(the return of…) 10 Things I LOVE Sundays!

today was a lovely Sunday. i got to sleep in, work all day on RVA projects & hang out with Mr. Larson’s family (we even had a bonfire!!!)… it was wonderful!

10 Things I LOVE Sunday: 

1. finallyyyyyyy, i have a new kit! i have been craving a good scrapbooking day & between this and my Italy projects I had lots of fun creative time this past week….



(plushie album patterns)

(boy+girl wood cuts)
(word bubbles & felt hearts)


(my favorite sticker i’ve everrrr designed. it says “I’m so in love with you. Let’s have a pancake party!” and glow in the dark hearts!)







(more of my favorite stickers ever. i got a new printer for these & i love them even more than my old ones…. i designed these with pen and colored pencil and the texture looks SO amazing. we could barely tell the original art from the stickers!! i’m excited about them.)

k… you can see more details on the kit here.
2. making faux polaroids with a free iPhone app.

my good friend, Will, added it to my phone the other day & i think it’s so much funnnnn!


3. Silje’s knitted owl sweater! She’s so rad!


omg… and speaking of knitted beauties… Vivianna made these for our store. i love them!!


4. Listening to Clark Howard on the radio.

(yes… we are very nerdy! so nerdy, in fact, that i named this teddy after him this past week.) 😀



5.our daily Starbucks trip.

Actually, we faithfully support every coffee shop in this town. HA! 😀
6. Possibly my most unattractive photo of all time (that makes me love it even more for some strange reason….)!
7. Polyvore.com
Big THANK YOUs to the person who linked me to this site last week. It’s super inspiring. Here are some ‘looks’ that i created…


i love this kind of visual inspiration! it makes me feel like painting, scrapbooking, making cute pillows for my bedroom & reworking thrift shop clothes all at once! it fills my mind with ideas for creating cute things. 😀

8. Holly’s new tattoo!!!!!!

She is now donning one of my pretty ladies on her right arm.
it’s a huge honor to any artist! i LOVE it!!!
 (She’s a trooper! This tattoo took 6 hours! :D)

10. and the prettiest photo…


  • Love it! I’m very happy that I couldn’t sleep and wandered around my little house having an extra cup of wild sweet orange tea tonight. Can’t wait to create someting sweet and lovely.

    Have a great week!


  • You are having way too much fun for one person LOL!!!! You have to go check out my Pez picture… Have a great week Elsie…


  • ohmygoodness! That tattoo is the cutest thing in the world! Your girls make awesome tattoos. I am in looove with it! <3

  • i love this post!! The scrapbook, the outfits, the tattoo!, the red umbrella girl too! thanks for this yummy post

  • Oh I also love such things about Sunday: making projects, look through magazines, catch up emails and blog posts! Wonderful! I really like your Polyvore creations – especially the first two ones!
    Now, have an equally wonderful week as your weekend has been!

  • Thank you for this post!

    Oh and I read it as “we like coffee and making out”. Ha ha!

    Have a wonderful week!

  • That sweater is freakin’ awesome. I actually thought about getting the xo tattoo! Love it!

  • oh my goodness your “I’m so in love with you. Let’s have a pancake party!” sticker made me smile! my church youth group has a monthly pancake party where we just hang out and eat pancakes…and there is one this saturday night! 🙂

    i love making fake polaroids! i have a program that i downloaded on my computer that can make them too- http://www.poladroid.net -it’s pretty sweet!

    thanks for sharing elsie!!

  • I totally listen to Clark Howard everyday on my way to work. 🙂

    And that tattoo looks sweet! I love it.

  • I LOVE so many things in this post!:D Polyvore is the most awesome thing ever, and so are faux polaroids! poladroid.com is what i use since i dont have an i phone…it’s fun! thanks for the inspo elsie! adorable!!!

    oh and, that pic of you and jeremy next to the pancake sticker is the cutest ever!

  • oops…someone else posted poladroid… maybe i should read others comments first!:)

  • Sigh…Mrs. Lulu is my idol – she’s such a talented photographer. I can’t believe that tattoo – it’s amazing. Your kit and stickers are very cool Elsie 🙂

  • love it all! you amaze me all the time! holly is awesome too – one of the coolest inks i’ve ever seen! and those headbands… eeeeee <3! (and the kit... ORDERED!)


  • Also the tattoo and the crochet bow headband are amazing. I was just gonna work up some crochet, red, bow hair clips today!

  • This post is truly the best 🙂 Scrapbbok, tattoo and clothes <3 No matter what mood I'm in I always feel happier and more inspired after I've been here! 😀 Take care! Johanna

  • I’ve been eyeing that owl sweater for some time at Ravelry. I’m very tempted to cast it on soon. I’m also designing some cute knitted bows like the one your friend designed for your store. They are just so cute, they’re irristable !

  • ahhhh I can’t wait to buy a kit!! Its sooo cute 😉 Your so inspiring thank u!

  • Maybe I missed you already posting this, but when is the craft weekend going to be??

  • new printer? i’m jealous…i’m a little disappointed with what i have right now, and they’re new! what kind did you get for your stickers?

  • I heart the tattoo design. Who what of thought your art would be on skin?? You can sign me up to be your next canvas:)

  • i am absolutely in love with your blog! wow! instantaneous inspiration! i am adding you to my faves!



  • I love that tattoo, but I don’t want one. I would love it on a t-shirt instead. Your an amazing artist. You got to do what you love. You have fun friends who also do the same things like you. Sigh…I’d love to be in your shoes for even one day. 😛

  • Would you consider drawing a canvas for my man & I. We will be together 10 years, trying to think of something to get him… Just love your drawings:) Let me know if you would consider it. IT WOULD MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!!!

  • The loft is beautifully done and is almost the best nook of the house.Great furniture pieces to add to the romance there.

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