The Wedding Cake Dress





1The Wedding Cake Dress is made of the prettiest floral eyelet lace. Mallory and I searched far and wide for this special fabric and ended up driving six hours to hunt it down! This is one of the most formal dresses in the Spring collection. The open back is gorgeous. I'm so excited about this piece.♥ 


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  • It looks like you gave all you got just to look for his fabric! Well, everything’s totally worth it! This can also be worn on other events, such as anniversaries, birthdays and other parties. Great job!

  • Wedding dresses inspired by garments worn on the podium – is a simple matter to convert part of the twenties style clothing in modern wedding dresses. Brides want their wedding to be romantic and is often evident in his style of dress, lace is back and you can get a wedding dress online if you wish, which is entirely fitting.

  • This is beautiful?
    Where is it sold? Or do you even sell it?
    I love the hair piece as well!!

  • this is ALL to die for! love the hat and the dress and the color of the tights. yeah, i love it all!

  • Oh, wow. I love your blog, hair, makeup, pretty much everything!

    NOW following for sure!

  • Well I have to tell you – I just about fell off my chair when I saw this post…

    I had been hunting for delicious fabric for my engagement photos dress when I stumbled across the most beautiful floral eyelet in midnight navy hidden away in my local fabric store in Winnipeg. It’s the exact same fabric! I’m so glad you’re as head over heels for it as I am!!


  • Love it! the material is so cute and gotta love purple tights to set it off…lovely!

  • Love all your dresses. They are so gorgeous. By the way your brother’s fiance as the model in these pics is beautiful.

  • Hi! This is the kind of bra I wear with dresses like this- It’s a good investment if you have a large bust. I wear it with all my strapless dresses because it’s much more supportive than I regular strapless bra. 🙂

  • i love eyelet. it reminds me of my parents’ bedskirt when i was a little girl, in the best way of course. beautiful.

  • What a perfect dress. The eyelet fabric definitely gives it the wow-factor that color usually does. Awesome!

  • Completely and utterly in love with this dress. The fabric is gorgeous as is the cut and styling. LOVE!

  • I am always totally inspired and impressed by the way you accessorize these beautiful dresses!

  • I looooooove this dress so much! But one question, ladyz: how does one wear an open back dress like this, i.e. is there some sort of bra you can wear with this, or are the gals with ta-tas just out of luck? 🙁

  • Okay, I was in love with the shape of the dress, the scalloped hem… then I saw the back.

    STUNNING!! Well done, Elsie.

    Talia Christine

  • so pretty! so worth the long drive. the detail is exquisite. beautiful design incorporating the flavor of the fabric…

    (p.s. i can’t wait for you to sell your textiles…your kite fabric is fab!)

  • This is so gorgeous! I love the eyelet detailing, I haven’t seen much like it before, and I love the back! I love open back dresses! I also love the tiny scalloped bottom!

    – Meanz (Koi Story)

  • So gorgeous. It’s very classy, I can envisage Audrey Hepburn or some such elegant film star walking about town in it.

  • Ah! OH my goodness. This dress is absolutely gorgeous… it looks like that fabric was well worth the drive! Stunning!

  • oh wow, that dress is so classy! I love the back, and the fabric is so lovely. xx

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