The Sewing Kit Dress / 3 Ways To Wear It

Sewing kit 3 ways
Sewing kit dress by Red Velvet
I'm so incredibly excited to share one of the most special dresses in our Autumn collection, The Sewing Kit Dress! This dress is made of pretty plum colored cotton which was screen printed (right here in Springfield) with a print I designed. It has a really fun collar too. Here's my sweet friend, Holly, sharing three ways to wear this dress…

Sewing kit 1
In Holly's first styling she wore a wrap skirt (c/o Simone's Rose) over the dress with a pair of chunky wedges and a handmade hair piece. I love that this look is casual, but still very put together.

Sewing kit 2
In Holly's second look she wore purple tights and purple shoes with a pop of color in the belt. Who says three shades of purple in one outfit can't work? I love it.

Note: In case you didn't know, Holly is 16 weeks pregnant in this photo. This dress isn't the least bit snug on her. This style is super easy to fit! This dress will absolutely fit her for the next few months of her pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy. Nice!

Sewing kit 3
In Look 3, Holly wore a cute blazer, vintage scarf and glasses. I love the belt under the blazer. She told me that of all the outfits this would be the one she'd be most comfortable wearing to work as a salon owner.

Sewing kit closer
Thank you Holly, for being an amazing model! I am so proud of this dress. Thanks for taking a peek! XO, elsie

3 Ways To Wear It Photos by Wess Howell

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  • Hello – SO cute! The pattern is beyond sweet and I love how you’ve mixed up with so many cute little belts. And the shoes in the first photo – to die for! Thanks again for including my Heartland skirt in the outfits. Lovin’ it!

  • I’m so impressed by the print you created! That’s so unique- an the little sailor-esque collar is to die for! xox

  • YESSSS! This one comes in extended sizes AND looks great for maternity! Score for me all around! 🙂 Must have!

  • This one is definitely my favorite. New clothes aren’t in my budget right now, but if I were able to get one of these dresses, this would be the one.

  • This is adorable! These dresses just keep getting cuter 🙂

  • I’m so proud of my beautiful daughter! She’s lovely in all 3 looks! I especially love the 3rd one!

  • Being 18 weeks pregnant myself I love to see pregnant women in non maternity clothing. I was bummed at first that I wouldn’t be able to buy one of your amazing dresses for fall but after seeing Holly in this dress I am definitely reconsidering! Thank you, Elsie!

  • My favourite!
    I must also know about the yellow shoes that look like loafers? I’ve seen them in quite a few posts. Where could one find a pair?

  • Elsie, (And all the other pretty pretty RV girls!!) I can’t explain to you how much I ADORE this dress! The print is just perfect. Can’t wait to wear it! SO happy to see another line, and such great vision from you girls! So inspirational!! ♥♥♥

  • those purple tights are a fab way to bring that dress to a whole new level. I look forward to these posts everyday!!!

  • Such a sweet dress. I like the collar a lot and the look with the blazer. You have such cute models!

  • I love this one! This is the one I’m really looking forward to buying.

    xo. rv

  • This is gorgeous! I love the belts! You are so talented! 🙂

  • I love how you put the skirt over the dress in the first outfit! Very fun 🙂

  • this is my favorite one! I hope you are bringing some to the Renegade Festival!

  • This is my favorite of the collection. Beautiful job on the fabric design. 🙂

  • I hope you made a lot of these because I’m sure there are a ton of us that need this dress! In love…

  • This dress will be mine…its my favorite and I cannot wait!!!!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • I will definitely need a “Red Velvet Dress Fund” for all these beauties! Can’t wait till tomorrow! Hmm… Pay day is this week too!

  • I reaaaaaaly love the first style!

  • Great outfits. When I wear this kind of dress with a super cute pattern & special details, I usually try to make the dress the center of attencion & I don’t wear many accesories. Although, I find the slender belt & the bright tights a very good idea to make the look more interesting, I have to try!

  • Love this dress! The print is adorable!!!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • I love your printed dresses the most! Always so unique and totally adorable!


  • This dress just has your style all over it, Elsie – literally I guess! A true signature piece: I think it embodies all things Red Velvet 🙂

  • awww holly looks absolutely amazing in this dress!!! shes glowing! my fav look is number onei with the skirt! 🙂 xx

  • Such a cute dress, the collar is adorable. And I really love that you designed the print yourself, it makes it that little bit more special <3

  • when I saw the first picture on this post I thought «the first look is the one I like the best», finally it wouldn’t be me falling in love with the 3rd look! it happens that look comes in 3rd in the post haha it seems so weird to me how you always end up putting my favourite look in 3rd 🙂

    btw this is my favourite piece from the entire collection, I absolutely love the pattern, I think you should create a collection in the future only with your own patterns 😉

  • I love love love the dress and love love love the spool design on it (can I have it tattooed on my shoulder pllllleeeeeez?)

  • i adore this dress..its really really pretty!!!! congratulations to you and all your team:)


  • I just discovered your blog and I am in love with it! Keep up the good work.

  • this is definitely my favourite so far! it’s so special because it’s not only a dress you designed, but made up with your own fabric too! the colour is so perfect for a/w and that sailor-esque collar is just darling.

  • The sewing kit dress is my faaaaavorite out of everything I have seen from BOTH collections.


    Talia Christine

  • I just LOVE this dress! It’s just perfect and looks just gorgeous with yellow. I’m so excited about the new collection!!
    Sophie x

  • I really, really like this dress. The color, the cut, everything. It’s so pretty and fun!
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  • I would totally wear this dress. I think it’s my favorite so far! I love the simple style in the fun fabric and that collar is so cheeky!


  • She looks adorable. I totally didn’t realize she was pregnant, congrats!

  • I love it with the purple tights! But then I am quite tight obsessed at the moment- I even convinced my mom to buy a purple pair to wear with boots 🙂

  • Gah!! I LOVE THIS DRESS! That print is amazing, you really should start designing fabric. You’d be great at it!
    I love all three looks. The collar is so girly and cute. PERFECT dress for fall! <3

  • I think I’m definitely going to have to fight for this one! I hope you made lots of it 😉

  • So so pretty. The collar is what does it for me—so crisp and gorgeous.

    And Elsie? The fabric is heaven.

    Thank you for making such loveliness in the world.

    –Sara Sophia

  • Absolutely gorgeous, this is my favourite out of the collection.
    And Holly is looking so beautiful, positively glowing 🙂

  • This is my favorite dress so far!! LOVE it!!

    PS: How cute would it be to use a measuring tape as a belt?! 😉

  • I definitely have to get my hands on this dress! The desgin and fabric are so unique and the color is perfect for fall! I’m anxiously awaiting September 1st :).

  • Awe, this dress is so much fun! I love its collar and the print is just too awesome! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week!


  • That’s awesome that you designed the print of the fabric for this one – it is a really striking dress! Love the unique color. And collar 🙂

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