The Perks Of An Insta-Obsession

Insta-ObsessionYou guys, I really really like Instagram! I can't remember the last time that a social networking obsession lasted this long for me… it's true love. Maybe you share the same feelings as me? 

As I scroll through the saved photos on my phone, I'm amazed by the number of meaningful moments that my phone has captured. Sure, there are a lot of photos of cupcakes and new shoes too, but even those make me smile. But really, there are so many photos of Jeremy and I from our first year of marriage that literally would not exist were it not for this silly iPhone app.

After our first year of marriage I started archiving our photos together and a shockingly large number of my favorite photos came from my phone. At that point I had a perspective switch. I started to think of my SLR camera and my phone as equals. Sure, the quality is not equal… but the accessibility makes up for it. They both have serious advantages. It's exciting. Now I find myself taking my iPhone photos more seriously, saving full size versions and printing them out. I love this. 

Not only am I taking more photos than ever before in my life, but it's EASY. I'm a huge fan of being able to create images that I am proud of literally anywhere we go. I find myself getting more creative due to the limitations of a phone camera. This is fun. It's a hobby that doesn't demand much time at all. Along the way I am documenting life.

Insta-Obsession Have you noticed this transition in your life? Do you think of your phone as your "real camera"? Do you print photos in albums or keep digital albums? What about family movies? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I know it's a little geeky but I find myself thinking (often) about how mind-blown my 16 year old self would be to have a digital "camera" with this many options. We're living in the future, y'all! Elsie

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  • I think after Instagram, I decided to stop taking my digital camera around. Last year, I went to Europe and only took pics on my phone to post on Instagram. I have so many different photography apps on my phone. I also just bought an iPhone camera lens. It is so fun and easy to use my iPhone. I have always wanted a more intense camera, but I know that I don’t have the time to learn. Using my iPhone makes up for it. 🙂

    My Instagram is @HeldineA! 🙂

  • totally agree! I loveeeeeee instagram! I love being able to capture and share every day moments and memories 🙂 its like a little journal you can keep going back too! I would have loved to have had it when I was growing up! 🙂

    Danielle x

  • I’m still rockin’ a flip phone (although I think I’ll be waltzing over to the dark side and purchasing an iPhone this week), however I am a big fan of printing out digital photos. I was inspired by you, last year, to create a birthday list, and that was an item on mine – to print out and live with more photos. Digital is such an awesome medium for ease, but there is something great about having tangible actual photos of family and friends up on your walls, or to flip through in an album. Big fan, indeed.

  • I do think of my phone as a real camera in many ways because technology today has allowed for these camera phones to produce really high quality photos.

    I just recently started to get them printed and the result is generally pleasing. Insatgram photos don’t print very well, but Camera+ photos look AMAZING when printed.

    I don’t have a regular camera, so I use my camera on my phone for everything, most importantly my blog posts – but that said, the photos are hit or miss and you never know how they are going to look until they are on the site…

    Needless to say, I do want to purchase a nice camera soon 🙂

  • I definitely use my phone as my main camera, mostly because im a bonafide filter obsessive. Im not really a fan of point and shoot cameras, I feel a bit awkward when taking pictures with them. I have however starting buying vintage SLR’s on ebay because I really miss getting my films developed and the excitment of waiting to see how your pictures turn out!

  • This inspired me to make another instagram account and make it a private photo diary!

  • If you love instagram, you’ll doubly love spring pad. I use it as my ideas board on-the-go… a picture says a thousand words and capturing ideas, etc. It’s great. I’m hooked.
    You can share your pads too. My sister lives in NY and I in Hong Kong, it’s how we communicate about design from household to fashion… give it a go-

  • I don’t have an iPhone so I’ve been totally missing out. Reading this makes me realize how jealous I am! ;p

  • I feel the same way. I love my DSLR, but it just can’t be with me all the time. And pretty much all the videos I take are on my phone. Instagram definitely helps make these photos special, because the vintage look makes me not care so much about the quality.

    There’s a nostalgia to the imperfection of an everyday instagram photo that I just love.

  • Instagram really is addictive! i get so many amazing inspirations from there, not to mention take instant photos of our everyday life (with effects of course!). i also use it to promote my art/shop. indeed it is very useful and handy.

