The Ultimate Essential Oils Wishlist!

It’s no secret that we are super into essential oils here at A Beautiful Mess and we love finding new ways to use them in lots of DIY recipes. It’s amazing how many things you can make with even just a few oils—room sprays, face oils, cleaning sprays, roller blends, hand soaps, and diffuser recipes, just to name a few. Whether you are an oil newbie or have been in the essential oils club for a while, the holiday season is a great time to stock up on the basics to make your own products at home and find a few fun things to show your EO love as well!

1. These glass soap dispensers are great for either DIY dish soap or hand soap in your bathroom. Find your favorite blend for every season!

2. (similar here) The marble pattern on this essential oil diffuser is so pretty—love!

3. Wool dryer balls will not only dry your clothes faster but you can drop a few drops of oils on the balls and add a natural scent to your laundry as well (lavender oil is our fave for that!).

4. If everyone knows you’ve reached “crazy oil lady level,” you may as well flaunt it with this mug!

5. This isn’t just an ordinary cactus, this cutie is a ceramic oil diffuser!

6. (similar here) All those amber bottles can look the same, so make sure you have some labels on hand to label your different scents and essential oil creations!

7. For the true oil enthusiast, an essential oil pin!

8. These larger amber spray bottles are perfect for DIY household cleaning products.

9. These leather roses have a car vent clip attached and will diffuse essential oils all throughout your work commute! May we suggest a calming cinnamon leaf blend for rush hour traffic?

10. For roll on application of oils, this small rainbow top bottles are great! You can also use amber bottles the same size if you want to maximize the life of your oil inside.

11. If you’ve never tried to open those rollerball tops to refill them, well, it’s tough! Have one of these keys on hand to make the process easier.

12. These smaller fine-mist amber spray bottles are perfect for room sprays and face and pillow mists.

13. Let your inner southerner out with this oil lovin’ tee.

14. Place a drop of essential oil on this lava stone necklace and you can bring your fave scent with you wherever you go.

15. Keep a smaller oil diffusor at your office or pack it for travel.

16. For the essential oil beginner, a pack of three carrier oils to get your started! These are great for DIY beauty products.

17. Like the necklace, these lava stone bracelets will carry scent with you—stack a few and put complimentary scents on each.

  • Love these! Didn’t know there were that many accessories to essential oils! I really like Lemongrass – should probably order some of these to try.

  • I love this wishlist!

  • I have never tried essential oils but that diffuser is so pretty!

    Michelle ||

  • Your Oui Fresh essential oils are top on MY wishlist! 😉

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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