! Too bad the jumper is all sold out already though, that one was my fave 🙂

  • Samantha,
    Yes, I deleted your comment earlier because I felt your comment was rude.
    Here’s my opinion… You can go into any department store at your mall and find a *more expensive* dress that’s made in a sweatshop with lower quality materials.
    The dress you are pointing out just happens to be the most expensive dress in my collection (many pieces were half that price). I spent so much time working out pricing and sourcing to make the dresses as reasonably priced as possible. It was very important to me that they were as affordable as handmade dresses can possibly be.
    You have a right to your opinion, but I want you to know that it hurts my feelings and is very unfair considering the effort that went into this collection. I feel very strongly that if you knew the hours that went into this first collection you would not have left that comment.

    Thanks to everyone for the KIND comments. I appreciate your support more than you could know and I have a big thank you post coming soon!! XXO, elsie

  • These are so expensive… I wonder if they are good quality as well…they don’t really look it. Ouch.

  • ^ Make sure you pay her a compliment so she doesn’t delete your comment.

    I’ll try again:

    $160 for a dress?? C’MON, PEOPLE. Stop being an Elsie sheep.

  • Holding my breath that there will be re-stocks! I need the Record Store Jumper in my life!

  • I think this might be my favorite too! Or the vanilla lace dress. Or the piano lesson dress….or the lemon pie dress. What can I say? I’m torn:)

  • That looks very flattering! Would be perfect for my figure! Love it.

  • hey Elsie!

    Totally unrelated to this post – but it would fit nicely in your “10 things I love” post =) Orla Kiely cars!

    Love Katie x

  • I love your styling! Great Blog.
    ❤ Lisa Ann

    Check out my first blog give-a-way…

  • congrats elsie & team on creating such a unique line of quirky, nostalgic and beautiful dresses. i’m excited to get mine in the mail and equally excited for future lines.


  • Congrats on the amazing dress line!! I had the lemon pie dress in my cart the minute it went up for sale and wasn’t able to fill in my address fast enough, so bummed! Maybe next time 🙂

  • aww congratulations on your sold out dresses. I knew they would sell out within minutes, but alas I wasn’t able to join in the fun – different time zones!

  • yes, this is my favorite! i spotted it in your cute video and was waiting and waiting to see it posted here. big congrats on your dresses!

  • Awww..I missed the Lemon Pie dress! I was busy doing homework (“darn you, homework!!!”) and now it’s all gone.:_( We’re planning on adding a little one to our fam and this is what I would have worn to the baby shower. Boo-hoo. Hopefully you’ll have something similar again in the store…and I’ll set my alarm next time!

  • The Kite Day Dress is gorgeous! I can’t believe I missed it. Any chance you’ll be restocking any of these soon? 🙂

  • ok, so some are not my size RIGHT NOW, but i vowed to buy the ones i like and hang them on my wall as motivation! Amazing! so proud of you!

  • congrats on selling so many dresses already! you must be thrilled!!!!

    love, polly 😀

  • This is freaking awesome! It would look stunning with a vintage chain belt or a funky leather one.

  • This dress takes the cake! I absolutely LOVE it!! 🙂 🙂
    plus the name is completely adorable!
    Congrats Elsie

  • oh em gee what a cutie dress! i think the collar makes it! i cant wait for these to all go on sale!

    <3 steffy

  • Thanks for all the kind words!

    Lindsay… I don’t remember where the name for this dress came from. Named it forever ago. All of the names have a lighthearted Springtime mood. XXO! elsie

  • Congratulations on your first dress line! Looks like the hard work has paid off 🙂

  • So fabulous, would love a dress like this but would have to loose loads of weight 😛 I like chocolate too much!! Have got some similar fabric though, the black stripes feel velvety as well, but much wider stripes, might have enough for a skirt 🙂

    Your dresses are amazing, keep it up!!

  • so much work to put together a chevron like this. It’s very impressive – and totally classic. Amazing job.

  • I am loving this print this season! And the collar is so cute! xx

  • Every time I think you’ve posted my favorite dress, you post another that I love more!

  • Micalah,
    The prices range from $60 (for the velvet peices) to $160 for the Pen Pal dress. XXO!

  • Really clever use of the stripes. Great technical skill in drafting the pattern for this AND sewing it up!!

  • aww so cute. I’ve been crossing my fingers that our tax refund would come in today so I can do a little shopping. 🙂 What are the price points for the dresses?

  • What a gorgeous dress! You’ve enlightened me to the magic of chevron patterns and now there is no looking back.

  • I do believe this one is my favorite!!! I loooove it…just lovely! I would buy but I’m a chubby gal…I can’t wait till you post some of those plus size vintage numbers you blogged about..woo hooo! That doesn’t stop me from admiring…I love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

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