  • I was just talking about iPhone photos with my mom. We recently went on a family trip to Minnesota to visit my sister and I was trying to do really well with taking out the big, “real” camera to snap shots. I was surprised that I had taken about 100! And then I was checking my phone photos and I had taken 200 with it! The ease of use option is definitely nice to be able to take some quick snaps.

    I also love Instagram. Its just so nice to be able to share photos so easily. And to browse the happenings of friends and family and to see so many fun, silly, quirky everyday happenings across the world. 🙂

  • I’ve always loved taking photos on my iPhone and dreamed of the day when I could own my own camera. It turns out my dad had a spare Canon Rebel freakin’ Xti laying around so I snatched it up. But now that I think about it, I really can’t say that I prefer one over the other. The iPhone is so accessible (like you said), but the photos I take on my camera are much more aesthetically pleasing. I think I’m blessed to have both of these beauts at my disposal.

  • I could not agree MORE. I deleted twitter almost two years ago, because I’m such a visual person that I found myself seeing the same things on FB and I was on Twitter and 140 charactors or whatever was a little…dull…and then came Instagram. I am so inspired by photography and I love capturing memories in photos, so this app is RIGHT up my alley! I used to carry my sony cybershot everywhere I went and that was my “camera”…but since I’ve had an iphone, there’s no looking back, this is my #1 camera. I agree that there are SO many great photo editing apps that you can still edit and play with you photos that make them even more special. Bottom line, instagram = love.

    xo, Kristi

  • I don’t even use my digital camera any longer – it seems redundant to have a separate camera in addition to my phone. Love your instagrams!

  • I love instagram, it takes better photos then my Cannon Elph, wich I think is sort of sad when you think about it,but it’s like having a mini photoshop built right in. I just cant figure out what to do with allllllll my digital phots, instagram and otherwise, I wanna do somehting fun with them but I’m like stumped for ideas!

  • Me too! Instagram is my favorite and I feel it so rewarding. It’s an awesome blogging too. Blogging right now from a bachelorette party in Oak Island. Love yalls work!!

  • Instagram completely changed the way I take pictures, and how often I take them. I still try to bring out my SLR when I can, but having a back up option is fantastic! I’ve captured so many wonderful moments with my phone, I do not regret this at all! (My 16 year old self would have been mind blown as well!)

  • My feelings about digital insta-photos are so mixed. In high school, I carried around a disposable film camera ALWAYS. Many of my still-favorite photos were taken with these. The camera is similar convenience-wise, and in this ultra-connected world we live in I love being able to instantly share moments in my life, but I miss film terribly.

  • i love instagram, too, but i always forget about it! i’m not big on taking pictures with my fun, but i agree that it is such a great and fun way to capture small, everyday moments you’n never document but don’t want to forget! it’s going to be my own, personal challenge: instagram more!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I see my iphone as my ‘real camera’ yes! It’s so funny! I instagram everything! That way I also can see what photo’s to keep (the ones that stand out) and I delete the rest 🙂

  • I am SO not a photo-taker. I’d much rather enjoy things in the moment than from behind a camera so I rarely take any pictures at all. This has definitely changed since I got an iphone and started using Instagram! It’s so easy and I like that I don’t have to carry another device around in my purse. I have my phone in my hand so often anyways, it’s easy now to snap a few photos now and then. Plus I love choosing different instagram ‘tints’ for each photo!

  • I LOVE using my phone as a camera. I don’t have a real camera at the moment, so I am always whipping it out to snap pics. And Instagram is soooo addicting!

  • Yes it is very easy and I love the fact that you can change the look of the photos so easily. I a capturing more moments than ever as well. Shop Beautiful Day Dresses Online at CopperEtiquette

  • I’m totally instagram obsessed as well! You’re completely right, the fact that we’re able to capture so many beautiful “little” moments is what makes the ap so special!

    The Glossy Life

  • I like to use Blurb and create photo albums with all my photos (Instagram and otherwise!) It’s the perfect way to put them all in one place and you can play with the layout as much as you want. It’s sort of becoming an obsession on it’s own…love making photo albums for friends too (bridal shower mini-books currently in the works). Such a meaningful gift!

