The Sewing Kit Dress / 3 Ways To Wear It

Sewing kit 3 ways
Sewing kit dress by Red Velvet
I'm so incredibly excited to share one of the most special dresses in our Autumn collection, The Sewing Kit Dress! This dress is made of pretty plum colored cotton which was screen printed (right here in Springfield) with a print I designed. It has a really fun collar too. Here's my sweet friend, Holly, sharing three ways to wear this dress…

Sewing kit 1
In Holly's first styling she wore a wrap skirt (c/o Simone's Rose) over the dress with a pair of chunky wedges and a handmade hair piece. I love that this look is casual, but still very put together.

Sewing kit 2
In Holly's second look she wore purple tights and purple shoes with a pop of color in the belt. Who says three shades of purple in one outfit can't work? I love it.

Note: In case you didn't know, Holly is 16 weeks pregnant in this photo. This dress isn't the least bit snug on her. This style is super easy to fit! This dress will absolutely fit her for the next few months of her pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy. Nice!

Sewing kit 3
In Look 3, Holly wore a cute blazer, vintage scarf and glasses. I love the belt under the blazer. She told me that of all the outfits this would be the one she'd be most comfortable wearing to work as a salon owner.

Sewing kit closer
Thank you Holly, for being an amazing model! I am so proud of this dress. Thanks for taking a peek! XO, elsie

3 Ways To Wear It Photos by Wess Howell

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