There’s a new Red Velvet girl in town…




Hi there. We're so excited to add Katie to the Red Velvet family! We had a wonderful RV weekend full of photos, relaxing, creative chats and yummy food. It was perfect. I'll share lots of photos this week! 


So stop over at her blog and give her a virtual hug or high five… we love you Katie. You make a great Red Velvet Girl! XO. els 

  • These are SO CUTE!! I’m so happy you posted these photos! I want to steal all your dresses and shoes 😉

  • Welcome to Katie, what a dream job it must be working with you ladies. x

  • YES!!!! It’s about time! I love my name twin and she is perfect for RVA! =)

    Love from the UK,

    Katie xo

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  • yay!!! Love Katie’s blog too! and if there’s any information on where I could find the shoes at the far right of the line with the raspberry tights i’d be forever grateful..

  • I love Katie! she’s so cute and her plush animals are SO super cute! can’t wait to see more photos!

  • Congratulations all around! Her blog is absolutely lovely – I’m sure she’ll be a perfect fit.

    also? That first foto is magic.

  • Aww I always knew Katie would be a part of Red Velvet some day! 🙂 You girls are awesome! xo

  • that’s a gorgeous dress she has on :)xxx

  • hooray!!!!
    loving all the yellow in the first picture. what a happy colour.

  • I love that dress, super-cute! Congratulations on the new addition.


  • yay!!! Love Katie’s blog too! and if there’s any information on where I could find the shoes at the far right of the line with the raspberry tights i’d be forever grateful..

  • I didn’t even realize she lived so close to town! Can’t wait to stop in the store and meet her some day.

  • wow really nice.. 🙂 congrats guys!! 🙂
    Irene Wibowo

  • the colors in that first photo are just *WOW*! i’m so excited for fall! Yay for Katie! : )

  • I totally adore Katie, so glad to see she has joined the RV family. Congrats guys! xo

  • J’aim Katie, fantastiques cheveux rouges !!!


  • I love Katie’s blog! What a great addition!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • YAY! Thats so exciting! What a great job too! Congrats RV Family on your new girl! Loving it!
    Sway x

  • This is great! You must be the most awesome employer in the world, organizing those kind of RV weekends!
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  • Congrats on the newest addition. 🙂
    Can’t wait to read what you’re up to.

    Lots of love. xo.

  • Excited! Big congrats to Katie– I totally thought she was already a Red Velvet girl for some reason! She just fits in so perfectly with the rest of your family!
    <3 Linda

  • What a great lady and a stunning photo of her. Love this announcement all the way around!!!


  • Congrats Katie!

    Love the combination of dresses, tights and shoes! It’s nice to find people that aren’t afraid of colour and mixing it up!

  • nevermind…we put two and two together! Holly is wearing it! We got to meet her last week! xo the girls of oh so lovely

  • So exciting! I totally recognize the dress the second from the left! It’s from our shop! How did it end up here!? We’re dying of curiosity!!

  • I love Katie!! How exciting! She is a perfect fit!

  • I LOVE Katie
    She is so adorable


  • Oh wow!! Congrats Katie! This is so exciting!:)

    Stephanie May*

  • Aww yay! She’s perfect! Katie is so sweet, I’m so happy for her! xo

  • thanks for your kind words!
    for those curious… katie’s new roles at RV will include product dreaming, guest teaching and collaborating on random fun things that we do. we’re so happy to have her in our family!

  • what does that mean exactly? katie is super adorable and her blog is so fun… i’m excited to see what she adds to your team! <3

  • Um! She’s ADORABLE. Yay, congrats to both of you.


  • Yay! I’m excited for you Katie! What exactly is her role with Red Velvet?

    xo. rae veda

  • YAY KATIE! The perfect addition to Red Velvet. She is the dearest, sweetest thing. And she looks so darling in that yellow dress! 🙂

  • Aww, how fun! Though I must admit, for a fraction of a second I thought you meant a literal weekend in an RV – wow, I can tell its my bedtime! Glad you all at Red Velvet, not an RV, had a great weekend! 😉 Blessings, mK

  • Yipee!! Aarhafha can’t wait for peecshurs C:


  • There must be some crazy surplus of cute tights where you are, I swear. This blog is so full of cute girls wearing great tights.

  • Aw, I love Katie! And I love how the two of you borrow each others clothes alot… this is a perfect edition to the RV team. Yeay!

    Aoife x

  • What a perfect addition <3

    Smiling from ear to ear 🙂

    –Sara Sophia

  • YAY, I think Katie is a perfect fit as a Red Velvet girl. xx Janelle

  • what a perfect fit 🙂 Have to say i Was SO tickled when i Saw your pic in Lucky Magazine!! you are in their Sept. issue pg 170 (sure you are aware of this…) but wow it was so cool to see you and one of your fabulous styling tips in print!!!

  • Yeah!Love Kate’s blog & her gorgeous red hair … excited to see more of her around the place.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

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