  • I am super obssesed too… I mean my iphone is not even working, talking about a real phone duties calls, texts, but I carry it around everywhere so I can instagram everything 🙂

  • I feel the same way! Some of my all time favorite photos are from Instagram. I’ve heard a lot of people speculating that some day we will have to un-Instagram all of our photos because we are sick of the square format and aged look, but I think that is half the fun of it. It dates your photos and allows you to really remember what the style was back then.

  • I’m really loving instagram as well, and these photos are so cute.
    I think it’s just such an accessible way to get old-school photos.
    Love it.

  • I LOVE Instagram,but haven’t been able to get to my account on the computer, just on my phone. My plan is to order photo books of my istagram pics. The pics from my phone ended up being my favorites (over the ones taken with my new Rebel..)

  • Instagram is so cool,i love it myself sooo much!!!


  • I think we all love Instagram and it means we have great memories, in almost digital camera quality and we can edit them so quickly and share them instantly. I love Instagram!!


  • I find I’ve been using Instagram a lot recently, too! It’s easy to capture a moment on my phone, make it look awesome, and use it to remember wonderful times! Some of my most recent posts are all Instagram photos!!

  • I don’t have a smart phone but I would use it like crazy if I had access to it.

  • Our family loves printing out photos. We went crazy this summer and as for family videos they’ve died…but I was always cleaning in them.

  • I honestly cannot wait to trade in my tablet and finally get a smartphone so I can use instagram! No seriously… that is like a huge reason I want a smartphone…and for business stuff too 🙂 haha

  • How do you manage to take such good quality iphone pics? I’m putting together a 1 year baby album for my nephew and of course a large portion of my pics of the cutie guy are from my iphone. However, I’m a bit disappointed in the quality of the pics. Any tips?

  • I am also very much addicted to Instagram. It’s actually my favourite photography app! I love the different filters that you can use and the fact that it’s very simple to share it with the entire instagram world!


  • I love instagram! I have already made a photo book and a ton of magnets, but I am always looking for other ways to “publish” them. Any ideas?

  • I don’t know what I’ve been doing before instagram 😀

    It’s like ultimate fun for me. I love my followers and I follow back immediately. Instagram was my full time company on my one-month Paris trip.

    if anyone interested: aslicoyen

  • I’m completely addicted to Instagram as well. I just love being able to share photos and see what a lot of my friends and people I admire are up to. People are really beginning to take beautiful photos on their too. I love the idea of printing and framing Instagram shots. I also love that they’re square and stand out amongst the other frames I have. I would not have as many photos of my little family if Instagram didn’t exist!


  • I love Instagram too. I live in Australia- sometimes you can feel a little cut off from the rest of the world. But I have met and corresponded with people on instagram, connecting with other people with strong visual sense. There is something so positive about it, I mean you have to be interested in something to photograph it, – I find a lot of people on it are interested in the world & into experiencing it and that’s a beautiful thing.

  • absolutely, I consider my iphone camera my ‘main’ one. LOVE instagram. I’m on there waaay more than twitter. 🙂 just added you both!
    (ps I’m at annarodr, if you’re interested!)

  • I love instagram! Check out my blog:

  • When I lost my first iPhone to a plunge in the toiletbowl, I was so sad to think of all the life-moments that had drowned with it. Since then, I take care of dilligently downloading my pictures on the pc. I take a thousand more pictures since I got my iFriend…. And Instagram is becoming a good friend of mine, too.

  • I’ve become an Instagram addict, I’ve always had a thing for square photos anyway, but it really does make it so easy to document life. From my last holiday I printed off a whole photobook of Instagram photos on Blurb and I love it! I’d never have achieved the same with my SLR.


  • I absolutely love instagram… I have so many wonderful moments captured beautifully; never would have thought that would be possible on a cell phone! Iphone in general has completed changed my life, kind of sad saying that, but it’s totally true!

  • I adore your pictures (and your blog, fashion, decor, inspiration)! Thanks for the Insta info, I’m following now.

