there’s a newwww Red Velvet Girl!

welcome, miss Holly Sarah. we are so happy to have a new girl in our art group, Red Velvet Art! 🙂 RVA was an art group (just for fun) for six years before we opened the store…. we haven't added a new member in over a year, so we are very very happy to welcome Holly!!! She has so many adorable ideas… it's going to be great! 

Hollysarahi made her a painting for the special occasion… 


(with bling on the sides of the canvas!) 

Welcome-holly2 andddd… i already made her her very own paper doll (will be in the shop soon!)… 


more happy words for miss holly here.

yayyyy…. i have to run. SO much work to get done today… more soon. 

XO. elsie 


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