The Piano Lesson Dress




The Piano Lesson Dress is my favorite of all the sundresses in the collection. It has a pretty double scalloped collar and is made of 100% cotton gingham. I love the way it fits around the shoulders and neckline and it's so cute when layered. ♥ elsie 

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  • So super cute!!! I like this one & the kite dress the best… but the collar on this one is darling!!! love!

    have you also considered selling downloadable patterns for these as well??? maybe just one or two? i hope to buy one of these dresses (the kite dress! i love the pattern you created!), but i would definitely pop for all the patterns too. 🙂

  • so perfect. especially with that red belt. andddd the hat. great combo. it makes me want sunny skies.

  • I loved the checked gingham pattern… reminds me of running through fields of tall grass 😀

    Aoife x

  • Thanks so much!
    Nikki, Emma modeled the 3 wears to wear it for this dress (she’s 5’4″). 😉 I’m gonna post it in a bit.

  • Everything looks gorgeous and fitted so beautifully! We know these dresses all look wonderful on tall, skinny girls, but it would be nice to see how your designs are working on those of us who are short and have a fuller figure.

  • Hi there. The velvet dresses are pretty small. The small fits our size 0 model like a glove. They’re definitely the smallest pieces in the collection since they’re meant to be clingy.

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