  • I absolutely love my DSLR but it is hard to carry around all the time. I am an instagram addict, it is just so convenient and easy to use!

    instagram: sheslikearobot

  • When I first got my iPhone back in 2010, I didn’t realize just how much it would change and shape my life. That same year, I fell in love with DSLR photography, Lomography cameras, and capturing life in general. I was aware of Hipstamatic, and really enjoyed using it. But when Instagram came out, it definitely caused a switch. At first, not many friends were on the app as well. Now most people I know use it everyday.

    I am a blogger (a small blogger, but a blogger nonetheless) who loves documenting my life so that I can look back and smile about the fun times (or even the rough times, to see how far I’ve come). I share photos everyday and every week of things I’ve done, the special moments I’ve shared with friends, the beautiful things I’ve come across. Over time, I’ve noticed that iPhone photos, particularly Instagram photos, have dominated my blog. It’s not intentional, and I do love my DSLR. But the iPhone is always there with me, in purses and pockets I wouldn’t be able to fit my Rebel. It’s effortless to capture the little moments some people look over but end up defining your life, your relationship, and your world.

    When people criticize Instagram, it bums me out. I know capturing every moment of everyday isn’t for everyone, but the people who use Instagram are showing their love of life. That’s something to be shared. It’s the little things. The good things. And it’s an amazing way to document your life. You’ll never regret having those photos, but you might regret missing them!

  • My only camera is my phone, haha. It makes it kind of annoying when I’m trying to take outfit photos and I always compare them to other blogs that have really good-quality photos and I feel like I can’t measure up, but for now it works, and gets the job done.


  • I do love instagram, but I hate that I love it so much!
    I know that I use it a whole lot more than my actual camera, which is sad because that thing was pricey and it does take better photos. Instagram is just easier, but I vow to use my real camera more!

  • My iPhone is my only digital camera and I love it! Instagram really changed my way of taking pictures and I am much better with composition now!!

  • Instagram was 95% of the reason I upgraded my phone. I definitely see it as an equal to my DSLR. I haven’t printed any photos yet, but I definitely will be soon! Instagram has captured some of the greatest parts of my life when its too much trouble to bring along ‘the big camera’. Its so quick, and often sneaky, you get the shot without anyone noticing and changing themselves.

  • Currently being “between cameras” means that my iphone IS my camera. And you know what? It hasn’t bothered me one bit!

  • Instagram is probably one of the most used apps on my iPhone. I am one of those people who documents every silly little moment. Before, it was by posting a Facebook status, and before that it was a post-it-note wall on my bedroom wall filled with silly things my family/friends said, and dates of memorable moments (I still have all the post-it’s in a box under my bed.) (: But Instagram is a far more personal and pretty way of documenting those little moments. I am as well very addicted.

  • I am that 16 (well, 17) year old! My phone is my only camera. Even if I have another one, I forget I do because a phone IS so much more accessible. I have my phone on me at all times. I like the way that Instagram can turn any photo into a piece of art. Generally I just keep digital albums but recently I’ve been printing out photos strips for my dorm! Super simple and pretty!

  • i completely agree! on our last vacation, I left my “real” camera at home and just used my camera phone – and i really liked the shots!

    So, so fun.

  • I love instagram! I am so happy I am able to document the everyday moments with my family. I can’t wait to print out an album for 2012.
    XO , cherish. @wonderdept

  • I used to be super against instagram and I actually still don’t have it, but my husband does and he gets so mad at me, because everytime he leaves his phone alone, I’m snapping pictures. It’s super fun.
    – jillian

  • I just got an iPhone with Instagram last week and I am SO excited! My old phone before didn’t even have internet so this is a dramatic change. I’ve been so jealous of everyone who had it for so many months now.

    Now that polaroid film is up the wall expensive (and just really not the same as it used to be), this is a really great alternative and I love how you can instantly share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s also fun to re-cap them on my blog once in a while and show people a little more of a personal side.

  • YES!
    I totally want an iPhone just for the sole purpose of having Instagram. I feel like I would react just like you! What an awesome way to document everyday life 🙂

  • I absolutely love instagram! I carry my dslr everywhere with me anyways, but I also love the way instagram photos turn out. Even though they may not have the quality that a dslr has, phone cameras are pretty great for capturing those little moments that would probably have come and gone by the time I got my dslr out!

