The Pumpkin Pie Dress Dress / 3 Ways To Wear It



It's an unspoken rule in red-velvet-land that at least one dress from every collection will be named after a pie. Last Spring we had the Lemon Pie Dress and so it's only fitting that the season we are serving up a dress named after our favorite Autumn treat, pumpkin pie! This dress is made of lush pumpkin colored velvet (literally the most beautiful velvet we've ever seen) with pretty bell sleeves, a low back and a super flattering fit!


In Look 1, Kinsey (Red Velvet's one and only shop girl!) layered a vintage top under the dress. She accessorized her look with sweet ruffled socks and nerd glasses.


For Kinsey's second look, she belted her dress. She kept it super casual with sandals and a messy side bun. This is a look she would wear for a coffee date or to run errands in.


In Look 3, Kinsey looks like a harvest princess (is there such a thing?). She wore a gorgeous feather crown, layered crystal necklaces a gold bangle and platforms! This look is my favorite. (Thanks, Kinsey!)

Credits: (teal background) Clogs c/o Seychelles, Look 1- Shoes/Jeffrey Campbell, Look 2- Handmade arrow belt by Elsie (DIY coming in September!), Look 3- Tiger Lilly Crown by Red Velvet, Jeffrey Campells c/o ModCloth and dipped crystal necklaces coming soon to RV. Models: Kinsey and Laurel. All photos taken in the RV studio by the RV team.

  • @Heaven: I have this dress in both blue and orange. I love the quality
    I certainly wouldn’t dare to wear it as a dress as it is rather short for my age,personal taste and size but it looks absolutely perfect with a pair of dressy leggings or flared pants. And even as a tunic there are many many ways to style it, the sky is the limit!
    In any case Kinsey looks adorable in it and she’s got what it takes to wear it as a dress.

  • This reminds be of a 70’s back up dancer in the best way possible! I want this one sooo badly! It’s such a great shape, and you rarely see dresses made entirely of velvet! xoxo

  • Love all of these looks! Great dress! Number twooo I’m swooning over<3



  • The article is worth reading,Thank you very much! I will keep your new articles.

  • The article is worth reading,Thank you very much! I will keep your new articles.

  • God, don’t tell anyone, but velvet is my favorite material…next to lace.

  • I think she should have gone the whole hog with the last look: feather crown paird with moccasin boots, and maybe a suede waistcoat? I love dressing for autumn!

  • It looks like she forgot to put on her pants. How is a person supposed to sit down in a dress like that?

  • Hi, Jenn! Thank you! The sandals were a gift so I’m not exactly sure where they’re from. 🙂

  • Great dress! And I love pumpkin pie 😉
    OUTFIT POST: Citadel Parade

  • love look 2!!! the sunglasses give it an hollywood vibe. dig it!

  • i came acoss this blog via someone else. i dont yet have a blog of my own. i like this blog and i love that dress. i love those gily pictures put on the other day, they were very mod.


  • Yay! This is hands down my favorite dress from the collection. The color and texture are just gorgeous 🙂

  • Love the belt in the second look! Looking forward to that DIY. I need a new project.

  • I wouldn’t think this dress can be so versatile!

  • Yes dress is really pretty. I love the way you wear it in different ways.

  • I think the second look is my favorite. Belts are my favorite way to mix up and outfit and create a new look. So excited for the launch of your new line!

  • Love this dress!! Like, holy wow..I love it a lot! That color is fantastic, and I love all three ways that it was styled. So cute!! <3

  • this dress looks so incredibly comfy and so cute. love the flowy fabric.

  • This dress totally puts me in Halloween mood :). I’m so curious to see what Halloween is all about! This will be my very first one.

    Have a magical week!


  • FABULOUS! Your mind is overflowing with creativity and it comes out so well. I really admire not just that you have such great ideas but that you actually carry them out AND, last but not least, they come out so gorgeous!

  • Look number two is perfect! Love this dress, I am so ready for autumn!

  • !!!!! I was just telling a friend how I needed an orange velvet dress! This is amazing, especially the first look… when will it be avaliable to purchase?! I’m new to your blog, so sorry if you’ve already mentioned it somewhere

  • I think a pie naming tradition is a great one 🙂 Love this orange-rust velvet dress especially so, though I do like your other bell-sleeved dresses this season also. I would pick this one to wear with some fun and fancy printed tights or over loose pants as a tunic top with a low-slung wide gypsy belt for slouchy comfort living…

    (and sorry about the complete muddle on your previous post >_< ...)

  • I love this dress! So retro and chic 🙂


  • That velvet makes me swoony. I love it!!!!! So so so pretty, as always <3

  • Harvest Home is September 23rd, so Kinsey could definitely be a harvest festival princess! Love the feather crown.

  • Jenn, those sandals are Kinsey’s. I’m not sure where they came from, but when she reads through the comments she’ll probably respond! XO

  • I love that it is named after a pie!!

    This one is so unique and different! I love love it!!

    Yay for your amazing dresses!

  • What a beautiful, bold dress! I’m all about statement pieces. And, I’m not going to lie, this post is making my stomach ache for a nice piece of fresh pumpkin pie from the farmer’s market. 🙂

  • Gorgeous! I love the first way best, I’m a sucker for frilled socks and collars 🙂 xo

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