  • Unfortunately my phone does not support instagram as of yet, but I keep checking every day if they’ve come up with new version suitable for mine. And yes, I keep imagining how amazing it would’ve been if I had cell camera back when I was 15 years old. It’s just amazing to be able to look back in your life so vividly through the photographic documentation.

    Happy Sunday!

  • I have over 5000 photos on my iPhone that I have acquired in about a year. People think that’s crazy, but only 500 or so make up my instagram! Sometimes it takes a lot of shots to get the one you are hoping for. The digital age is amazing and we are so lucky to have this technology! xox

  • I couldn’t agree more with your post. I use my camera apps and Instagram daily. I would dear say I’m obsessed with it. I’ve always loved taking pictures and have gone through periods of doing it a lot and then not for a while. Instagram though changed that and I love documenting my daily life. I’ve just in the past year really started combing other photo apps with Instagram. It’s such a fun way to get creative. I need to go back and read your Instgram and photo apps posts you’ve done again. Eventually I want to print them too! I just love your photos! And your blog too!!!

  • I don’t think of my phone as my camera, but I can’t live without it anymore (my husband thinks that’s a bad thing ;)). Also love Instagram, because you can somehow make arty photos with it from normal things in your daily life! Thumps up for the creators!

  • I also love instagram and don’t have as much interest in my digital camera because it’s not as convenient. It helps me to stop and notice the fun sweet little things in life and capture so I’ll never forget. It’s also an amazing creative outlet and has helped me to become more creative which is something I’m working on. It’s the ONLY Social networking I do.

  • I feel the same way! My phone has become my primary camera & I love all of the different apps including instagram there are now … When I look through my photos I have the same feeling as when I would look through old snapshots frome the with my grandmother when she was young… The pictures weren’t professionally taken or edited but it showed the story of everyday life & caputred simple moments forever thats the best thing pictures can do 🙂

  • I adore the look of instagram photos, with all the different effects and that beautiful vintage washed-out appearance so many of the images seem to have, but I would never be interested in having an account. Yet another social media connection instead of living in the ‘real world’! I love blogging and perusing the blogging community and would keep it at that.

  • Have never cared about what phone I have. My current one is my partner’s old hand me down. But of late I have wanted to upgrade for the pure desire to instagram!

  • I could not agree more!! I’m addicted to Instagram! I deactivated my Facebook account one year ago and I’ve never looked back, but I’m never giving up my Instagram account. It’s not just about documenting life’s precious moments but I have found it to be a wonderful creative outlet that helps me to connect with other artistic “photographers” who inspire me. As a result of my Insta-obsession my husband bought me a Canon 600D. I guess he could see a passion and potential in me that wasn’t unleashed until I joined the Instagram community. I love seeing other people’s Insta-updates, including yours Elsie! xo

  • I just got instagram a few weeks ago, when it became available for android, and I’m loving it so far. However, I still take more pictures with a regular camera. But I love my phone for those spontaneous pictures when I don’t have a camera with me.

    I think it’s really incredible what phones can do nowadays. Anybody remember the first really really crappy phone cameras that had a ridiculously low resolution? Haha!

  • oh boi, i love instagram! yet i don’t own any device for it. i am a fan girl at heart and i know at some point i will buy a smart phone just for this. I like taking photos but never comfortable with my camera, i guess a smart phone would take the agony off.

  • Love the app too, you can get so addicted to it! And it’s lovely to look through your photos of months/years ago, so many memories and lovely moments you’ve captured with a simple app. just brilliant!

  • Yes! Well, actually, I find Instagram itself a bit clunky but I LOVE finally having a decent camera phone; I’ve been impatiently waiting for this for years. I take a digital camera with me everywhere, but sometimes waving a big camera around isn’t ideal – it makes me conspicuous or it makes people self-conscious; I love the ease, the speed and the anonymity of using my phone. At the image size I use on my blog (500px width) the difference in quality is rarely noticeable. I’m *so happy*.

  • I use my iPhone a lot for pics, but I do prefer my big camera most of the time since the quality is so much better and I´m also better using that than the Instagram cam! 🙂

  • I use my DSLR for taking “real photos”, but I used to have a point-and-shoot camera as well that I would bring with me to places where the DSLR would be too big, heavy, or just not appropriate (clubs and parties). But now I have completely stopped bringing a point-and-shoot camera and instead use only my iPhone when I don’t have my DSLR. And it’s great! With all the different apps for editing photos and adding filters, there’s really a lot of opportunities for taking great photos and sharing them right away! I love it!

  • I can totally relate to this post ! I can’t stop taking pictures with instagram. It’s so easy and the photos are so good quality. Love this post !

  • I’m an Android user so when Instagram finally released the Android version earlier this year I was STOKED. So many of my friends and favourite bloggers use it so it was really nice to have access to the app. It’s also really fun to share my own photos that way too.

    I definitely find that my phone camera gets used so much more than my DSLR and more than any of the cameras in my old phones (I have the Samsung Galaxy SII now). It’s easy and it’s straightforward to use. I can capture on the go without the bulk of having to take my big camera with me. While the quality isn’t as good, I just like that it captures those little moments. 🙂

  • I love this, instagram is definitely the easiest way to snap happy moments which I adore <3

  • I guess I’m different on this one. No instagram for me but I do love love love my tiny Canon Powershot and never leave home without it. I use it to document life much as you describe what you use your phone camera for, so the reason is the same but the means of getting the result is different!


  • I feel the >>SAME<< way, Elsie. Instagram is the reason I bought my iPhone...I just didn't know it at the time.

  • that’s great! I wish I had an iphone buuuut i dont 🙂


  • I bought a SLR a few months ago and I absolutely love the photos you can make with that camera! But I really love photography and experimenting and I’m kind of bummed out I can’t take my SLR everywhere you miss out on so much! So I’m actually considering buying a smartphone (htc or Iphone I’m not really too sure yet) just for Instagram. I mean not only for instagram, but it’s a BIG reason why I want a phone with a decent camera! Haha, reading this post only convinced me more, everything you say is exactly what I want! 😀

    love, Saar

  • I just got my iPhone, and already I am hooked. It was the first app that I downloaded. It’s great to always have the option of taking a few quick pics when my bulky camera is at home. Long may it reign!
    Kim @whatpeggysaid x

  • I love the accessability of my iPhone. There are so many great/ fun apps for editing instagram photos that it’s hard not to love taking photos with your phone. My phone definitely does not replace my SLR but it’s certainly easier to carry around with me. I think my favourite thing about Instagram is that it has made more people love photography. Pictures are supposed to capture a thousand words and I love “reading” people’s stories on Instagram.

  • YES! we’re living in the future… i say that so often. i’m only discovering instagram after getting an iphone, but i totally take pictures with my phone ALL the time! even if some people can’t understand it, it is very precious to me to have pictures to document all the small moments in my life.

  • I do just the same! Some used to roll with their eyes when they saw me taking pictures -again-!! But now they think its Fun too!

  • I’ve had one or two digital cameras but when I got my iphone I was camera-less, so thinking of it as my only camera wasn’t a transition that needed to be made. That being said, after finding some excellent photo editing apps (especially the sharpen tool) I can’t really say I feel like I want a “real” camera! I love the ability to take a photo and edit it using the same tool! And it’s so compact! And I just love instagram! It’s so awesome having all my little memories archived <3

    xoxo Sarah

    instagram: dottidee

  • You know what? Not everyone has an iphone 🙂 I have a normal mobile worth 20 dollars, it cannot take pics, I only can ring or send sms. Wow, and I am still living…

  • The other day I realised that the mayority of pictures on my blog are now instagram pics and I felt kind of guilty about it. Maybe because a lot of people still consider them ‘inferior’ photos. You post kind of changed my mind! I shall be posting my insta-pics proudly. Especially until my camera skills are much improved!

  • I totally remember thinking that it sounded ridiculous the first time I heard of a camera phone…now I’m all about it! I just started a blog and one of the things that was intimidating to me about it in the back of my mind initially was that I don’t have a real camera and don’t know how to take pictures, but I ended up deciding that the shots I capture here and there with my phone are enough for me. And yeah I’m all about Instagram too, I may not add pictures that often but I check it one million times a day for everyone else’s!

  • I seriously do not know what we did without our smart phone! I was just thinking about “back in the day” when we had to buy film, and sometimes, had to “manage” how many pictures I took, and then had to have it developed! I am TOTALLY addicted to the smart phone and all it connects me to – instagram, Facebook, friends!

    Let’s follow each other!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • I really need to start instagramming more, I think. Although I’m not finding it as quick as easy as my camera, or at least not as much as my point and shoot. Maybe it’s because I have an older iPhone (3GS) and so it takes awhile to load and whatnot. All the more reason to upgrade, I guess!

    Also, I think my favourite pictures that you instagram are the simple ones, like those starbucks cups. Those are the moments in life that are most worthy of documentation, I feel.

  • I can totally relate to this post! I find myself going “oh you don’t need that heavy camera today, you’ll take awesome pics with your iphone anyways.”

    My question, how do you save a full sized version. Does the print end up looking good? I really need to start making family albums!

  • I totally agree and I love it! I think of my iPhone camera as my main camera now. Unless I’m trying to shoot some higher quality shots for my blog, I usually just use my phone because it is always there. And I agree, I love capturing the little moments that would not have otherwise been captured!

  • I, too, love Instagram. I have a camera and it is fairly new, but it doesn’t take pictures as prettily as my iPhone camera! I can’t wait to get a better camera for Christmas, but in the meantime, I am loving this. And I probably still will once I get a better camera — it’s so easy! 🙂

  • Yes… I don’t know where my life would be without Instagram. My insta archives are filled with lots of memories that would probably wouldn’t be captured with a dslr or even a point & shoot. The handy of having a light and super portable camera in a phone takes capturing memories to another level. Super convenient.


  • I love instagram blog posts. They are easy and fun to read/see. Looks like you are having fun!

  • I have so many digital photos and seriously need to print them and load them all into one external hard drive. Organization is so hard to come by for me!

  • I don’t have instagram, but I designed a camera necklace once for a project (I study Industrial Design). It was meant for the exact purpose you tell here; being able to quickly snap everyday shots that are meaningful throughout the day. At the same time it was a personal object and you could connect it to a digital picture diary with a connected service to get that printed if you wanted. It was basically a new way of journaling and documenting life’s everyday small moments. 🙂

  • Holy cow, I totally agree!! I generally get stressed out by most mediums of social media but instagram is TRULY amazing and never stresses me out. Some of my favorite shots have come from there too. Yay successful apps!


  • i just bought an iPhone this week. i can’t wait until it gets here! i’ve been awkwardly trying to instagram with my ipad… but it’s just too big.

  • I totally know what you mean! My fiance and I hardly ever take our point and shoot cameras anywhere now….they’re pretty much obsolete. We’re still hoping to get ourselves a dslr soon, but the phones will still probably get used more just because they are so convenient!

  • i love instagram as well and i totally agree. it’s easier to snap an instagram then whip out a huge fancy camera. instagram wins!

  • Totally insta-obsessed over here! I love capturing little snippets throughout the day that I wouldn’t normally run and grab a camera for. Especially with my kids. Like you said some of MY favorite pics of my little ones are on my instagram. I love how it makes me feel a little bit like a professional photographer (far from though really 😉 ) I really want to print mine out but haven’t yet my plan is to copy my bro-in-law and print them on magnets. His fridge is full of insta-beauties and I love it!

  • Elsie, I know just what you mean! I’ve started printing groups of 6 Instagrams at home on 4×6 photo paper (collaging them in photoshop and writing little notes/doodles here and there with my tablet first, of course!), and mixing them in with “regular” photographs in my albums. I find that somehow the most meaningful pictures are coming from my phone now, who’d have thought? 🙂

  • I love instagram, but use my regular camera more than the app. I like to take regular photos and then upload them to instagram later. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Gotta tell ya… I was completely against Instagram a little over a year ago. But I’m in love with it now! I’m looking forward to getting my own iPhone, so I can actually use it more than once a week, when my husband’s off work 😉

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